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Toggle ActiveX Control v2.15 -  Toggle ActiveX Control is a true/false, yes/no, or on/off indicator. The Toggle ActiveX Control displays either captions or pictures to represent the switch's state. It includes sound playing capabilities to indicate the switch turning on or off, and timers to provide automatic cut off and blinking functionality. (62/0) download

QuickStudy -  QuickStudy is an online testing application software that allows you to create multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer tests. (17/0) download
School Time Quizzer X 2.2.2 -  Create multiple choice and true/false tests, record grades. School Time Quizzer allows teachers to make and students to take multiple choice and true/false style quizzes on the computer. Grades can be automatically recorded into a GradeBook1 grade book file too. (21/0) download
Scores It All 1.1 -  any multiple choice or true-false type test. Main Features ... (1/0) download
Schoolhouse Test 2.0.3176 -  using a variety of question types: multiple-choice, short answer, list, order, true false, matching, fill-in-the ... using a variety of question types: multiple-choice, short answer, list, order, true false, matching, fill-in-the ... (26/0) download
Exam Simulator For Security+ 1.1 -  Supported question types are multiple choice ... (2/0) download
Test Creator 3.7 -  It has never been easier to be a teacher and create and grade tests as it is now with Markosoft's Test Creator and Test Taker applications. With the Test Creator, you can effortlessly build tests that include multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay questions and the tests can either be printed out in paper format or fully automated and ... (152/0) download
MS Access Find and Replace Software 7.0 -  Search for and replace data (characters) in your Microsoft Access database tables. You decide which tables to make replacements in. Replacements are not made in special cases such as booleans (True/False) and primary keys. Search for and replace data (characters) in your Microsoft Access database tables. You decide which tables to make replacements ... (20/0) download

easyQuizzy 2.0.441 -  create a quick 10-question professional aptitude test for ... shuffle answers to every question and select a limited ... (4/0) download
Standardized Test System 4.0 -  pool ( Questions can include true-false and multiple-choice question), to be a test ... exercise.2.The test question can include single choice question and multiple choice question and true-false question. 3.Green software, installed ... You can select test question from the test pool or input test question by yourself. The test ... (33/0) download
Testcheck 2.1.0 -  Testcheck is the complex system for creating tests and testing any kind of knowledges with great functionality. For compiling test you can use 7 different types of questions which will be more appropriate in your case. Rich text editor will make the process of creating tests very simple and at the same time will bring the wide capabilities to decorate ... (104/0) download
Question Writer - Publisher Edition 2.0Question Writer is a rapid ... the test Real flexibility Question component architecture lets you ... define your own unique question types and reuse them ... (64/0) download
Question Tools EditorSuite 3.0Question Tools EditorSuite is a ... scripting or HTML skills. Question Tools EditorSuite is a ... delivery using the free Question Tools Exam software, or ... (15/0) download
Quiz Maker by Question Writer 4.2Question Writer 4 is a ... questions between quizzes. MORE QUESTION TYPES THAN ANY OTHER ... Explanation - Partial Credit - Plugin Question FLEXIBLE REPORTING: - Reports for ... (5/0) download
Students MCQ Manager 1.2.0 -  prepare for multiple choice question exams is practice MCQs ... windows based multiple choice question database manager, editor and ... to choose questions by question type (simple completion, multiple ... (146/0) download
EPPP Exam 1.0 -  Our EPPP question simulation software has 4050 exam question in just $99.95. The Program creates 225 question, multiple-choice based test ... 1.13 minutes per question) to track your time usage per question and a "per exam" ... (5/0) download
Quiz-Buddy 4.0 -  Pick, sequential and random question selection modes make the ... be added to each question-answer pair. Study modules ... (14/0) download
Tanida Quiz Builder 2.0 -  includes a variety of question-answer schemes, including true/false ... (119/0) download
WinAsks Professional v2.0 -  Every single question can be supplemented with ... (54/0) download
VexataQuaestio 1.0 -  5 items for each question- Result stored in a ... (22/0) download
WebQuiz XP 2.0.40 -  WebQuiz XP supports four question types (multiple choice, multiple answer, true / false, fill-in-the-blank ... (16/0) download
Test Builder 1 -  Create tests with true-false, multiple choice, fill-in ... select questions from a question pool. Supports SCORM. (137/0) download
Server+ practice tests. 2.6 -  The question types include multiple choice ... (64/0) download
CCNA Practice Tests 3.1.0 -  The question types presented in the ... (148/0) download
A-PDF Quizer 1.3 -  add images for each question, and publish the created ... (51/0) download