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MPMileCharter 3.3 -  fastest/shortest/preferred-roads/straight-line routes, road speeds, road preferences, rest stops, overnight ... (8/0) download

MileCharter 2.7 -  fastest/shortest/preferred-roads/straight-line routes, road speeds, road preferences, and avoid polygons ... (43/0) download
Map Scholar 1.0 -  colorful, highly detailed, animated world political map with striking ... (66/0) download
3D World Atlas 1.0 -  This 3D World Atlas software allows you to explore the world from your own home ... as well. In 3D World Atlas you will find all ... realistic representation of the world as it really is ... (19/0) download
Jewel Thief: World Tour 1.2.0 -  Jewel Thief hits the road in this World Tour edition of the ... take you around the world as you attempt to ... with 3 levels per world 6 nasty enemies to ... (1/0) download
Portable Marble 0.10.1 -  a Virtual Globe and World Atlas that you can use ... (5/0) download
DX Atlas 2.2 -  Electronic World atlas for Radio Amateurs. Scrollable World map with smooth zoom ... (2/0) download
WWII Interactive Atlas 6.1 -  of every theatre of World War II, this huge atlas is for wargamers and anyone interested in World War II. It provides ... military details. From the world overview you can cycle ... on St Nazaire. The Atlas works stand-alone, using ... (1/0) download

World Geography Tutor 1.2.4 -  communications technology shrinks the world year by year, the ... the nations of the world. Enter World Geography Tutor. Now you ... to the geography of world events. Just remember that understanding takes knowledge. With World Geography Tutor you'll always ... (477/0) download
Amiglobe v2000 -  Amiglobe is a world atlas and database with information ... the C.I.A. World Fact Book 1999, released ... (79/0) download
AW Geographical Atlas 3.0 -  Carry the atlas everywhere! Detailed information about ... each contry of the World. Maps display country borders ... about countries in the World. Keep this atlas as the reference when ... (119/0) download
Sega Rally 2 v1.1 -  a high-speed, off-road racing thrill-ride that ... and steering according to road conditions. Sega Rally 2's ... (3229/0) download
Countries and Capitals 1.2 -  and facts about the world. Fortunately, modern computers are ... learn the names or world countries and their capital ... essentially a colorful interactive atlas and all you need ... (170/0) download
TextMaker for Pocket PCs 2006 -  In an ideal world, you could create a ... format it on the road, and then send it ... (1/0) download
Monster Truck Fury 1.0 -  Enter the colossal world of Monster Truck Fury, a combined off-road and stadium track racer ... powerful trucks in the world. Choose from a wide ... gear on 6 off-road and stadium-style tracks ... (7/0) download
GeoDataSource World Cities Database (Free Edition) February.2013 .2013 -  provides geographical database of world features, cities with place ... (2/0) download
International Mileage Charts 1 -  all countries in the world. To do this, they ... two countries with OSM road networks that are too ... be matched with the road network. Each of these ... (2/0) download
Oxford Dictionary of English 4.1 -  The road to successfull communication * ... offers outstanding coverage of world, regional and dialect English ... (13/0) download
The Road Trip Effect Pro for Mac OS X 2.8.1Road Trip Effect Pro from ... an app like this. Road Trip Effect Pro has ... various parts of the world, but if you need a different map, Road Trip Effect Pro recognizes ... (2/0) download
WRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship 1.0 -  game plays, including the Road to Glory career mode ... OCL WRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship will be ... the revamped career mode, Road to Glory. WRC Experience ... (6/0) download
GeoDataSource World Cities Database (Free Edition) January.2013 .2013 -  provides geographical database of world features, cities with place ... (1/0) download
Road Construction 1.0 -  The goal of Road Construction is to build a road to connect two neighboring ... anybody knows, more the road is long and loopy ... and even one way road sections. When the game ... (49/0) download
Renju World 3.0 -  Renju World is a fresh replica ... (15/0) download
Tuffys World Of SuDoKu 1.30 -  Welcome to Tuffys World Of SuDoKu. The concept ... (18/0) download
World News Screensaver 2.0World News Screensaver fetches the ... informed and educated about World events and World geography. You can navigate ... to the full story. World News Screensaver is fully ... (86/0) download