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Epwing2Anki 1.6.1 -  automatically create Japanese Anki vocabulary cards based on a ... (1/0) download

Vocabulary Manager 5.8Vocabulary Manager is a multimedia vocabulary learning tool; like an electronic flash card system with audio. VM ... create a database of vocabulary items with an image ... (1/0) download
Vocabulary Wizard 6.7Vocabulary Wizard was designed for ... who prepare for English vocabulary-related examinations such as ... pronunciations to enhance your vocabulary power dramatically. It also ... (45/0) download
MemoPump 1.3 -  helps to increase one's vocabulary during learning any foreign ... transcription for every lexical card; usage examples; dictionary entries ... (24/0) download
Declan's Japanese FlashC 1.0 -  Declan's Japanese Vocabulary FlashCards Declan's Japanese FlashCards ... configurable audio-based Japanese vocabulary flash-card program. The program has ... (27/0) download
Declan's Korean FlashCards 1.0 -  a fully configurable Korean vocabulary flash-card program. The program has ... (123/0) download
Declan's Brazilian FlashCards 1.6 -  configurable audio-based Brazilian vocabulary flash-card program. The program has ... (3/0) download
Sports Card Organizer Deluxe 3.9 -  Sports Card cataloging software for Windows. Our software allows sport card collectors, sport card hobbyists, card clubs, sport card dealers to organize, manage ... record templates - access sport card info any way you ... simple and complex sport card reports, want to lists ... (37/0) download

Vocabulary Power 5.01 -  Create vocabulary bingo cards, flash cards ... cryptolists activities from your vocabulary words and clues. Vocabulary words and matching clues ... for review. Make learning vocabulary fun. Includes many optional ... (100/0) download
Vocabulary Stretch 2.0Vocabulary Stretch is easy-to-use vocabulary-building software that helps ... from. The software enriches vocabulary by providing challenging activities ... ... (88/0) download
Aloaha Smart Card Connector 3.0.30 -  Aloahas´s Smart Card Connector, including a Microsoft ... the German Health Insurance Card (HBA, eGK), Health Professional Card, Belgium e-ID (Belpic ... Integration of the Aloaha Card Connector is unbelievably simple ... (200/0) download
Universal Study Helper 1.3 -  An interactive educational flash card program that helps you ... such as: learning foreign vocabulary and grammar, historical events ... proven and effective flash card method, it also has ... (13/0) download
Lingo Vocabulary Trainer 2007 -  Lingo is an intuitive vocabulary trainer that makes it ... bosses with a wide vocabulary. With Lingo you can ... user interface, Multiple language vocabulary support, Custom vocabularies add/modify/delete ... (156/0) download
Claymore Card Filer 1.0 -  The Claymore Card Filer allows you to ... (40/0) download
Credit Card Verifier 1.0 -  Credit Card Verifier allows you instantly ... validity without submitting the card number online. Credit Card Verifier can validate any ... Discover, or JCB credit card number. Credit Card validator uses LUHN10 (MOD ... (147/0) download
Card Master 9.2.0Card Master is a collection of 21 different card games that provides hours ... and four player games. Card Master includes trick taking ... (107/0) download
Video Card Stability Test -  Free Video Card Stress Testing! + Free ... must have a video card which is DirectX 9 ... (328/0) download
Home Credit Card Manager 3.0.071027 -  Home Credit Card Manager lets you find ... by using your credit card statements. Simply match your ... (55/0) download
Credit Card Math 10th Anniversary Edition 3.0 -  how to avoid credit card debt. Goes behind the ... costs associated with credit card debt. Shows you how ... in finance charges. Credit Card Math has proven to ... (12/0) download
Virtins Sound Card Oscilloscope 2.1 -  Virtins Sound Card Oscilloscope is a powerful ... most of the sound card oscilloscopes in the market ... a result, Virtins Sound Card Oscilloscope boasts a very ... (167/0) download
Virtins Sound Card MultiInstrument 2.1 -  Virtins Sound Card MultiInstrument is a powerful ... consists of a sound card real time oscilloscope, a sound card real time spectrum analyzer and a sound card signal generator, and can ... most of the sound card oscilloscopes in the market ... (144/0) download
Sports Card Collector 4.0 -  Sports Card Collector will help you ... different customizable fields including Card Name, Category, Theme, Brand, Card Number, Series, Position, Team, Condition, Location, Card Date, Buy Price, Buy ... your organizing needs. Sports Card Collector has a simple ... (20/0) download
WordQuiz 5.4.0 -  A powerful tool for vocabulary learning. Build your own vocabulary documents and use the ... quiz go through your vocabulary randomly or in order ... the correct answer. The vocabulary documents are easy to ... (74/0) download
Sound Card Recorder -  you may need Sound Card Recorder. For example, you ... be done with Sound Card Recorder. It can pickup ... (55/0) download
Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3.7.2 -  Improve and reinforce the vocabulary skills of your students ... worksheet activities created with Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3.1 ... invaluable programs in one. Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3.1 ... (241/0) download