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Automatically Log WiFi Signal Strength Over Time Software 7.0 -  want to automatically log WiFi signal strength at specific intervals. The ... (31/0) download

Homedale 1.33 -  users to monitor the signal strength of various WLAN Access ... you can monitor the signal strength of multiple WLAN Access ... access points with their: -signal strength -encryption [WEP/WPA/WPA2] -speed -channel ... (8/0) download
eyeBurst 1.1.4 -  for easy monitoring the signal strength of iBurst wireless broadband ... (7/0) download
Speed Test 1.0.6 -  time and bandwidth - QOS - WIFI Signal strength - LAN/WAN/Home network bandwidth testing ... (1049/0) download
AP Grapher for Mac OS 1.2.1 -  their percent availability, maximum signal strength, and last contact time ... you to graph multiple signal strength parameters for the base ... achieve the best possible signal strength. Note that the stumbler ... (33/0) download
WiFiMonitor 1.2 -  uFi/CPE ,ZTE WiFi Monitor , uFi/CPE , , , , uFi/CPE uFi/CPE ... for smart terminals, ZTE WiFi Monitor is installed on the smart terminals, ZTE WiFi Monitor displays status of the uFi/CPE, such as signal strength, power information, user's information ... (2/0) download
TetherCheck for Windows 1 -  tells you the connection strength between your computer and ... (43/0) download
DNsoftbe WiFi SiStr 1.0 -  keeps your Wi-Fi signal strength always visible.Small display customizable (Skins and colors)Signal strength customizable logs Features: - Multi ... (8/0) download

UNL Wifi Mapper 1.01 -  'UNL Wifi Mapper' is designed for ... to help us improve wifi signal qualiy in University of ... you just experienced a wifi signal loss event or extremely ... (1/0) download
MaTreo 1.21 -  and roaming (if any), signal strength, date and time. MaTreo ... and roaming (if any), signal strength, date and time. Additionally ... (26/0) download
AirPort Configurator 1.5 -  Measure your AirPort signal strength. AirPort Configurator is a ... permits the measurement of signal strength and noise on wireless ... (131/0) download
Link Budget 1.0 -  a calculator for computing signal strength through a microwave link ... whether an acceptable video signal can be received. Link ... that will compute received signal strength on several factors, such ... (7/0) download
iBurst Dashboard 2.0 -  download speeds and monitor signal strength. Please note: the Dashboard ... (8/0) download
Seed Solutions S Meter Lite 2.1 -  receiver's S Meter signal strength in a window. The ... (0/0) download
Homedale::WLAN Monitor 1.33 -  Monitor the signal strength of multiple WLAN Access ... (8/0) download
WiFind 1.4.3 -  or unlocked and their signal strength - right in the airport ... help you locate a signal and start browsing! Requirements ... (2/0) download
RTR-Netztest 1.0 -  and download speed, ping, signal strength) of their Internet connection ... (3/0) download
CarDVRApp 1.1 -  programe is Car DVR wifi software .it need IOS device connect with wifi signal transmit by Car DVR ... (6/0) download
Count Mate 1.2 -  by your ears and signal strength graph. Following attributes can ... (4/0) download
Free Space Loss Utility Lite 1.1 -  determines the amount of signal strength loss, in decibels, as the signal is traveling through free ... specific distance that the signal travels, along with the frequency of the signal. The result of the ... (2/0) download
WirelessMon 4.0.1000 -  AP) on any wireless (WiFi) networks within range. The ... maps' based upon the signal strength of all detected APs ... (5/0) download
Cantennator 1 -  dimentions for a can WiFi antenna. You enter the ... can length. Boost your WiFi signal with this cheap and ... (628/0) download
Hi Security security - Wi-Fi examination, Wi-Fi optimisation and WiFi booster Hi Security protects your ... to avoid insecure public WiFi or phishing hotspot by ... and SSL hijacking. Boost WiFi and enhance WiFi signal strength for faster Internet speed. Intelligently manage your WiFi. No more WiFi safety concerns. User friendly ... (277/8) download
Wifiner – WiFi Analyzer 1.0 -  Wifiner starts measuring wireless signal right away. Run a ... into such details as: signal level; signal-to-noise-ratio; noise ... (0/0) download
Speed Test Gadget 1.0.20 -  activity - Ping response times - WIFI Signal strength - Battery Charge status - LAN ... (4/0) download