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Daimyo - Beat the Shogun 1.00 -  Japanese Checkers Variant- Boardgame Warfare Daimyo is a unique Japanese themed Checkers variant which focuses on strategy rather than strength by numbers. ... (44/0) download
Dainese 40 1.0 -  Look back at the first Dainese 40 years of sport and technological challenges exploring one of the most surprising and fascinating places in motorcycle history: the Dainese leather archive.Thanks to modern technology Dainese open the doors to a ... ... (9/0) download
Dainik Bhaskar ePaper 1.1 -  Dainik Bhaskar is an Indian Hindi-language daily newspaper published by D B Corp Ltd.. It was started in year 1958 from Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. As of 2012, its National Editor is Kalpesh Yagnik who operates from Bhopal, Madhya ... ... (16/0) download
DAIRGram Server-Push Popups DG_ _1.01.0 -  Broadcast server-push popup alerts to subscriber desktops. Runs continuously in background and pops up notifications from site inside an ordinary browser window. Use for ....sending alerts, ....creating subscription services, .... ... (17/0) download
Dairy Allergy 1.0 -  Allergic to dairy products? Dairy Allergy lets you translate your allergy into 60 different languages. If you're going abroad, take Dairy Allergy with you to use in restaurants and cafes while you're on holiday.Let dairy products no longer be a ... ... (15/0) download
Dairy Dash Back to Basics -  Ah, life on the farmOCZ what could be more relaxing? Just about anything, according to the Smiths! Help these city slickers get a grip on the family farm as the entertaining hustle of the Diner Dash series goes pastoral. ... (19/0) download
Dairy Dash for Mac OS 1.0 -  Ah, life on the farm… what could be more relaxing? Just about anything, according to the Smiths! Help these city slickers get a grip on the family farm as the entertaining hustle of the Diner Dash series goes pastoral. ... (15/0) download
Dairy Free Smoothie HD 1.0 -  Quick & simple Dairy Free Smoothie recipes for a healthier you.** ONE OF THE TOP RANKED FOOD & DRINK APPS WORLDWIDE-------------------------------------------------"A really good smoothie app"Jason-Master Recipes"I love how easy it is to ... ... (9/0) download
Dairy Interactive Milker Training 1.2 -  Show your milking team how to work more efficiently with the milker training software. ... (12/0) download
Dairy Management System 1.0 -  The Dairy Management Software Program and Dairy Management System allows easy access, to key information on each animal, or the whole dairy herd thereby fostering an increase in efficiency and profitability. ... (31/0) download
Dairy Market Central for Tab 1.0 -  Rapidly updated market reports customized for dairymen and the diary industry. App tracks fluid milk prices, block cheese prices, class III milk, class IV milk, corn and soybean prices from CBOT, gasoline and diesel prices, regional heifer prices,... ... (10/0) download
Dairy Quiz 1.0 -  How much do you know about Dairy? Test your knowledge!Developed by Strickland Solutions for DairyMAX, Inc. ... (9/0) download
Dairy Source 1.7 -  Real-time market reports. Includes milk futures, spot cheese, corn, crude oil, soybean prices. Industry news, weather, product details and tools to help you make sound business decisions for your dairy. ... (11/0) download
Dairy Timer 1.1.2 -  For years we have been constantly guessing, trying to remember, and asking others "When did we finish eating meat?", but now thats no longer necessary!Never worry about the hassle of trying to calculate and memorize the times in your head again ... ... (13/0) download
DairyCents for iPad: Track Income Over Feed Costs and Feed Prices 1.1 -  PSU Dairy Cents for iPad is a mobile app offering two features a quick calculation of income over feed costs and price comparison of various forages, grains and commodities to the Penn State Feed Price List and other users of the data base.Income ... ... (9/0) download
DairyGHG 1.3 -  The Dairy Greenhouse Gas Model (DairyGHG) is a software tool for estimating the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint of dairy production systems. ... (12/0) download
DairyLive 4.0 -  Now you can access your herd data and enter new data from wherever you are, right through your mobile phone browser or from any computer that has an Internet connection. DairyLive Anywhere is easy to use. ... (10/0) download
DAISHO 4.5.5 -  DAISHO is the integrated productivity software for professionals: goal-, time- and task-management, contact management with CRM features, email client. Synchronization with Smartphones via Runs from USB stick. Netbook Mode. ... (20/0) download
DAISHO for Linux 4.3.0 -  DAISHO is the integrated productivity software for professionals: goal, time and task management, contact management with CRM features, email client and Skype integration. Synchronization with Smartphones (e.g. ... (13/0) download
DAISHO for OSX 4.3.0 -  DAISHO is the integrated productivity software for professionals: goal, time and task management, contact management with CRM features, email client and Skype integration. Synchronization with Smartphones (e.g. ... (16/0) download
