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Face Bender x64 1.1 -  This is an emulation of a Fuzz Face and a Tone Bender MKII with added controls for tweaking. It runs in mono or stereo, and has selectable 2x oversampling. The Fuzz Face was first made by Arbiter Electronics in 1966. ... (11/0) download
Face Blast 1.0 -  Pit your punching power against friends and family. Throw a punch holding your iphone and watch the measured power's effect on your opponents face.Take a photo of your opponents face and place it on a selection of 3D cartoon characters.Throw your ... ... (8/0) download
Face Blocker Pro 1.0.0 -  ***50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME Take advantage of our discounted pricing today!***Need to hide someone's face in a group photo? "Face Blocker Pro" makes it easy, fast, and fun! It will auto-detect the faces, and you can decide which faces you want ... ... (10/0) download
Face Bomb Booth - Clone Faces 3.6 -  Explode your face everywhere!!! Amazingly funny app for guaranteed laughs. Try NowFace Bomb Booth - Clone Faces is a Funny app to clone faces in a Photo. To use the app just Select Photo and App will automatically detect the faces and put one ... ... (21/0) download
Face Bomb Me 1.2 -  FREE For a Limited Time! Yep, THIS is the app that morphs lifes finest memories into well into the grotesquely awesome monstrosities you always wished they were. Face Bomb Me uses wicked-smart technology to automagically AND instamatically take ... ... (10/0) download
Face Booth Bash 1.1 -  Choose a picture from your camera roll or take a new one, put a mustache on it, and share your ridiculous or disgustingly handsome creation with the world.Face Booth your picture with an assortment of classic and contemporary mustaches, beards, ... ... (9/0) download
Face Buster 1.0.1 -  'I like you, but I want to bust your face.'Don't freak out! You can do it safe with Face Buster! Dr.haha has been working out recently to invent a time machine to the past just to clarify the beauty of Cleopatra. But who knows why, he just came ... ... (8/0) download
Face Cam - Packers Edition 1.00 -  Become the biggest Green Bay Packers fan! Record videos as a Packers Star or as a cheesehead and send to your friends! ... (9/0) download
Face Cam - Talking Baby Edition 1.01 -  Talking Baby is a funny video app that allows you to record yourself as a baby and share them with others. You won't stop laughing creating and sending videos to your friends or family!Choose from many different baby images and record yourself ... ... (9/0) download
Face Cam Pro - Place your face in the hole and record video 1.2 -  Record videos and take pictures with your face in the hole. Many images to choose from. Do you want to be a talking fruit or have a beard? Crack your friends up with hilarious videos or pictures!Check out these cool features:**Now with pitch ... ... (6/0) download
Face Camera --- Capture Face Photos Automatically 1.1 -  Capture Faces Automatically for iOS 5. Do you believe ? Yes, this app make full use of iOS 5 face recognition tech to capture face photos smartly. Do not need press any buttons, this app will capture any photos which contain faces. So put your ... ... (10/0) download
Face Capturix 2.0 -  Face Capturix can search a person by looking to your photos. This is the world's first face search software. This software is based on Artificial Inteligence algorithms to detect and compare human faces. ... (16/0) download
Face Chase 1.0.1 -  Put yourself in the game with pictures of your face as the characters! Try our hilarious new ADDICTIVE game Face Chase!Challenge yourself and friends to a game of Face Chase, use your own pictures (from your camera or picture library) to create ... ... (17/0) download
Face Cloner - Break The Ice! 1.0 -  Looking for the latest and coolest photo app to have fun with and share? Look no more!With this super easy to use app you will have so much fun looking and sharing the new faces!Just take or use a picture from your device with two or more faces ... ... (7/0) download
Face Cloner Lite - Break The Ice! 1.0 -  Notice: This application works great under ideal circumstances. Ideally all faces should be similar in size and picture should not be blurry. Results may vary depending on the original photo.Looking for the latest and coolest photo app to have ... ... (8/0) download
Face Control plug-in 1.25 -  Face Control plug-in allows you to change facial expressions of people in the digital photos. It is very easy-to-use freeware program. Human, animal, alien, or any other faces are welcomed. ... (14/0) download
Face Creator Free 1.0 -  HAVE FUN CREATING SKETCH PORTRAITS USING THIS APPLICATION'S REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY.Based upon the face sketching system used by some of the world's top police departments.LEARN- You can learn how to draw any face with ease. It just takes one ... ... (9/0) download
Face Detection in Color Images Beta -  Face Detection in Color Images is designed as a handy and easy-to-use instrument that is able to cover an algorithm for face detection in color images.Face Detection in Color Images was developed with the help of the Java programming language. ... (14/0) download
Face Dialer 2.0.2 -  Face Dialer is a picture telephone dialer for iPhone.Once set up it just dials a phone number when you touch the contact image.Dialing this way is fast and easy when you are in a hurry, if you have eyesight problems or just want to have easily ... ... (10/0) download
Face Doodling 1.22 -  - This game is suitable for 5-95 years old.- Play this game with your favorite friends in a good mood but make war with your disagreeable friends in a bit of mood.- There are 5 matches in a game. Having been losing 4 matches does not mean that ... ... (8/0) download
