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Digital Weight Scale 1.0 -  Digital Weight Scale! is intended for entertainment! - This app is intended for entertainment ... and does not provide scale functionality. * Supports RETINA ... grams (metric) units of weight * Multi touch support! ... (1/0) download

Lose Weight by Glenn Harrold 5.2 -  Lose Weight easily and naturally with ... Harrold's amazingly powerful hypnosis weight loss App. Glenn Harrold is one ... his name including 'Lose Weight Now'. Glenn has created ... (0/0) download
Proportional Scale 3.3 -  The Proportional Scale App is a must have ... or iPad. The Proportion Scale is a tool used ... the original dimensions. I scale photos all the time ... (3/0) download
Simple Weight Tracker Free 1.1 -  Simple Weight Tracker app is very simple to ... View history of the weight logs you have added ... Monthly Graph, Ideal Body Weight and Goal weight features have been added ... (4/0) download
EMB-120 Brasilia Weight & Balance 1.5.1 -  The EMB-120 Brasilia Weight & Balance App will help you complete ... input your Maximum Takeoff Weight and Fuel. See your ... see the ZFW, Takeoff Weight and Index update as ... (3/0) download
URIGHT Weight Manager 1.0.3 -  The URIGHT Weight Manager is an practical tool for tracking your weight or starting a fitness ... every measurement from your weight scale and displays all records ... trend, which makes your weight control simple and easy! ... (4/0) download
Kitchen Scale. 1.0 -  The Kitchen Scale app lets you quickly and ... an ingredient, tell the scale how much the recipe ... metric units), and Kitchen Scale will tell you how ... (1/0) download
PhotoFit HD - photograph and track your before and after weightloss progress 1.1 -  yourself with the ultimate weight loss app? Looking for ... a record of your weight loss progress? PhotoFit is just the app you have been looking ... photograph your progress The app allows you to keep ... (0/0) download

Health Analyzer Lite 1.0 -  on the height and weight. This app is committed to reduce or gain weight safely and thereby building ... (2/0) download
SproWeight Lite 1.0.9 -  SproWeight weight management app is available for easy entry. Morning and evening weight and body fat percentage ... months of measurements recorded - Weight (0.1lbs or 0 ... 0.1F unit) - Note - Weight, body fat measurements to record morning and evening - Weight, body fat and temperature ... (1/0) download
Calorie Control 1.0 -  when trying to lose weight is controlling your calorie ... able to lose any weight. This app helps you through this ... (2/0) download
Da Hunger Lite 1.2 -  is a game-like weight loss app that can really help ... is the least expensive weight-loss program ever! Hungry ... "Da Hunger" take the weight off you! Dinner not ... (18/0) download
WellnessConnected 1.0 -  devices blood pressure monitor, weight scale, and body composition analyzer ... users track blood pressure, weight, and body composition measurements ... (0/0) download
Shape-Menu 1.1 -  Healthy weight loss app for people with busy ... day free menu, the app is now paid for ... (3/0) download
Bill Scale and Balance Wedge Keyboard 03.0A -  Inputs scale and balance data directly ... multiple Scales, See the weight in real-time on ... (96/0) download
Bill Scale and Balance Wedge Keyboard 05.0A 1.0 -  Inputs scale and balance data directly ... multiple Scales, See the weight in real-time on ... (5/0) download
Smart Scale - BMI,Fat loss,body tracking for your family 1.1.2 -  and efficient body tracking scale for your family. * ... Scale! could track the weight, body fat %, body ... support to input the weight manually. * Scale! could ... (3/0) download
Wireless Weight Tracker 1.0 -  This application tracks your weight easily either by downloading your weight wirelessly from an ANT+ wireless scale or by manually entering the weight. -Very simple to use. -Graphs your weight over time. -Weight records can be modified ... The wireless acquiring of weight functionality in this application ... A&D Medical ANT+ wireless weight ... (2/0) download
Watch Me Change Weight Watch Free 1.201 -  best motivator to loose weight and gain muscle! ? Watch Me Change Weight Loss allows you to ... or so and the app automatically arranges the photos ... by doing an in-app purchase for a buck ... (3/0) download
Weightphoto 50 2.1 -  to use food journal app for a healthy life ... your eating habits, lose weight and get in shape! ... the WeightPhoto food journal app to take photos of ... (4/0) download
Lean Body Mass Calculator 1.1 -  mass based on height, weight, and gender. Lean body ... contained no fat. This app estimates lean body mass ... confused with ideal body weight or BMI (Body Mass ... (6/0) download
Epic Mass - The Weight Gain App 2.0 -  Youre dying to gain weight, right? You probably have ... cant seem to gain weight. You feel like a ... can't seem to gain weight. So what are you ... (2/0) download
Weight Scale Plugin 3.0 -  Data import from weight scales with PC connectivity ... other ANT ™ enabled weight and body composition scales ... (4/0) download
TheBabyScale 1.1 -  percent of their birth weight in the first 3 ... will begin to gain weight around day 5 to ... will reach their birth weight somewhere between the 2nd ... (2/0) download
Gemstone Weight Estimator 1.0 -  Anchorcert Gemstone Carat Weight Estimator in a couple ... calculate the estimated carat weight of diamonds & gemstones ... brilliant diamonds.) The carat weight estimator contains a comprehensive ... (5/0) download