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Auto Volume Control 2.1 -  Solves the volume control problems for TVs ... your PC as a volume control device which stays between the ... source (speaker). Solves the volume control problems for TVs ... (119/1) download

IndieVolume -  a supplement to Windows Volume Control that dramatically improves ... those handy features Windows Volume Control is lacking for years — per-application volume, per-application balance and ... every application have separate volume level, independent from other applications volume level. For example, you ... (292/0) download
Volume Step Adjuster 0.1 BetaVolume Step Adjuster is a ... step of your system volume when you're using ... high-precision setting. With Volume Step Adjuster you can set this volume step to any valid ... (3/0) download
libzenstone Beta -  level and set the volume limit of the Zen ... ... (1/0) download
EvidenceCrypt 6.1 -  on-the-fly-encrypted volume (data storage device). On-the-fly encryption ... stored on an encrypted volume can be read (decrypted ... (0/0) download
Sound Volume Hotkeys 1.0 -  Control sound volume using system-wide hotkeys. Customizable on-screen sound volume indicator will show you ... (246/0) download
File Lock DLL Device Driver 1.0 -  FOBS based device driver designed primarily to ... (73/0) download
Easy Volume Control 1.1.0 -  keypad to control your volume easy!The best tool for ... (92/0) download

Mabry Volume v1.00.002 -  Mabry Volume is an ActiveX control ... access to the Windows volume mixer. The control also ... ... (194/0) download
Volume Serial Number Editor Command Line 1.09Volume Serial Number Editor Command ... change the disk drive volume serial number. Disk volume serial number is automatically ... without reformatting the disk volume. The format of volume serial number is: XXXX ... (14/0) download
VISCOM Sound Volume ActiveX OCX SDK 3.25 -  is tiny control sound volume ActiveX control that support control Master Volume, Wave, CD Audio, Line ... PC Speaker, SW Synth volume. Control Sound Volume( Master Volume, Wave, CD Audio, LineIn ... information. (Mute Status, Min/Max/Current Volume Value) Object Base design ... (20/0) download
Stellar Volume Repair 1.0 -  Stellar Volume Repair is a comprehensive ... resolve a series of volume errors in Mac OS ... having to rebuild the volume directory for resolving issues ... (1/0) download
MIDI Device Images for Mac OS 1.1 -  is a collection of device images for the Audio/MIDI ... (3/0) download
Xmart Volume for Mac OS 1.3 -  on the earphone, Xmart Volume may help you turn down the music volume for a conversation. And then restore the music volume when the conversation finished ... “lazy” music lover!Xmart Volume utilizes the built-in ... to perform “Active Volume Control” on your Mac ... (0/0) download
Network Device Analyzer 1.0 -  Network Device Analyzer is different from ... neighbors information of a device through automatic topology discovery ... feature works with any device supporting MIB-II, but ... (7/0) download
AggreGate Device Management Platform for Linux 4.41.00 -  AggreGate Device Management Platform is a ... collect (or "aggregate") device data into a common ... cost-effective. Any existing device may work with AggreGate ... (25/1) download
Volume Concierge 1.0.0 -  automatically control your computera€™s volume by the rules you ... (1/0) download
2Tware Volume Serial Number Modifer 1.8 -  your disk drive's Volume Serial Number (not hard ... disk), the format of Volume Serial Number is: (X ... C, D, E, F). Volume Serial Number is a ... (9/0) download
Chameleon Volume Pro -  Chameleon Volume Pro synchronizes the work ... and also controls the volume. Doesn't it annoy ... it yourself anymore, Chameleon Volume will pause it and ... (8/0) download
2Tware Volume Serial Modifer 1.8.1 -  2Tware Volume Serial Modifer is a ... your disk drive's volume serial number.Volume Serial Number is a ... System to a disk volume. This disk serial number ... (1/0) download
uberOptions 4.80.5 -  pack to change the device settings for SetPoint! All ... Left/Right on mice; and volume and media control keys ... (2/0) download
DKNH Volume Controller -  is a beautifully designed volume controller by DKNH. It ... (1/0) download
WinDriver USB Device 8.11 -  USB device manufacturers need to support ... is implemented via the device firmware. Firmware consists of ... (11/0) download
BestCrypt Volume Encryption 2.15.01 -  BestCrypt Volume EncryptionTM software provides transparent ... removable disk devices. BestCrypt Volume Encryption software is a new class of volume encryption products that allows ... removable disks: * Simple volume, i.e. volume consisting of one disk partition. * Mount point - volume mounted as a sub-folder on NTFS-formatted volume. * Multipartition ... (3/0) download
Sanctuary Device Control Client 4.0 -  quickly establish and enforce device control policies by rapidly ... by time constraints, encryption, volume of data, data transfer ... (2/0) download