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AceDRM 1.0 -  file and the AceDRM-client program together to this ... only through installing AceDRM-client to browse files. 2.using AceDRM-client program to browse protect ... common encryption tool. AceDRM-Client can do what? 1. AceDRM-Client perfectly combinated with Microsoft ... (109/0) download

MSI to EXE Compiler -  MSI package, but your client need EXE file? MSI to EXE compiler can help! This ... to convert MSI to EXE with minimal overhead and maximal compatibility. MSI to EXE compiler allows you to ... (112/0) download
SpecoTech Multi Client 3.0 -  The UMS Multi-Client is a multiple site monitoring client software with; video, audio ... DVRs over networks. The UMS Multi-Client does not limit the ... (91/0) download
FTPcreator -  create your own single exe FTP client. No extra dll's, ini ... embedded in the FTP client single exe file. FTP made easy ... (14/0) download
Setup Compiler Software -  MSI package, but your client requires an exe file? DonOCOt Worry! MSI to EXE convertor easily generates .exe files from .MSI (windows ... any number of portable exe files in just few ... to develop professional looking .exe setup installer of any ... (6/0) download
Private Shell SSH Client 3.3 -  easy to configure SSH client for Windows. Autoconfiguration wizard ... built-in Secure FTP client (SFTP client) to transfer files between ... line interface. Included ssh.exe and scp.exe provide command line interface for SSH client and SCP (Secure CoPy ... (98/0) download
Microsoft Security Essentials &amp; ForeFront Client Security Definition Updates 1.97.2355.0 -  the latest Microsoft ForeFront Client Security definition updates.< ... vdm, mpavdlt.vdm, mpsigstub.exe. <span style="color ... vdm, mpavdlta.vdm, mpsigstub.exe.<b>Note:< ... (5/0) download
Remote Support System 1.7.2003 -  to create a single exe file that a client can download off your ... directories, chat with the client, reboot the remote PC ... and paging the remote client, are all available. The ... (1/0) download

PresenTense Time Client NT/XP/2000/2003/Vista 4.0 -  PresenTense Time Client is a network time client for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. It ... within microseconds. PresenTense Time Client will impress you as ... of the win32 time client. For mobile devices, a ... (219/0) download
FTP Client Engine for Xbase++ 3.3 -  The MarshallSoft FTP client component Xbase library (FCE4XB ... application program. The FTP Client Library uses a simple ... examples to create FTP client applications. - Order with or ... (22/0) download
FTP Client Engine for Delphi 3.3 -  MarshallSoft FTP client component Delphi library (FCE4D ... application program. The FTP Client Library uses a simple ... examples to create FTP client applications. Order with or ... (48/0) download
Client/Server Comm Lib for C/C++ 7.0 -  Create client / server file transfer. Create client programs to talk to ... multiple examples to create client server applications. Free technical ... (251/1) download
Exe Password 2004Exe Password allows you to protect any EXE-file with its own ... stored directly in the EXE-file. It is extremely ... be entered when the EXE-file is started. (356/0) download
Exe Guarder 2.2 -  Protects Exe-file with its own ... Can not get original exe file without password; Operate ... memory; Encrypt all size exe file, from k bytes to M bytes. Exe-file encrypted by Exe Guarder will show password dialog box before launching exe-file. You are allowed ... (70/0) download
Invoice Client manager 3.7 -  businesses use The Invoice Client Manager to organize and run the client side of their businesses. All client details, progress reports, attendance ... (47/0) download
MudMagic Text Game Client 1.9 -  Gnome text game client to connect to muds MudMagic is a client for connecting to online ... (77/0) download
nfsAxe Windows NFS Client and NFS Server 3.5 -  Windows NFS Client and Windows NFS Server ... workstations. Only a NFS Client is required on that ... their system. nfsAxe NFS client can be installed on ... (79/0) download
Exe Wrapper 2.180 -  com ) Exe Wrapper allows you to protect any Exe-file with its own ... main icon of the .exe file. If you mean ... to the execution, then Exe Wrapper is your right ... (77/0) download
HS FTP Client C Source Library 1.0 -  code) which implements the client side of the File ... RETR, STOR Features - FTP Client RFC 959 operation - Server name resolution - Concurrent FTP client sessions - Passive mode, firewall ... (20/0) download
Nerocode MySQL Client 3.0.0 -  Nerocode MySQL Client is a powerful tool ... (45/0) download
Windows NTP Time Server Client 1.0.0 -  Windows NTP Time Server Client atomic clock NTP time client software is a simple Windows SNTP client that synchronises time on ... (715/0) download
SSH Explorer SSH Client 1.81 -  a new generation SSH/Telnet client and terminal emulator that ... text editor and SFTP client are always at your ... (352/0) download
SoftX FTP Client 3.3 -  FTP Client for Windows and Pocket ... onto the SoftX FTP Client to upload them to ... directories from SoftX FTP Client onto Windows Explorer. Features ... (42/0) download
TRAVELClip USB 1.10 -  The TRAVELClip Remote Desktop Client enables instant, portable RDP ... the Windows Terminal Service client. TRAVELClip enables the Remote Desktop TSE/RDP Client to run without device ... as a single compressed EXE. It can be carried ... (55/0) download
X360 Ftp Client ActiveX Control 2.06 -  ActiveX, FTP OCX, FTP Client ActiveX, FTP Client OCX.X360 Ftp Client ActiveX Control helps application ... method of implementing FTP client capabilities. It allows you ... (76/0) download