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Dancing Baby Screen Saver v1.0 -  Dancing Baby Screen Saver covers your desktop with the famous Dancing Baby. You can display 8, 16, or 32 of these babies on your desktop at once on a starfield background. You can adjust the speed and number of stars of the background. ... (145/0) download
Dancing Baby Screensaver 2.11 -  The original "Dancing Baby&quot\; was the screensaver that got the "Baby Craze&quot\; started. The original "Dancing Baby&quot\; was the screensaver that got the "Baby Craze&quot\; started. ... (49/0) download
Dancing Bear Chorus Line Screen Saver v1.0 -  Dancing Bear Chorus Line Screen Saver displays dancing bears in a chorus line prancing across your screen. It includes an option that lets you adjust the speed of the screen saver. ... (53/0) download
Dancing Bears Screen Saver v1.0 -  Dancing Bears Screen Saver displays teddy bears prancing across your screen. It includes an option that lets you adjust the speed of the screen saver. You can also choose the number of bears, and a background color. ... (46/0) download
Dancing bug 1 -  News, feature articles and reviews, lessons, and questions answered. A musical keyboard is the set of adjacent depressible levers or keys on a musical instrument, particularly the piano. . ... (9/0) download
Dancing Bunny 1.0 -  Dance your night away as you flick your finger to follow this cute little bunny. The unique game play is highly addictive and hours of fun game playing experience! All you have to do is to follow the music, move your finger, and let the fun begin!... ... (8/0) download
Dancing Chicken SPICY 1 -  Move over Travolta and Jackson, the Dancing Chicken is a popular interactive app featuring whimsical poultry in motion.Slide to left, slide to the right, choose your favorite MP3 and dance all night!A FREE New Gangnam Style theme comes with 3 NEW ... ... (13/0) download
Dancing Cloth Lite: Interactive 3D Physics Artwork 1.2 -  WARNING: It's not game nor typical entertainment."Never seen anything like this before! A true unique application! Tripping out while I play with this! Strangely riveting! Messing around with it I find myself with my mouth wide open. I can't ... ... (11/0) download
Dancing Code 1.0 -  Inspired by Conan Doyle's "Dancing Men", but implemented with a bit different approach.You could encode text into a dancing men picture.Please note that any hacker could crack this code since it is not encryption in the modern meaning of this ... ... (7/0) download
Dancing Craze HD 1.1 -  Can you run a dance studio while teaching your clients a range of slick moves? That's the challenge in Dancing Craze, a thrilling new time management game in which you help a friend train performers for the biggest variety show Tinseltown has ... ... (10/0) download
Dancing Duet 1.0 -  It was destined to happen! The 'Dancing Baby' the Rugrat's 'Tommy It was destined to happen! The 'Dancing Baby' the Rugrat's 'Tommy' got together for a 'Dancing Duet'. They dance in perfect synchronization. ... (53/0) download
Dancing Fish Visualizer 1.1 -  The Dancing Fish Visualizer is a fun virtual aquarium with fish that dance to the music stored on your device. FEATURES:Music is read directly from the media library, not the microphone. This means the visualizer can work with headphones and will ... ... (6/0) download
Dancing Goats -  Get your Groove on with the Goat. North-Central Jersey Jam and Groove Band. ... (5/0) download
Dancing Hearts Screen Saver v1.2 -  Dancing Hearts Screen Saver displays animated hearts dancing on your screen. This screen saver includes options that let you add your own scrolling message, and choose the color of the text. It also includes sound for systems with WinAmp installed. ... (44/0) download
Dancing Hearts Screensaver 1.1 -  Dancing Hearts Screensaver is a free and easy to use desktop screensaver. ... (14/0) download
Dancing Joy 1.0 -  Jetzt gibt es DIE TANZSCHULE DANCING JOY als offiziellen App fr das Smartphone! Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Veranstaltungen,Videos und Termine landen so direkt auf Ihr Smartphone. Wann es Immer Etwas Neues gibt, erfahren Sie es zuerst. Und weil das ... ... (4/0) download
Dancing Lad Cursor v1.0 -  Dancing Lad Cursor is an animated cursor of a dancing blue dude. The animation is quite smooth. ... (63/0) download
Dancing Leaves v1.2 -  Dancing Leaves is a colorful screen saver featuring realistic leaves and artistic backgrounds. Watch the leaves gracefully float and spin on your screen as calming music plays in the background. ... (59/0) download
Dancing Math Game 1.2 -  A fun, swinging and educational math game for children between six and ten years old.The music and animations make the game appealing, the unlocking of different levels makes the game challenging.The game is intuitive. It focuses on math, it does ... ... (7/0) download
Dancing Melody screen sa 1.0 -  The Dancing Melody show characters dancing with the melody. Dance with Dancing Melody...Tired of work? Take a rest and dance with the dancing melody...The Dancing Melody screen saver show characters dancing with the melody. You can follow them, too. ... (39/0) download
