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I saw it ! 1.0.1 -  "I saw it !" support for your D.I.Y life.When you have a plan, are you troubled when ordering the materials ?"I saw it !" shows the most suitable layout just input the necessary size of material."I saw it !" can set a cut margin beforehand, so ... ... (11/0) download
I Saw Santa Claus 1.0 -  Santa Claus does exist!Take a photo of your Christmas tree or fireplace and in just a few seconds overlay a video of a very jolly Santa Claus bringing holiday cheer!Features: Take a new photo in landscape or portrait, or use one from your Camera ... ... (5/0) download
I Saw The Tooth Fairy 1.1 -  The Tooth Fairy does exist!Take a photo of your child while they're sleeping, and in just a few seconds overlay an animated tooth fairy that flies around and sprinkles fairy dust!They'll love it and tell everyone "I Saw The Tooth Fairy!"Features:... ... (8/0) download
i Screen Recorder -  i Screen Recorder is a powerful, yet full-featured screen record tool that allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular/freehand regions. ... (259/0) download
I See 3D 1.30 -  The creators of the iPhone Sensation "Face Melter" bring you the next party blockbuster: I Scream 3D (former I See 3D) - a amazingly intuitive program to generate real 3D Images with your iPhone.But I Scream 3D is more... Once enabled, the ... ... (9/0) download
I See Ewe - A Preschooler Word Game 1.6.2 -  "Best App for Preschool Word Games" -- Best iPhone Apps book, O'Reilly Media"An application that uses early childhood development theory great!" -- Daniel Donahoo, GeekDad (Wired)I See Ewe is an educational game for that helps your preschooler ... ... (8/0) download
I See. I Act. 0.1 -  I See. I Act. is a civic issue reporting tool which empowers residents of Gujarat toreport civic issues around them to concerned authorities. Citizens will be able to report an issue via I See. I Act. iPhone Application. Once the issue is ... ... (11/0) download
I Shoot People! 2.0 -  If you are serious about modeling and/or photography then this FREE and informative app was made for you. Award winning and nationally renowned photographer Joe Edelman gives you instant access to tons of information created especially for ... ... (7/0) download
I Sketch PRO - create sketch and cartoon drawings 1.8.0 -  =================================== The most advanced photo conversion app that turns your existing photos into cartoon or sketch drawings. It supports high resolution photos and produces output up to 4.2 Megapixel with original aspect ratio. ... ... (7/0) download
I Sleep in Doorways by Thompson Lennox (Poetry Collection) 1 -  This open invitation is to my patronsPlease come and explore. The pulse is quickening, the mood is changing, romance is in the air, join the rhythm. Within these pages you will find stanzas that are funny, witty sentimental and even strange, but ... ... (10/0) download
I Soliti Idioti Buzz 1.2 -  Con "I Soliti Idioti Buzz" puoi ascoltare tutte le frasi celebri dei tuoi personaggi preferiti: ti aspettano tra i tanti anche Niccol e Gigetto di Mamma Esco, Ruggero e Gianluca aka Padre e Figlio, Patrick e Alexio! Tutte le quote sono in ... ... (10/0) download
I speak French with Louie! 1.1.1 -  "What's great is that kids can learn this other language while they're young by listening to the words combined with a picture dictionary." ... (11/0) download
I spell MY words 1.6 -  I spell MY words has one main goal: to give people of various abilities the opportunity to learn to spell the words most meaningful to them. This application is suitable for all children, including children with learning difficulties and complex ... ... (12/0) download
I Spilled Liquid 1.0 -  In a planet far, far away. Where cute square creatures live a happy life, filled with playfulness, fun, and learning. There was a beautiful child, who loved learning so much, and loved learning new vocabulary every day.Some day, his father ... ... (8/0) download
I Spy App 1.05 -  Discover the next generation of storytelling with Skyreader Medias immersive and interactive childrens e-books.Want to play I Spy? How many things can your young reader count?Counting is made fun with the classic game of I Spy brought to life in ... ... (7/0) download
I Spy Tic-Tac-Toe - Travel Game 1.0 -  Simple Tic-Tac-Toe games. One is an I Spy game made into tic-tac-toe, the other is straight forward tic-tac-toe. I came up with this while we were on a lengthy car ride and the children were getting restless. They were the beta testers...they ... ... (20/0) download
I Spy With Lola: A Fun Word Game for Kids! 1.1.7 -  Join Lola Panda as she travels around the world in her first I Spy adventure app! Visit Lolas friends in different countries to help her find hundreds of hidden objects along the way. I Spy With Lola, the 6th Lola Panda app, will provide an ... ... (8/0) download
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Official Movie Screen Saver v1.0 -  I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Official Movie Screen Saver displays photographs from the horror movie "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer". ... (51/0) download
I Talk Math 1.1 -  Harry the Talking Hippo is ready to talk math with your child. He knows all the tables for Addition and Multiplication, and the answers too. Move through the cards to hear the questions. And when you flip a card, he will tell you the answer. ... ... (12/0) download
I Talk You Messenger Free 1.0 -  Free Version!!!!I Talk You Messenger is the most popular social client for iPhone. It's the best way to connect with your friends.It stable,reliable and easy to use. It use gmail account sign in .so your personal information is not collected ... ... (9/0) download