Daisy And The Monster 1.0 -  When Daisy first saw the monster from outer space, it was eating her daddys car. Daisy is a smart little girl who is not afraid of the big monster in her backyard. Daisy never stops teasing the monster and the two end up squabbling all the time. ... ... (12/0) download
Daisy Clock ScreenSaver 2.3 -  Full of life this clock is generously beaming with vitalizing positive energy. Symbol of Nature's big heart, daisy fragrantly reminds us that all you need to do to find joy and harmony is to turn your heart towards this humble flower and let it in. ... (23/0) download
Daisy Doesn't Jump (Ad Free) 1.0.3 -  Princess Daisy jumps out from the Sleigh of Santa Claus to send you Christmas Gift! You are going to help her go down to the ground. This time, Daisy doesn't jump, she falls!Whether you like "Doodle Jump" or not, "Daisy doesn't Jump Christmas ... ... (12/0) download
Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet 1.1.1 -  Daisy Maes peaceful, simple life in her little desert trailer park will never be the same. A full scale alien attack on earth has begun and Daisy becomes the unlikely heroine outta nowhere. Take hold of the steering wheel and help Daisy Mae shoot ... ... (12/0) download
Daisy Miller 1.0 -  Daisy Miller&quot\; by Henry James in TXT format. This Project Gutenberg (tm) etext is a public domain work distributed by Professor Michael S. Hart through the Project Gutenberg Association at Illinois Benedictine College. ... (78/0) download
Daisy Multiple Browser 0.1 -  The program was designed so that several copies of Internet Explorer were opened in the same dialog and each could be set to refresh at particular rates. ... (14/0) download
Daisy Petals 1.2 -  Daisy Petals is a simple but addictive flash game in which you compete against the computer. The objective is to remove the flower petals and be the one who removes the last petal. ... (14/0) download
DAISY Pipeline 20070502 Beta 1 -  The DAISY Pipeline is a cross-platform, open source framework for DTB-related document transformations. It provides a comprehensive solution for converting text documents into accessible formats for people with print disabilities. ... (16/0) download
Daisy Pipeline GUI 2011.12.15 -  A GUI for the DAISY Pipeline (based on the Eclipse RCP Java application framework). The DAISY Pipeline is a framework for XML- and DTB-related transformations. ... (17/1) download
Daisy PRO En 1.51 -  User friendly interface for wide range of users. Rapid deployment, zero administration unlimited scalability. Interactive data analysis and reporting with sub-second response times. Information access flexibility. ... (15/0) download
Daisy Regenerator 2.0 -  The DAISY Regenerator is a software tool designed to enable organizations to repair and upgrade existing DAISY 2.0 and 2.02 DTBs. The tool takes a DAISY 2.0 or 2. ... (11/0) download
Daisy Reversi 3.1 -  Daisy Reversi is a high-quality award-winning computer opponent for the well-known ancient board game Reversi (also known as Othello). You can select one of the wide range of complexity levels from very strong levels to easy levels, zero level and ... (58/0) download
Daisy Satta 1.0.3 -  Daisy Satta, founded in Italy, is comprised of a team of young Italian designers. With their imaginations and enthusiasm, every piece of jewelry is a remarkable fashion item, which allows modern women to adapt their creativity and bring out their ... ... (17/0) download
Daisy Slider Puzzle 1.2 -  Daisy Slider Puzzle is the classic logical game where you have to arrange rectangular pieces of a picture or numbered pieces in the right order. You can slide a piece to an adjacent position if this position is free. ... (38/0) download
Daisy System Light EN 1.55 -  Daisy System Light is a powerful and reliable solution designed to enabe you to easily and intuitively analyze economic and financial data. ... (23/0) download
Daisy's Crazy Dance 1.3 -  Live every girl's fantasy of club revenge by kicking and punching away the creeps!Daisy is back! After a disastrous date, all Daisy wants to do is let loose at the club with her girlfriends - but the creeps just won't leave her alone!Fight off ... ... (9/0) download
Daisy's Room - Shape Matching with Daisy - Free EduGame under Early Concept Program 1.0 -  This cute puzzle like app helps toddlers (2-4y) to develop hand-eye coordination. It also build analytical skills and let kids improve their acuteness of observations.How to play:Fix each item in the room presented one by one. Drag each part of ... ... (11/0) download
Daisy's Word Game free 1.1.0 -  Daisy&Danpy English Garden is a fast and easy to play word game.Just tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to move Daisy .In the beginning, you can see the object.Then you control Daisy to collect the alphabets in time.If you get a star, the monster ... ... (13/0) download
Daisycon 1.1 -  The Daisycon app offers you realtime statistics of your Daisycon account(s) and the latest news. It also offers you the possibility to receive push notifications for transactions and news. The following statistics are available:* Reports with ... ... (10/0) download
DaisyDisk 1.5.2 -  DaisyDisk scans your disks and presents their content as interactive maps where you can easily spot unusually large files and remove them to get more free space. ... (14/0) download