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I Love Candy - Free 1.1 -  One of the best games that is suitable to play with friends, kids (boys or girls) and family. Everyone has fun swiping and collecting different candies. 'I Love Candy' gives player the sense of puzzle solving achievement feeling. It is free, ... ... (9/0) download
I Love Candy 1.1 -  One of the best games that is suitable to play with friends, kids (boys or girls) and family. Everyone has fun swiping and collecting different candies. 'I Love Candy' gives player the sense of puzzle solving achievement feeling.'I Love Candy' ... ... (12/0) download
I Love Cats Soundboard 1.01 -  This is my first app, so I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I'm just gonna start talking about what I like..ummm..I love cats. I love every kind of cat! Thats why I made this soundboard so you can share my love. Do you love cats? Sorry I ... ... (10/0) download
I Love Cesenatico 1.0 -  Lapplicazione stata realizzata allo scopo di promuovere tutte le attivit ... (11/0) download
I Love Clients 1.1 -  Mad wordsHow surprising can be a query? How creative can be a marketing man? How strange can be a request? I Love Clients, the gateway to the exciting world of communications agencies. Statements, questions and demands, all the gems of those mad ... ... (15/0) download
I Love Clipboard 1.3 -  ILoveClipboard is a useful software to manage Windows clipboard. It can completely save your copied data. ILoveClipboard is a useful software to manage Windows clipboard. It can completely save your copied data. ... (24/0) download
I Love Coffee 1.1 -  Discover more than 50 coffees from around the world! For more than 300 years, human beings are enjoying the refreshing and energizing potential of coffee. Originating from Africa, the mysterious red bean with its precious content and several ... ... (12/0) download
I Love Dachshund 3.1 -  This book collects a lot of information to keep the dachshund. It introduces dachshund's various secrets. Caution:This book is Japanese. ... (11/0) download
I Love Dad 1.0.0 -  Leave notes on Dad's iPhone or iPad to surprise him. Any Notes!Wish Him a Happy Father's Day! Leave him a Surprise Happy Birthday note!Or, leave any note for him just because you can!Messages / notes can be saved to the Camera Roll album on ... ... (10/0) download
I love Daisy 1.0 -  Daisy als geliefde, Daisy als speeltoestel en Daisy als onderkomen. De boom kende vele gezichten en vele toepassingen. Deze hebben wij, Studio Duel, op een potische, cynische en realistische wijze weergegeven door de restanten van de boom te ... ... (12/0) download
I Love Dinosaurs 1.0.0 -  Kids love dinosaurs!''I love dinosaur'' is a drawing & jigsaw puzzle &matching app,especially designed for little kids. The game is particularly suitable for children age 3 to 6.Children can painted the dinosaur with there favorite color,it can ... ... (8/0) download
I Love DIY - Make Lock Screen & Home screen 2.0 -  DIY own wallpaper on Lock Screen and Home Screen with the typical & cool 'I Love' style or your unlimited imagination. !!! FULL HD on iPhone 4. The app will generate high resolution on iPhone 4 as well.!!! Easy to use! Stunning & Sweet in ... ... (10/0) download
I Love English 1.1 -  ? ... (9/0) download
I love fashion gossip 1.0 -  App ufficiale del portal 'I Love Fashion Gossip' (Moda, Cultura e Gossip) ...CulturaDesign ArredamentoFashion / ModaGossipRicchi si diventa, eleganti si nasce. (H. de Balzac)Seguici attraverso la nostra nuovissima App, rimani aggiornato tramite ... ... (9/0) download
I Love Free Things ( 1.2 -  Free Stuff, Free Samples and Freebies!USA ONLY.Who doesn't like free stuff? Want to try free product samples?UPDATE: *** App now supports notifications and runs natively on the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad ... ... (12/0) download
I Love Gold Coast 2.0 -  Your best companion in finding out what's happening in our beautiful city. Music and Arts, Sport, Community, Food plus heaps of other stuff.Find events on the Gold Coast using your current location or search by keyword and category. Or browse by ... ... (13/0) download
I love Grandma: a delightful way to share photos 1.1 -  Your grandma deserves this app.This app is for nice grandsons who wants to share photos with their beloved grandmas. Photos are posted from a computer and automagically appear on Grandma's iPad.1) Grandma installs this app on her iPad and she ... ... (11/0) download
I love guns 1.1 -  Learn everything you could ever want to know about your favorite hand guns with this iPhone app.I love handguns features modern and old handguns with relevant and unique specs about these guns.If you are a hand gun enthusiast then this app was ... ... (10/0) download
I love icons free 1.0 -  Create custom text icons. Use many colors.One touch start SMS, bookmark, email.New, personal icons on your iphone. Try it, it's free.Works fine with emoji and unicode content (SuperKeyboard, Emoji free! etc)You can write "I love Jim" on the icon ... ... (10/0) download
I Love JB 1.13 -  Date Justin Bieber!Hey Beliebers, have you ever dreamed of dating Justin Bieber? Well now you can, and it's completely FREE. Test your kissing and flirting skills to win his attention. Then go for a coffee or to the movies. Play a series of cute, ... ... (10/0) download
