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Cloudeight Smileycons 6.01 -  and Web Mail (like Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail.) Cloudeight ... the cutest smileys and emoticons on the web! They're ... version. Add images, animations, emoticons, signatures, and text snippets ... (186/0) download

StickerCam 3.2.41 -  broadcast your webcam with Yahoo, MSN messenger and more ... static & animated images, Emoticons, text labels, symbols, filter ... video file. Automatically capture Yahoo web cams you view ... (57/0) download
Yahoo! Emoticon Assistant 1.1 -  an add-on for Yahoo Messenger that puts the hidden emoticons at your fingertips, and ... between standard and hidden emoticons. This add-on for Yahoo Messenger puts the hidden emoticons at your fingertips, and ... ... (3/0) download
Yahoo! Friend 1.1 -  is a plugin for Yahoo Messenger. It makes your ... a lot of cool emoticons. With this program you can send very cool emoticons to your friends and ... will always see your emoticons even they don't ... (3/0) download
Yahoo! Messenger for Mac OS X 235554 -  Messenger for Mac Yahoo Messenger is a free ... e-mail in your Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Personals accounts, or when ... events recorded in your Yahoo Calendar. Yahoo Messenger offers firewall support ... (4/0) download
Christmas Yahoo Avatars 2.0 -  holiday season in your Yahoo Messenger and share the ... season with all your Yahoo Messenger contacts using Christmas ... ... (83/0) download
Handy Animated Emoticons 4.0 -  Handy Animated Emoticons is a popular tool ... internet messages. Handy Animated Emoticons has hundreds funny animated emoticons for your emails, web ... Google Mail (gmail), Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and all popular ... (189/0) download
MSN Emoticons Installer 1.2 -  MSN Emoticons Installer is a utility ... install high qualitative additional emoticons for MSN Messenger .It ... hundreds of MSN Messenger emoticons. You can select a ... (200/0) download

3D US Flag Screensaver 1.0 -  this beautiful United States flag, animated in stunning 3D ... (112/0) download
Yahoo Password Recovery 1.0Yahoo Password Recovery instantly recovers ... saved password to the Yahoo Messenger/Pager account on your ... with all versions of Yahoo Messenger and Pager (such ... (1225/0) download
Icons-Land Vector Emoticons 2.0 -  Vector emoticons are provided in Adobe ... (2166/0) download
IMCapture for Yahoo Messenger 1.0.26 -  people (especially users of Yahoo IM services) who want ... the happy IMCapture for Yahoo owners all you need ... (170/0) download
Yahoo! Messenger for Mac for Mac OS 3.0 Build 17887 -  A free communication tool that allows you to instant message with your Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger friends.- Plug in your webcam to share live video with your friends on Yahoo! Messenger- Join a chat room to meet new friends while you discuss your favorite topics- Send SMS text messages from Messenger to your friends mobile phones for free- Instant ... (5/0) download
World Flag Icons for Mac OS 1.3 -  of professionally designed world flag icons that represent the ... for a collection of flag graphics, this truly is ... (3/0) download
Yahoo Mail Informer 1.3Yahoo Mail Informer is a ... arrives in to your Yahoo Mail Inbox. It gives ... ... (8/0) download
Yahoo! Mail Watcher 1.46 -  Watch for your new inbox Yahoo! Mail and report to you in status-bar.Check Yahoo! Mail at specific interval ( 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour or manually).Can select to alert by sound, by notification window or by blinking icon.In addition, this extension will not even require you to input your username and password, ... (11/0) download
Yahoo messenger Conversation Spy 4.2Yahoo Spy Monitor allows you ... with MSN Spy Monitor.Yahoo Messenger Spy Monitor features ... customized keyword list. Support Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and AOL ... (4/0) download
Flag Of Our Fathers 1.0 -  from the famous movie Flag Of Our Fathers. Give ... a fan of the Flag Of Our Fathers movie ... (0/0) download
oRipa Yahoo Webcam Recorder 1.2.3 -  oRipa Yahoo Webcam Recorder is a handy tool to record Yahoo webcam of chat partners ... record button as the Yahoo webcam is connected, and ... time you like! oRipa Yahoo Webcam Recorder supports the ... (3/0) download
M Multi Yahoo Messenger 2.0 -  Login to yahoo messenger by more than ... ... (14/0) download
Yahoo Message Archive Decoder 4.5Yahoo Message Archive Decoder reads ... (7/0) download
Yahoo Decode 7 1.0.2Yahoo Decode 7 is a ... help you read all yahoo messenger archived messages and ... (3/0) download
Yahoo! Messenger Turkce Yama 11.5 -  Yahoo! Messenger Turkce Yama 11.5 has been prepared to translate interface language of Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 version into Turkish. If Yahoo! Messenger is not installed on your system it is recommended that you to install latest Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 (us) version first and then apply this language pack. Don't apply this language pack to Yahoo! Messenger ... (5/0) download
Yahoo Mass Messenger 1.0.0 -  Softmarket's YMM (Yahoo Mass Messenger) allows you ... the same message to Yahoo users from a list ... in order to avoid yahoo from blocking your account (yahoo blocks an account that ... (5/0) download
Yahoo Archive Decoder 1.0.0 -  Simple Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder is ... user to read the Yahoo Messenger Archive without having ... by using the SIMPLE YAHOO MESSENGER DECODER you can ... (6/0) download