I Templari Pizz. Rist. 1.0 -  Scarica l'APP del Ristorante Pizzeria i Templari a Firenze, ogni giorno una nuova offerta per te!L'APP visualizza una lista delle ultime offerte del ristorante, le informazioni per contattare lo staff ed una mappa per visualizzare la tua ... ... (10/0) download
I Tormentini 1.0 -  Nella periferia di Los Angeles in una graziosa e incantata casetta coloratissima, vive una simpatica e speciale famiglia, i Tormentini. Graziosi personaggi di forma sferica e dai colori vivaci, provenienti da un altro pianeta che si sono ... ... (4/0) download
I tre porcellini HD - Fiaba interattiva per bambini 1.0 -  "I Tre Porcellini" una delle fiabe per bambini pi conosciute: un vero "classico"!La storia viene raccontata sia con simpatici disegni e piccole animazioni interattive, sia raccontata a voce. Inoltre, le tavole disegnate riportano direttamente ... ... (6/0) download
I Veicoli Parlanti - Impara e conosci i mezzi di trasporto 1.2 -  *****Dopo il successo della Giungla Parlante e della Fattoria Parlante per iPhone e iPad, ecco finalmente i Veicoli Parlanti!***** Lasciate perdere i costosi, vecchi e ingombranti giochi parlanti per bambini. Ora i Veicoli Parlanti potrete ... ... (7/0) download
I Veicoli Parlanti HD - Impara e conosci i mezzi di trasporto 1.1.1 -  *****Dopo il successo della Giungla Parlante e della Fattoria Parlante per iPhone e iPad, ecco finalmente i Veicoli Parlanti!***** Lasciate perdere i costosi, vecchi e ingombranti giochi parlanti per bambini. Ora i Veicoli Parlanti HD potrete ... ... (8/0) download
I Vini di Veronelli 2013 1.1 -  An App which true Italian wine lovers who wish to be completely up to date cannot do without, anywhere in the world.The app of the Veronelli guide edition 2013 is addressed to expert and enthusiastic consumers who are looking for convenient way ... ... (7/0) download
I Wanna Be : Kitties Preschool 1.0 -  Kitty Kids : Wanna Be when i grow up!Its time to play! I wanna be game brings up the inspiration and dreams for preschoolers ages 2 and up. Kids love to drees up and imagine what they can be when they grow up. Now they can drees up 4 ages of ... ... (10/0) download
I Want Answers! 1.0.1 -  Never be lost for an answer again!You dont need to ask someone else or procrastinate when you're undecided, or unsure about something. You already know the answer that's right for you, and the I Want Answers! App helps you find it, every time! ... ... (8/0) download
I Want Candy StoryChimes SongBook 1.3.1 -  ABOUT I WANT CANDY STORYCHIMES SONGBOOKMeet the StinkyKids. The coolest kids in SpookyVille. Theyre cute little elementary school kids, only they happen to be monsters. Join them as they race through town on Halloween night to get as much candy ... ... (29/0) download
I Want To Ask 1.3 -  Have a question? Need help? Can't decide? This app will help you! Don't trust any "decision maker's", "oracle's" and "magic ball's" - they will give you random answer, LET THE REAL PEOPLE HELP YOU! You can ask any question and other users will ... ... (9/0) download
I want to be a... Pirate HD 1.0.1 -  I want to be a Pirate is an adventurous, sea-bound, mermaid and gold-loving interactive iphone story book for children. Enjoy this quirky rhyming story of a young boy who would like nothing more than to be a pirate with an octopus captain and a ... ... (8/0) download
I want to be a...Makeup Artist 1.3 -  Follow your dreams and decide what you want to be when you grow up! I want to be apps inspire kids to use their imagination and help them learn about different professions in a fun and interactive way!Style your model any way you want using a ... ... (9/0) download
I Want To Be Big 1.0 -  Enjoy the MOST IMMERSIVE animated story featuring Talking Friends favourites Tom, Angela and Ginger.One delightful day, little Ginger asks himself the question kids of all ages do at one point what is it like to be a big cat? Follow Ginger on his ... ... (13/0) download
I Want To Play Guitar 2.2 -  I Want To Play Guitar is a unique new way to learn the guitar using short videos and a workbook packed with extra information, exercises and time/speed tests to help you track your progress. ... (63/0) download
I Want You To Speak English 7.5.1 -  *****I Want You To Speak English*****Very common English spoken sentences.[Demo:] [1] Talking about objects and people151. What do you want? 152. I want a cup of coffee. 153. What would you like to eat? 154. Please give me a piece of pie. 155. ... ... (9/0) download
I Want Your Money 1.1.2 -  This is the official app based on the film I WANT YOUR MONEY now on DVD and BluRay. The app features:-A real-time counter of the The United States' ever-growing national debt-Information about the film-A music video Sing-Along-The official movie ... ... (5/0) download
I Was Broke. Now I'm Not. 1.3.2 -  This App was created to help people accomplish far more than they ever thought possible with their personal finances. It allows the user to carry all of IWBNIN's free tools with them - budgets, debt freedom date, financial calculators, and ... ... (9/0) download
I went pipi HD 1.0 -  Have you ever wet the bed? Did you you know that many children if not all- have problems with bed wetting? Even your parents, when they were little, used to wet the bed! Now you can read this wonderful and interactive story of a little boy named ... ... (8/0) download
I Will Survive 1.0 -  This humorous screensaver will always be good for a laugh. The al This humorous screensaver will always be good for a laugh. The alien sings Gloria Gaynor's 'I Will Survive' but maybe, just maybe, the alien still can't survive. ... (244/0) download
I Will Teach You to Be Rich (Audiobook) 1.2 -  This application contains a professional recording of I Will Teach You to Be Rich -- wrapped in a beautiful and elegant player to create an immersive and enjoyable audiobook experience.------This six-week personal finance program by dynamic ... ... (9/0) download