I Love Jesus (Pics & Vids) 1.0 -  Beloved christ lovers from all over the world, here is the contribution to the lord that my wife wished me to bring to you. It took an effortless work to create this application because our faith in Jesus is so strong.Thank you allThis ... ... (12/0) download
I Love Lesvos Island 1.0 -  We are the team of virtual enterprise YouDrive of Vocational School of Kalloni .This app is created to promote Lesvos Island and sharing the Love for the Island between the tourists and the locals. ... (10/0) download
I Love Londra 1.0 -  Le guide per il tuo weekend realizzate da La Gazzetta dello Sport in collaborazione con TripAdvisor finalmente in versione digitale. Un'occasione unica per scoprire le citt ... (12/0) download
I Love Madrid App 1.2 -  With the application of I Love Madrid, you will carry the Capital of Spain in Your Pocket!From this Great Application you will visualize all Cultural and Gastronomic Interests and Leisure in Madrid.Download it free of charge and you will see:... ... (11/0) download
I Love Mes Cheveux 1.1.7 -  With the I Love Mes Cheveux app you: - Find out all about us. - Make an appointment. - Find our salon. - Contact us. - Keep up to date with specials, promos, events and news. ... (12/0) download
I Love Miko 1.03 -  Miko is a virtual panda that you can have lots of fun with. You can poke, tickle, stretch it, and Miko will respond. Miko even has emotions! Play with Miko and find out what else it does!********************************Notes From The Team Behind ... ... (9/0) download
I Love Music FREE 3.31 -  I Love Music FREE allows you to create your own musical score.You simply select your instrument and place it on the staff by tapping your finger. Sharp and flat notes can be placed by clicking on the same note. The FREE version includes 4 ... ... (9/0) download
I Love Mustache 1.1 -  Everybody will grow mustache one day! Even women I love Mustache carries you to mustached photos that you have been looking forward for years!You can put the mustache samples that are more ''stylish'' than one another and that are on the I Love ... ... (8/0) download
I love MyMedia 1.1 -  Bestimmen Sie die Medienwelt von Morgen mit Ihrer Meinung mit!Wirken Sie an spannenden Studien rund um die Themen Fernsehen, Internet, Handy und anderen Medien mit. Ihre Meinung ist uns wichtig, deshalb belohnen wir Ihren Einsatz mit wertvollen ... ... (11/0) download
I Love Native! Pro 3.1.1 -  Allows you to check is a program is FAT, 68K, or PPC only. I Love Native! Pro is an application that enables you to check whether a program or a code resource file was written in PowerPC, 68K, or Fat (both PowerPC and 68K) code. I Love Native! ... (46/0) download
I Love NY 1.0.0 -  Explore New York State with the I Love NY App. Find information on attractions across the state from outdoor adventures to agritourism.Features:Information pulled from several NY State Open Data resources including I Love NYs Places to Stay and ... ... (6/0) download
I love Poland 1.0 -  Language English/ J?zyk polskiI LOVE POLAND is a collection of over 166 amazing black-and-white photographs depicting the everyday life in Poland in times of the most significant transformations in the country in years 1986 - 2012, such as the ... ... (7/0) download
I Love PopSheep 1.0.3 -  This is a very funny game, enjoy yourself.Game introduction:Just tap two or more sheeps of the same color. There is no time limit, but each stage has target points to proceed to next stage. Magic-sheep can help you to change the color of sheeps ... ... (8/0) download
I Love Puppies 32.0 -  Fun Adventures, Fascinating Puzzles, and Fast Action Games! In "I Love Puppies" all dog lovers can help precious puppies who need love and affection to be playful and happy. ... (14/0) download
I Love Renovating- The Ultimate In Renovating Tips, Ideas and Inspiration 4.5.1 -  { I Love Renovating }is a monthly digital only magazine . It is packed with ideas tips, information and inspiring stories about renovating and people who love to renovate.{ I Love Renovating }$4.99 {} {I ... ... (11/0) download
I Love Rhymes 1.0.3 -  Kids love listening to and learning nursery rhymes. I?Rhymes App from Appu Series will bring joy to toddlers with 2 popular rhymes absolutely free. You will have a choice of over 200 animated Rhymes in different languages to choose from. ... ... (9/0) download
I love Rihanna! 1.4 -  Learn everything about Rihanna! Get her Latest updates, tweets and more from this app!This app includes: Latest News Updates Awesome Rihanna facts Live Performances Hottest Photos Latest Tweets Videos Interviews and moreGrab this Rihanna fan app ... ... (9/0) download
I Love Rose 1.0.0 -  Small shop in Brussels, Rue de l'aqueduc 56.Discover our products, promotions, news and all the shop information in this app. ... (8/0) download
I Love Shopping Windows 7 Theme 1 -  I Love Shopping Windows 7 Theme is a theme for all the people around the world who love shopping. This is a high resolution Windows 7 Theme which will fit very well into nearly all desktop and laptop screens with Windows 7 operating system. ... (14/0) download
I Love Tattoos 1.0 -  ?Special Offer: 50% off from 27th of May to 10th of June 2011?This application is about Tattoos. Tattoos on humans are a type of decorative body modification.Now a days tattoos are the new way to really express your love for that special someone. ... ... (10/0) download