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Pdf To Djvu GUI 2.1 -  Gui is a freeware win32 application that converts any pdf ... (184/0) download

ExtraPuTTY 0.26 -  Putty, which : * allow win32 application to send,receive data ... (201/0) download
Programming without coding technology 1.8 -  the developers to develop win32 application 100% without coding at ... able to develop several application without any coding knowledge ... (58/0) download
DBF2MySQL v1.0 -  DBF2MySQL is a Win32 application for transferring data from ... (1345/0) download
MemAccess Library 1.2 -  of hardware devices from Win32 application without using the Windows ... (127/0) download
WinOpen 3.3a -  is a very small Win32 application that gives you much better control over what application is run or what ... is a very small Win32 application that gives you much better control over what application is run or what ... (253/0) download
MarshallSoft DUN Dialer for Visual Basic v1.0 -  functions that allows your Win32 application program to dial up ... (61/0) download
ServerHunter 1.0.1. -  Program is a tiny win32 application for searching and monitoring ... (3/0) download

DYAMAR Obfuscator 1.3.0 -  you to protect any Win32 application from reverse-engineering. DLL ... get deep inside the application and obfuscate the maximum ... be mentioned in the application settings. At that, special ... (8/0) download
Black Cat - SQLite3 database manager 8.17Win32 application to manage SQLite3 database ... (8/0) download
TMS Advanced Charts for Delphi / C++ Builder 3.0 -  VCL component set for Win32 application development and can be ... (3/0) download
PedBuilder 1.4 -  PedBuilder is a Win32 application purely written to create ... (5/0) download
VLEFlash 4.0 -  VLEFlash is a Win32 application developed by Flow Phase ... (4/0) download
WinOpen 6.0a 1.0 -  is a very small Win32 application that gives you much better control over what application is run or what ... (5/0) download
TracePlus Win32 3.10.000 -  View and analyze Win32 API calls made by your application. Features full compatibility with ... the interaction between your Win32 application and multiple Win32 APIs. Supported APIs that ... (2794/0) download
Ziron Log (ZLog) v3.0 -  the console, or a Win32 application. It is an ideal ... (42/0) download
Actions Monitor 1.02 -  Actions Monitor is a Win32 application that monitors, display and ... (61/0) download
WinCIG 2.00 -  <ASP> Win32 application that creates chaos images ... (2/0) download
SrvMan 1.0 -  it can run any Win32 application as a system service ... (5/0) download
QamIDEN 1.0.2 -  SQLite3 port from a Win32 application named SATUVisi Indict. Thanks ... permission to port his application. You could browse the ... (16/0) download
SMSGate.3 12 LITE 1.0 -  3 client is a Win32 application which can be used ... predetermined actions (type: external application call transferring to it ... (3/0) download
WinImage SDK v5.0 -  management utility containing a Win32 DLL for floppy disk ... you can create a Win32 application that can read and ... (55/0) download
Stellar Phoenix Novel NSS - Data Recovery Software 1.0 -  A is a Win32 application which requires Windows 98 ... (25/0) download
GetDiskSerial.DLL 3.0.0 -  GetDiskSerial.DLL is a standard Windows DLL that does not depend on the "support" libraries. You can use it to read the serial number of hard disk easily. As we all know, this serial number is unique in the world. So this DLL is of great use, for example, you can use this serial number to create an machine id or encrypt number. Key Features *Easy ... (90/0) download
DTM DB Stress 1.15.06 -  a database or an application. The program is useful ... Stress is a true Win32 application, known to be compatible ... (49/0) download