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Mobile Statistics Professor 15.0 -  Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) 2. Beta Function 3. Advanced Scientific ... Correlation Calculator for ANOVA 2. One-Way ANOVA Calculator ... and keep adding groups Beta Function: 1. Beta Function Calculator 2. Incomplete Beta Function Calculator 3. Regularized Incomplete Beta Function Calculator Advanced Scientific ... (3/0) download

Skype Cleaner 1.02. Beta Test on-going. This ... (5/0) download
Open Hardware Monitor 0.3.2 Beta 1.02 Beta has fixed the message ... (2/0) download
ArcObjects Developer Kit for .NET 8.2 beta -  developers with the complete Beta 2 of ArcObjects Developer Kit ... released with ArcGIS 8.2. It contains a complete ... mirror the ArcGIS 8.2 Release COM olbs, Windows ... (12/0) download
Mario and Sonic Flash Mu 2.1 -  Melee RemixSuper Mario World 2 - Under World ThemePaper Mario - dry dry desertSonic 2 - Oil oceanSonic and Knuckles - Fling Battery 1Sonic Advance 2 - Techno Base 2Super Smash Bros Melee - Rainbow CruiseSonic 2 Beta - Casino Night ZoneSonic Advance ... Advance - Cosmic AngelSonic Adventure 2 - Highway in the SkySonic Advance 2 - Egg UtopiaSonic Advance ... (657/0) download
GliPIC 2 Beta 0.9 -  LCD displays using PicBasicPro 2.32 applications! Features: - Works ... (3/0) download
Double Agent 1.2 Beta / -  existing Microsoft Agent version 2.0 characters, including Microsoft ... (1/0) download
WebSocket4Net 0.2 Beta -  Net 2.0 · .Net ... (3/0) download

Enigma CS -  WARNING 1: BETA BUILD! Preview release only ... any other purpose! WARNING 2: BETA BUILD! Encoded files and ... data! + v0.5.2 (Build 685) - BETA BUILD - New pages for ... (0/0) download
Ugrib 0.2 beta2.4.0 is a ... (5/0) download
Java Naming and Directory Interface DSML Service Provider v1.2 beta -  available in the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v1.3.0, the Java 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition, v1.2.1, and as a ... (33/0) download
OpenVPN 2.2 Beta 3 -  OpenVPN implements OSI layer 2 or 3 secure network ... certificates, smart cards, and/or 2-factor authentication, and allows ... (7/0) download
OpenVPN for Linux 2.2 Beta 3 -  OpenVPN implements OSI layer 2 or 3 secure network ... certificates, smart cards, and/or 2-factor authentication, and allows ... (2/0) download
Foxit Reader for Smartphone V1.2Build06022 Beta:Document Reflow: Reflows text ... (8/0) download
LiveProfessor 2.1.2 Beta -  is still at the beta stage so itís not ... improvements. While in the beta stage LiveProfessor is completely ... we move on from beta it will be released ... (5/0) download
MotOrBAC 2.2 Beta 1.02 TE [MotOrBAC] added a ... updated to version 1.2.2 TE [API] corrected a ... (4/0) download
Isle of Four Winds: Rune War v1.2 beta -  Isle of Four Winds: Rune War is an inventive mix of traditional 13-tile MahJong, spell casting, and strategic land combat. The Rune Wars began in the year 3016. A mutually beneficial agreement was reached, putting an end to the malicious fighting amongst the clans: Maitha, Kartha, Iz, Marz, which inhabit the Isle of Four Winds. The Rune War, which ... (229/0) download
AvBrouillon v2.2 beta a -  AvBrouillon is a simple sketchpad which allows you to draw in four colors. It also includes an erase function and three line thickness levels.The program can run as a convenient icon in the System Tray area of the Windows taskbar. (70/0) download
VQF Encoder Frontend v0.2 beta -  VQF Encoder Frontend helps you encode WAV files to VQF format. The program is a graphical interface for the YAMAHA SoundVQ Batch-Encoder. It lets you select multiple files to encode, specify encoding quality (frequency and bit-rate), and change the copyright and comment fields of encoded files. VQF Encoder Frontend is available in English and German. (43/0) download
TILISOFT Internet ActiveX Controls v1.0.2 beta -  TILISOFT Internet ActiveX Controls is an ActiveX control for retrieving and posting data to an HTTP server. It lets you retrieve HTML pages from the Internet, and post data to an HTTP server using the "post/get"\; method. File transfers over the Internet using TCP/IP are also supported. (31/0) download
Mabry FTPServer/X v1.0.2 beta -  Makes it easy for you to put up an FTP server. FTPServer/X comes in both ActiveX control and COM object forms to make it easy to integrate it into nearly any Windows programming environment. When you use FTPServer/X you have complete control over user access, directories, file uploads and downloads, and deletion. You can have a fully functional FTP ... (38/0) download
Java 3D API v1.2 beta 1 -  Java 3D API enables the creation of three-dimensional graphics applications and Internet-based 3D applets. It provides high-level constructs for creating and manipulating 3D geometry and building the structures used in rendering that geometry. With this software, you can efficiently define and render very large virtual worlds. (39/0) download
Xdrive Desktop Applications for Windows NT/2000 v2.2 beta -  Xdrive Desktop Applications for Windows NT/2000 is a client-side application for use with Xdrive: a free, online, file storage service. The program gives you direct access to your Xdrive account as if it were one of your local drives. You can browse your Xdrive account via Windows Explorer, save to your Xdrive within applications, and access and install ... (23/0) download
BestCrypt for Windows 95/98 v6.06.2 beta -  BestCrypt for Windows 95/98 creates a new disk drive on your system for storing encrypted files. BestCrypt creates a virtual disk drive. Any files saved to or opened from this drive are encrypted or decrypted transparently on-the-fly. The encryption is performed using any of three algorithms: Blowfish (256-bit key size), GOST (256-bit key size) and ... (26/0) download
Event Archiver v3.2 beta -  Lets you schedule automatic backups of Windows NT event logs. Event Archiver lets you schedule automatic backups of Windows NT event logs. Instead of simply letting the event log overwrite the previous version when it gets full, Event Archiver maintains a series of logs that can keep a timeline of events without having the main log grow to an unmanageable ... (33/0) download