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White Noise Player 1.01 -  computer where the background noise in the room makes ... impossible to work then White Noise Player is a very useful too. White Noise Player will play any .wav file on your computer ... you like from simple white nose to a relaxing ... (134/0) download

White Noise Generator Software 7.0 -  Generate white noise from your computer speakers. White noise is usually used as ... (9/0) download
Baby Lullaby and White Noise Sounds for Sleep - Slumbertime Baby 1.2 -  Slumbertime Baby lullaby and white noise sounds. Slumbertime Baby can mask unwanted noise to help your baby ... choose from, including: Lullabies* White Noise Heavy Rain Gentle Stream/Brook ... Waterfall Whale Song Brown Noise Pink Noise Features include: - Continuous Play ... (6/0) download
White Noise Ringtones 1.0White Noise App is a collection ... (1/0) download
White Noise Ambience Seasons HD Lite 1.01White Noise Ambience Seasons HD Lite ... since they started using White Noise Ambience Seasons HD Lite ... (0/0) download
Hum - Simple White Noise 1.0.1 -  was created because other White Noise apps we're too cluttered ... (1/0) download
AppKitPro: Flash+Battery+Mirror+Magnifier+White Noise 2.3 -  light, Mirror, and a White Noise Machine to help you ... mode - Pan/Zoom captured image WHITE NOISE - a White Noise machine, to help you ... (9/0) download
BABY n MOM - White noise+Game 1.0.4 -  a crying baby with white noise An innovative application that ... yet? You dont need white noise any more as a ... (5/0) download

Sleep Sound Smart Alarm Clock HD: Rain, Relaxation & White Noise 1.0 -  HD: Rain, Relaxation & White Noise Sounds - Play individual rain ... sound of rain and white noise while we sleep. We ... (3/0) download
Sleep White Noise Generator 1.1.0 -  to sleep with this white noise application! This application provides a number of different white noise tracks to choose from ... on your phone while white noise plays in the background ... (3/0) download
Relax Outdoors (Video Ambiance & White Noise) 1.0 -  Looking for a white noise ambiance app? Want to ... These easily act like white noise generators and take you ... A nice outdoor nature noise escape if you're in ... (1/0) download
White Noise Storm 5.4.2 -  of the extremely popular White Noise application comes Storm Edition ... clouds move and flash white when the thunder rumbles ... (4/0) download
White Noise Lite: Relax. Sleep. Better. 5.5.1 -  is sleeping better with White Noise Lite for FREE. Features ... numerous benefits to using White Noise: Helps you sleep by ... can interrupt your sleep. White Noise generates sounds over a ... (1/0) download
White Noise Audio 2.1White Noise Audio - Get your baby ... faster with this professional white noise player. FEATURES: - Dozens of white noise programs recorded on a ... Timer smoothly mixes between white noise programs at user selected ... (6/0) download
Seeded Random Generator 1.3 -  imagine, LFOs, melody creation, white noise, etc. The best part ... (4/0) download
Just Noise 1 -  Just Noise is a white noise maker to help you ... asleep. It's premium relaxation noise for the sophisticated relaxer. Why Just Noise? Just Noise is simple and easy ... don't need. It's Just Noise. White noise has been shown to ... (2/0) download
Really Random Numbers 1.0.0 -  generation process based on white noise in energy from the ... (32/0) download
Atmosphere Lite Plus 7.0 -  Lite Plus is a white-noise player and composer. It ... to the list of white-noise sounds, there is a ... of background sounds makes white noise. For example, if you ... (7/0) download
Sleep Mood Free 1.1 -  professional ambient sound, and white noise player to help you ... relaxation, meditation, yoga, napping, noise masking, or just having ... (4/0) download
Ocean Wave Machine Sound Ambience 1.6 -  Perfect for sleep or white noise while you work. Rejuvenate ... secret beaches. Need some white noise to cover up the ... (5/0) download
Baby Napper free 1.0 -  *************************************************************** "Baby Napper" provides white noise sound to help newborn ... to block out background noise and distractions. -features: Highly optimized White Noise - Comfort healing sound - Multi ... to cry and cry. - White noise sounds like a noise that a fetus hears ... (2/0) download
Sleeping Carl on a cloud 1.4 -  a very nice looking white noise generator and fade slowly ... (0/0) download
Baby Partner 1.3White noise + Baby book (diary ... Moive 4. Voice recording - White noise White noise is very accustomed sound ... comfortable when they listen white noise, because they used to ... (1/0) download
Binaural Beats Generator 3.0 -  With adjustable frequency settings, white noise, and nature sounds, you're ... *Frequency adjustment control *White Noise *Nature Sounds *Plays while ... (6/0) download