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Beiks Welsh/English/Wels 1.7 -  Bi-Directional English-Welsh Dictionary for Palm OS ... English/Welsh/English Bundle Contains: 1) English to Welsh lexiconThe full version contains over 12, 000 English words translated in Welsh. The full version file ... are shown. Translates from English to Welsh only! If you want to translate from Welsh to English, you will need the ... (180/0) download

Multi Translate 2.0 -  With Multi Translate you can translate form English to Russian, German to ... and vice versa. Multi Translate translates text using promt/google/babelfish services. Multi translate tool using google/babelfish/promt services ... (0/0) download
English-Serbian Dictionary for iPad 1.0English-Serbian dictionary with large ... words and phrases. * Translate from English to Serbian and Serbian to English * History of words ... (4/0) download
English-Croatian Dictionary 1.0English-Croatian dictionary with large ... words and phrases. * Translate from English to Croatian and Croatian to English * History of words ... (1/0) download
English Khmer Electric Dictionary 1.0 -  this Application you can translate from English to khmer for Electricity ... theories and problems from English Books and also from ... (2/0) download
Windows Live Messenger Translator 1.0 -  Features: * Translate between English, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian ... your instance messages. * Translate both incoming and outgoing ... (507/0) download
Package: PasaThai 1.0 -  Package: PasaThai is an English-Thai dictionary. Using this program, you can translate any English word into Thai (with ... (18/0) download
FREE English-Chinese Translator 1.30English to Chinese Translator employs ... to easily and exactly translate Web contents, letters, chat, and emails between English and Chinese (Chinese Simplified ... Traditional). Main Features: - Support translate between English to Simplified Chinese - Support translate between English to Traditional Chinese - Support translate between Simplified ... (9/0) download

English To German and German To English Converter Software 7.0 -  users who want to translate English to German and vice ... and the translation pair (English to German or German to English) is chosen from the ... (9/0) download
Dilmanc beta 2.5 -  system helps you to translate texts automatically from English to Azerbaijani, Azerbaijani to English, and Turkish to Azerbaijani ... select the language to translate from the combo box ... The default option to translate is English to Azerbaijani (Ingilis - Azerbaican ... (2/0) download
Linguee translation Pro -  Use this software to translate any file, test, ebook ... 50 languages including Chinese English Spanish Arabic Bengali Italian ... (2/0) download
Translate to english 1.0 -  It can freely translate your native language into ... your localized language is English, and the target language ... then the program will translate English into Chinese and pronounce ... (4/0) download
Greek to English lexicon 1.2 -  Compact Greek to English Dictionary for Palm OS ... carefully selected Greek to English Dictionary, is an excellent ... Greek travelers visiting an English Speaking country and of ... (120/0) download
VerbAce-Pro 1.0.5 -  software which provides Arabic-English-Arabic translation for words ... (8/0) download
English To Spanish and Spanish To English Converter Software 7.0 -  Convert English sentences to Spanish and ... with this simple tool. English To Spanish and Spanish To English Converter Software is really ... and easy to use. English To Spanish and Spanish To English Converter Software - really fast and convenient solution to translate between English and Spanish. Quickly translate any text between English and ... (5/0) download
My English Words 1.0 -  "My English Words" lets you add, save, edit, delete and translate new English words and phrases for ... Edit your collection of English words anywhere and any ... (3/0) download
Hunter Dictionary 1.1 -  Dictionary functions as an English-to-Chinese online dictionary ... Dictionary functions as an English-to-Chinese online dictionary ... the time used to translate one English word to Chinese meaning ... (46/0) download
WordPractice 1.0 -  them for you to translate. You can choose in ... word which you should translate to English. If you answer correctly ... (19/0) download
French - Talking English to French Translator and Phrasebook 6.4Translate from English to French and French to English Listen to and control ... (5/0) download
Babiloo 2.0 -  them can serve to translate from English to Spanish or vice ... (19/0) download
Patents Search 2.1 -  Claims translation with Google Translate from English to any target language ... ... (0/0) download
Interpreter by Universal Calling 1.0 -  to LIVE interpreters translating English to over 170 languages ... business travelers who speak English OR anyone who needs ... from their language to English. Many places do not ... (1/0) download
Japanese Translator 2.9 -  Japanese Translator is not: - Translate between English and Kanji, Kana, Furigana ... purchase). Detailed Features: * Translate any word or phrase ... Kana or Romaji) to english or the other way ... (1/0) download
French Dictionaries 2.6 -  includes following dictionary database: English - French (160,000 words) French - English (106,000 words) Spanish ... application - [Translate] menu: will translate selected text into another ... read later - Support Bookmarks - Translate function support 105 languages ... (1/0) download
Word Translator for Windows: Welsh to English v5.3 -  Word Translator for Windows: Welsh to English is a bilingual, bi ... program. Quickly and easily translate individual words and phrases ... phrase-by-phrase from English to Welsh, or from Welsh to English. You can easily add ... (139/0) download