Face Drawer HD 1.0 -  Create your face with your hand. Fast And Easy and Now in HD!!!How to Play:1) Choose which element you want to add to your character.2) Once you choose the right one press the notepad to go back to the editing mode.3) If you want to restart press ... ... (6/0) download
Face Effect HD Free - Place You Faces In Photo Frame Hole 3.0 -  Face Effect is a great app for having fun with photos. You can place your face on variety of funny photos.# Place your face on funny amazing photo - AND HAVE ENDLESS FUN!!# Lots of funny photos to stick on your picture!!# 5 different categories!!... ... (14/0) download
Face Effects 1.1 -  *ADD FUN GRAPHICS TO YOUR PHOTOS!*Beneath a simple user interface is advanced technology that allows you to choose a photo from your photo library, then add graphics to it! Simply use the resize and rotate tools to adjust the image, and drag it ... ... (9/0) download
Face Effects Lite 1.1 -  ADD FUN GRAPHICS TO YOUR PHOTOS! Beneath a simple user interface is advanced technology that allows you to choose a photo from your photo library, then add graphics to it! Simply use the resize and rotate tools to adjust the image, and drag it ... ... (8/0) download
Face Factory Lite 1.7 -  *****HUGE UPDATE SOON! - Lite version will contain much more parts and features. Stay tuned!Faces and features waiting to be spawned, moved, rotated and resized!!! YOU have control over each individual piece in the factory which enables you to ... ... (10/0) download
Face Fall HD 1.0 -  Face Fall is a simple but addictive game based on the original Face Factory. Face parts will rain down from the top of the screen. All you have to do is catch them with the spanner. The more you catch the more points you score. You have to be ... ... (11/0) download
Face Flipper 1.0 -  Face Flipper helps you scroll through the pictures that you already have in Contacts. There is NO setup. Face Flipper just works. Flip through your contact pictures and when you see the person you want you double-tap the picture to choose a phone ... ... (9/0) download
Face For Malta 1.0 -  Face For Malta is the easiest way to take part in the competition Face For Malta, launched by the official Tourist Board of Malta - Visit Malta. Users can participate in the competition by uploading their preferred photo from their Facebook ... ... (13/0) download
Face FunBooth 1.0 -  Face FunBooth application provides all the tools to make fun with your friends, love one, girl friends photos. After making fun with photos you can share it with friends on Facebook,Twitter, via email and save it on your iphone/ipod touch and saw ... ... (12/0) download
Face Funny 1.1 -  Face Funny provides a quick and easy tool that give photos a dramatic look by simple touch move.Use it to make your friends look funny and silly.* Choose your owe photos or from the device 's camera.* Touch move your finger on photos.* Save ... ... (6/0) download
Face in Sushi 1.0.0 -  Ever fallen in sushi ? Face in Sushi provides funny and "kawaii" images with simple and easy operation.? Face in Sushi has 97 kinds of sushi and 9 side dishes.? You can put sushi image on your pictures and arrange its position, scale and rotation.... ... (9/0) download
Face Invaders! 1.02 -  Face Invaders is a charming fun shoot 'em up inspired by the legendary classic gameLog in with your facebook account and try to keep your friends' profile pictures from reaching the ground you are defending.(Requires network connection and ... ... (12/0) download
Face It! Free 1.0 -  This is an ideal app to poke fun at friends and family. You are the artist and their picture is your canvas. Draw whatever you like and save the picture, or email to your buddy, or posted it on Facebook!This app comes with preset colors or you ... ... (10/0) download
Face Juggler Movie FREE 2 -  Now you can swap faces in movie clips!From the makers of Face Juggler, the first AUTOMATIC face swapping iPhone app.- Just shoot a movie and your faces will be automatically juggled onto each others' faces for the whole clip!- Keep changing your ... ... (10/0) download
Face Killer 1.1 -  Face Killer is an amazing application that allows you making funny faces on your or friends photos. Application isnt trashed with many unusable features. Just exact which you need.You can download photos from Facebook, or take them from ... ... (7/0) download
Face Makeover - Kids Game 1.0 -  Girls, I am sure you have so many dolls in your own room and you want to make up them. Now you have the chance to make up a cute doll face by playing this game and practice your love for make up. We offer you a doll face and all you have to do is ... ... (10/0) download
Face Makeover HD Lite 2.11 -  = Make glamorous photos with smoother skin= Dreamy & heavenly softener/toon effects If you've ever wondered why the models in magazines always have such perfect skin, here's your answer: Face Makeover HD is remarkably effective at transforming ... ... (7/0) download
Face Makeover Lite 2.11 -  = Make glamorous photos with smoother skin= Dreamy & heavenly softener/toon effectsIf you've ever wondered why the models in magazines always have such perfect skin, here's your answer: Face Makeover is remarkably effective at transforming your ... ... (7/0) download
Face Maker :) 1.1 -  Make your portrait and share it via SMS, Facebook!!The portrait can be used as Facebook profile photo.Let's make cute or fancy face and share with your friends!! ... (10/0) download
Face Mark Derby 3.0 -  ( `)This is a character very famous for Japan.You raise this character.Let's win a race. ... (14/0) download