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StockTickr Trading Bot 1.0 -  The StockTickr Automated Trading Robot is software designed ... way to start automated trading - no coding required! -Fully automated trading with IB's low ... execute one or many trading strategies. -Protective stops and ... (2/0) download

Bfexplorer PRO 2.8.3 -  Trader for multi selection trading on the list view ... by traders it offers trading strategies for any of ... interface components and extensive bot script support both by ... (122/0) download
Lazy Trader 1.0 -  Lazy Trader - SUPER bot for auro trading on betfair horse racing ... more than 10,000 trading algorithm. Main Features: - Select ... (8/0) download
WinForexBot 1.0 -  Automated forex bot software made to trade ... Open WinForexBot Signup a trading account or use yours ... (3/0) download
ForexGen Trading Station 4.212 -  is an Online Forex Trading Service Provider offering online forex currency trading to FOREX brokers and ... Bullion markets. Our competitive trading conditions include 2 pip ... (42/0) download
RapidSP Day Trading Simulator 10.5 -  easy to learn day trading simulator that can be ... tick-by-tick paper trading of stocks, futures and currencies. Test your trading abilities with virtual money ... movements correctly. With day trading skills there is no ... (72/0) download
FarmHelper - Farmville Bot 2.7 -  This is the best bot available and its yours absolutely free! This Farmville bot has settings to run ... else online! This Farmville bot does not require the ... your machine. Everything this bot does, it does directly ... (20/0) download
Automated Currency Trading Robot 8.0 -  software for online currency trading. Take the 100% FREE ... (68/0) download

AITE Help Bot New -  AITE Help Bot is a small, easy ... (43/0) download
Swing Trading Calculator 2.0 -  A swing trading calculator for stock traders ... and includes a swing trading planner to document each ... software includes a swing trading simulator which allows you ... (7/0) download
Bestday Trading System -  System provides a clear trading singal with full easy-to-follow trading plan to help you ... for our members,* Trading Signal Delivery 30 mins ... & correctly execute the trading Signal.* Paper Trade ... (15/0) download
OPTIONS TRADING 1.0 -  Options Trading System - An approach to Trading Options and Option Trading Strategies (6/0) download
EMINI TRADING 1.0 -  Emini Trading - An approach to Emini Day Trading using an Emini Trading System (1/0) download
Universal Bot 4.5 -  Universal Bot Plugins : are fully functional ... face book softwares, bookmarking bot ect. All this plugins ... forget to join universal bot before the current prices ... (20/0) download
Malware Removal Bot 2010.071 -  Malware Removal BOT is dynamic protection for ... that Just Works!Malware Removal BOT utilizes the most advanced ... engine in Malware Removal BOT was specially engineered to ... (3/0) download
Bot Revolt Botnet Protection 1.0 -  Unlike antiviruses Bot Revolt constantly runs so ... slow down your computer. Bot Revolt also blocks over ... known malicious threats. Install Bot Revolt today and within ... (5/0) download
EAMT Automated Forex Trading System 8.9 -  With a reliable auto trading platform, you are not ... to do the actual trading yourself and therefore you ... multiple accounts from your trading platforms, simultaneously, which was never possible with manual trading. Automated forex trading systems present advantage of trading multiple systems and multiple ... (20/0) download
MetaPRO Forex V2.0 1.2 -  is a very sophisticated trading software tool, built on ... on your Metatrader 4 trading platform, analyses the price ... fear and greed. However, trading with MetaPRO Ultima removes these emotions so that trading can be executed purely ... (6/0) download
Spam Bot Blocker 1.0 -  Spam Bot Blocker is a free ... by spam bots. Spam Bot Blocker works by encoding ... (30/0) download
EVE Online Bot - EVE Pilot 3.1.2001 -  the EVE Pilot, automining bot, planet interaction bot and hauling macro for ... an in-game OCR bot, it uses eve client ... Featured functions of the bot: 1) Programmable. EVE Pilot bot uses built-in or ... (5/0) download
Futures Automated Trading Software 2.0 -  Automated trading software for the individual investor. TradersJet's futures trading platform allows you to ... automate your futures scalp trading strategies. Download the software ... (15/0) download
Smart Poker Bot 3 -  Poker Bot Software :: Description :: Smart Poker Bot is an automated poker bot designed for playing No ... seat tables. Smart Poker Bot :: Decison Engine :: Imagine a ... That's the Smart Poker Bot Decision Engine. Smart Poker Bot collects information from several ... (18/0) download
Build an Automated Stock Trading System v1 v1 -  a sophisticated automated stock trading model using MS Excel ... a powerful and flexible trading tool. The Model includes ... button, and make your trading decisions. Uses both trend-trading and swing-trading features. Operates with your ... (4/0) download
Build an Automated Spread Trading System v1 v1 -  build an automated spread trading model using MS Excel ... sources into a profitable trading tool - Acquire knowledge applicable ... (7/0) download
HiPro86 - THE BOT -  HiPro86-THE BOT is a "set and ... (5/0) download