Dancing Numbers 1.0 -  Dancing Numbers is a fun learning tool that helps children learn their numbers up to 10 while having fun! Randomly chosen numbers will be spoken and you have to press the number from all the dancing numbers on the screen! If you select the wrong ... ... (7/0) download
Dancing on Ice 1.0 -  New vivid and colorful animated screensaver by This animated white bear is so cute and amazing; it dances and cheers you up. The screensaver is absolutely free. Just download and have a lot of fun! ... (9/0) download
Dancing on Island 1.0 -  Animated 3d free screensaver by Amusing dinosaur dances on the island. Picturesque scenery, bright colors, great 3D graphics, funny dancing creature in this freeware screensaver. ... (12/0) download
Dancing Piano 1.0 -  Dancing Piano is not just a plain piano. You can play piano by moving the device. You can compose the music by forming your dance routine with hand movement and dance steps.It comes with instruction and quick tutorial to show you how to play ... ... (8/0) download
Dancing Quiz - Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) Edition 1.4.7 -  Think you know your DWTS?Prove it in this easy to use fun UNOFFICIAL quiz.8 Levels including...* Guess the Judge & Presenters* Guess the Guest Judge* Winners Level* PLUS lots of Season LevelsDownload this addictive UNOFFICIAL DWTS Quiz and start ... ... (7/0) download
Dancing Santa 1.0 -  Dancing Santa is a fun festive app for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply pick a song from your iPod and watch Santa dance to the music. Great fun for any parties over the holidays. ... (7/0) download
Dancing Santa 3D - Free 1.0 -  Make Santa dance to your own tunes instead of that boring Christmas music! Load any song off of your phone and watch him dance!Watch santa dance to your favorite songs by selecting from any of the 52 different dance moves. Mix and match to create ... ... (9/0) download
Dancing Santa 3D Pro 1.0 -  Make Santa dance to your own tunes instead of that boring Christmas music! Load any song off of your phone and watch him dance!Watch santa dance to your favorite songs by selecting from any of the 52 different dance moves. Mix and match to create ... ... (6/0) download
Dancing Shadow 1.0.1 -  MAKE THIS GIRL DANCE FOR YOU!!!This Dancing Shadow is the first ever shadow dancer that dances to your music of choice.Put your imagination to the test with your own personal shadow gogo dancer. Downloadthat bar/lounge feeling straight to your ... ... (5/0) download
Dancing Shobon 1.61 -  First, developer is weak in English. I'm sorry. And developer is Japanese.The developer made the thing which I wanted to make... The person who is interested, please download it.?This application is that a user inputs a tempo with numerical value ... ... (6/0) download
Dancing Singing Bee - Free Game for Kids 1.2.3 -  Controlling the bee, the player must gather all flowers and avoid animals. The game has funny dancing bee and awesome music. Just try! Your kid will love it! ... (12/0) download
Dancing Spirit Wallpaper v1.0 -  Dancing Spirit Wallpaper is an abstract JPG wallpaper image in metallic gold and brown. The image is in 800 x 600 resolution. ... (34/0) download
Dancing Stars Screen Saver v2.5 -  Dancing Stars Screen Saver displays a variety of colored stars bouncing about your screen. Options let you select the number of stars (from 2 to 30), and change the force of gravity. ... (39/0) download
Dancing Teddy on iPad 2.0 -  ? Dancing Teddy and Selena the Puppy - Try this cute kid's xylophone piano. We hope your child will enjoy playing music for you. - Musical Finger Electric Guitar Instrument game- Smash Teddy multi-touch game- Animated Keyboard layout and ... ... (10/0) download
Dancing Tommy 1.0 -  The Rugrats wouldn't let themselves be outdone by the original 'D The Rugrats wouldn't let themselves be outdone by the original 'Dancing Baby'. Their answer is 'Dancing Tommy'. ... (42/0) download
Dancing with the Stars Middle East MTV 1.0 -  The official Dancing with the Stars app for Lebanon/Middle-East!Enjoy the Backstage Red Room Camera and watch Live as well as on Demand!Vote for your favorite couple, tweet and get in touch with the DWTS celebrities.If you a Dancing with the ... ... (6/0) download
Dancing Wu Wei 1.0 -  Based on the movements of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, this app's contemplative music, and its slowly unfolding animated graphics and colors, provide an ambient audiovisual environment suitable for meditation, relaxation, and for the simple appreciation ... ... (5/0) download
DANCING XML Banner 1 -  - Opens With CS4 , CS5- support images and swf files- xml Options - size for banner - border size and color - file you want to see - Image_URL : page that you want to connect - Timer for slideshow - text on/off - TITLE text : text , size , color - DE ... (11/0) download
DancingGorilla 1.1 -  It is an application to automatically generate step files for DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) simulators, such as StepMania. It analyzes the music it is given to determine when and where to place arrows. ... (9/0) download
DanCLine Web Radio 2.0.0 -  DanCline ?Votre Radio Internet sans prise de tte, des heures qui rythment votre vie de tous les jours, des souvenirs et des gros coups de Coeur, pour Vous, seulement pour Vous...Dansez Cline ! Dansez maintenant !Retrouvez les informations ... ... (6/0) download