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Wyvern Solitaire: Pyramid v1.6 -  Wyvern Solitaire: Pyramid is a version of the popular solitaire game, Pyramid. If you want a fun game that is not too ... for you. Nearly every game can be beaten if ... the right choices. The game features sound effects, game save, 12 different MIDI ... (31/0) download

A Sirius Game 4.0A Sirius Game is 3D, action-adventure game with RPG elements. It ... It all started on a nice, bright and sunny ... by his father after a squabble. Now he gets ... (3/0) download
BurdickSoft BlackJack (BBJ) v8.0 -  BurdickSoft BlackJack (BBJ) is a blackjack game designed for serious or novice players who want to improve their playing ... also includes an integrated game tutor to assist and ... drills as well as a high-speed simulator. The game supports one to three ... (27/0) download
Play Pool 1.0 -  Play Pool is a free game for real pool freaks ... of yours if you want to make any points ... get any closer to a real pool feeling when ... (8/0) download
Worms 3D for Mac OS 1.1 -  While maintaining the core game-play that all players want to see in a Worms game, Worms 3D brings the series to a whole new level. An ... experience, incredible multiplayer action, a choice of camera modes ... Feature: Worms 3D: Tossing a Banana Bomb Never Felt ... (0/0) download
Super Pack for Pocket Tanks Deluxe 1.1 -  If you want to play a 'quick' game with your friends and ... details, this is the game for you. Fireball: Super ... Fireball power-up makes a cross-over amazing appearance ... (0/0) download
Robocopvs The Terminator 1.0RoboCop Versus The Terminator is a video game released for a number of platforms and is based on the RoboCop and Terminator franchises, but ... (5/0) download
Euro Palace 16.3 -  Euro Palace is a great game created for those that like gambling games and want to play them from ... graphics are good.Its a nice game to have at home ... (0/0) download

NBALive 98 1.0 -  This game possesses all the necessary ... whistles you could ever want in a basketball game. Updated rosters, multiple game modes, a new game engine, remodeled polygon players -- this game is already a strong title. Some of ... other added features include a new cross-over. This ... (3/0) download
Coin World 2.2 -  Coin World is a platform game that combines arcade action ... Take too long on a level though, and Flash ... that will give you a headache - moving and collapsing ... (39/0) download
Ultimate Mahjong 1.2 -  Announcing Ultimate Mahjong, a PC game for the whole family ... everything else you could want from a Mahjong game. Ultimate Mahjong Combines breathtaking ... see in any Mahjong game. View the tiles in ... (123/0) download
Lord of the Shades 1.0A new game that develops imagination besides many other game-playing skills (such as ... flight of your fancy - a part you want to play, mission you ... (42/0) download
Tank Tactics Game 1.0A tactic game with tanks. Click to ... (3/0) download
RESCUE'EM 1.0 -  Rescue'em is a fps game where you've got to ... (2/0) download
multiplication tables -  Multiplied Challenge is a fun game designed for the smallest ... fun multiplication tables. The game features and advantages of Multiplied Challenge are: 2 game modes sequential or selective ... of learning or review game (full version) 11 levels ... (9/0) download
Instant Soccer Game 1.0 -  Instant Soccer game is a free game where you can play ... can play quick friendly game or if you think ... enough you can enter a championship competition. Now get out there on a field and play Instant Soccer game for free and show ... (10/0) download
Mini Golf Game 2.0 -  Mini Golf is a free game where you have a perfect chance to perfect ... Claim your free golf game copy now and enjoy ... (6/0) download
Hit The Eye 1.0 -  Hit The Eye is a shooting game. With a good aim and a fast trigger finger, you will want to test your sniper ... The Eye flash shooting game. You are supposed to ... (3/0) download
Blueberry Garden 1.1 -  Blueberry Garden is a platform game with an original concept ... strange gameplay. In this game, you actually can do whatever you want. Your job is to ... The main character is a pelican man who can ... (3/0) download
eMachines Game Console 3.0 -  Imagine having a virtual game console with which you can access any game you like fast and easy, even get a taste of those long-waited games. Well, WildTangent game console is pretty much ... intuitive Multilanguage platform and a huge game database you will be ... as long as you want any game you like. One major ... (1/0) download
Android Game 'Speed Car Drive' 1 -  This is a Simple game work on Android smart ... you can download the game by access Android Market ... any image on the game, make sure all is ... (4/0) download
CSS GAME ENGINE 1 -  This is a free game engine developed for programming ... to create your own game. This project is intended ... games. Better if you're a web designer that knows ... (6/0) download
Crazy Cakes 1.1 -  The game Crazy Cakes is a patience game, which is less depending ... and logical combining. The game consists of 48 cake ... The aim of the game is to place the ... (4/0) download
American Roulette 2.1 -  Roulette R Us is a free game, it has 38 colored ... corner, the history of game is under the wheel ... we can start the game. To start the game, first you should place ... (6/0) download
Crazy Eggs MAC -  Crazy Eggs is a puzzle game that fun for your ... where you will help a tyrannosaurus collect lost eggs ... and challenge them to a game of logic, precision and ... (2/0) download