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Acarda VoxConverter 2.0 -  Acarda VoxConverter is a voice file utility that allows you ... (26/0) download

StenRemote 1.2 -  StenRemote - Digital recorder voice file upload utility. StenRemote offer ... among many subscribers. Multi-voice server configuration to guarantee 100% uptime for voice access. Supports Integration with Remote Voice Capture Systems via VPN ... (3/0) download
Teleblabla 2.2 -  eMail address as a voice file attachment. You can also ... 3 Click recording of voice memos - Large buttons for ... of use - Automatic sending voice recording to default eMail ... (0/0) download
Duwas 1.0 -  Arabic description and human voice recited in Arabic Features ... 4. Arabic description 5. Voice file human voice recited in Arabic This ... (4/0) download
Integrated Notification System -  SMS), fax machines, as voice file or as E-mail ... your incoming calls. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications for ... SMS On Demand or Voice Mail are possible without any programming. A simple voice modem or voice board is all you need. Voice files can be recorded ... (57/0) download
DigitalVoicePlayer 1.2 -  The Digital Voice Player Version 2.1 ... can play the following file types: - DVF file (Digital Voice File/file extension: *.dvf) - The DVF file is a sound file format used in recording ... recorder ICD-BP100/BP150. - MSV file (Memory Stick Voice file/file extension: *.msv) - The MSV file is a sound file format used in recording ... (3/0) download
Text to Voice Software -  in understandable human sounding voice or audio format. Text ... converter software create sound file easily and to save ... converting and creating a voice file for future to listen ... (4/0) download
Wideband voice streaming applet 1 -  For voice streaming on the Web ... applet streams the compressed voice with 16kbps bitrate, decompress ... real-time with superior voice quality. Applet has advanced ... (51/0) download

YoGen Vocoder 1.2.0 -  software that impresses human voice upon any musical sounds ... and easy to use voice changer, instrumental vocoder, etc ... 16-bit, Mono, WAV file 3. Drag & Drop Voice file and Sound file 4. Real-time preview ... (9/0) download
Integrated Notification System (IVR) -  highly configurable IVR (Interactive voice response) software designed to ... SMS), fax machines, as voice file or as E-mail ... your incoming calls. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications for ... (5/1) download
Flexi Voice Recorder - Audio and Voice Recorder 1.02 -  Easy to use Voice Recorder for your daily ... a flexible audio and voice recording utilities that you ... and keep notes on voice and files. - Simple easy ... (3/0) download
VoiceR Pro - Smart Voice Recorder 1.1.0 -  VoiceR is Voice Recorder Application. You can make voice folder and move and ... quality - Application supports iTunes file sharing - Save by close ... enough, it saves automatically. - Voice file built-in player - Export file If you have any ... (0/0) download
DubMaster 1.0 -  copmelete chorus from one voice DubMuster Package is a ... voices from only one voice file in off line and ... &\; child) For each file Handling WAV files Playing ... (157/0) download
DX7 Librarian for Mac OS 2.1.12 -  Any voice parameter can be changed ... Double clicking on a file in Database window, you can get the voice file on your Mac!You can submit your original voice file via e-mail just ... choosing Submit item in File menu. Then the file will be appended into ... (0/0) download
Alien Tune 3D 1.1 -  a 3D spectral parametric voice signal and sound editor ... for professionals working with voice, AlienTune offers advanced voice editing capabilities, for example ... power to process digitized voice data in every possible ... (15/0) download
Ray's Spelling and Word Games (16-bit) v1.0 -  It plays a voice file and flashes the word ... can optionally record your voice.The program also comes ... (49/0) download
Ray's Spelling and Word Games (32-bit) v3.1 -  It plays a voice file and flashes the word ... can optionally record your voice.The program also comes ... (50/0) download
OutSoft Audio Converter 1.4 -  aifc) 3gpp amr file format (*.amr) Monkey' ... format (*.m4v) Matroska file format (*.mkv) MJPEG ... vc1 (*.vc1) Creative Voice File format (*.voc) wav ... (4/0) download
PictureGo! 6.6 -  Main features: - Add voice file/sound file per picture - Add sound ... (1/0) download
MP3 Workshop 1.0.10 -  you to record any voice file by microphone or any ... hardware else. The recorded voice could be converted as ... CD into MP3 Record voice file - MP3 Workshop enables you ... (5/0) download
Sweet Q 1.4 -  Mail to Field Managers -Voice Monitoring from Virtual Floor ... screen data to CSV file and attach to mail ... added. - Attaching the recorded voice file to mail function has ... (0/0) download
Utility Phone 1.5 -  to-PC communications using: voice, video, online/offline text messaging, text chat and file transfer, all secured using ... (51/0) download
RoboBlather 1.2 -  WAV file and both talking speed and speech synthesis voice are user-selectable. It ... (93/1) download
Text to Voice Converter -  Text to voice converter software allows your ... can easily play this file in future using mp3 ... text data from any file loudly, or you can ... (18/0) download
NextUp-ScanSoft Jill US English Voice 4.0 -  the Jill US English Voice audio file for TextAloud. Available in ... (13/0) download