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Name Genie 1.0 -  Name Genie - Your Personal Assistant to help you recall people, manage appointment with them, manage their purpose, notes and in summary to ease your life.Build Strong Social Eco-System that you can manage, track and maintain >>Its an iPhone and ... ... (5/0) download
Name It Your Way (NIYoW) 1.7.2 -  NIYoW, Name It Your Way, is a professional all-in-one file and folder mass properties editor. NIYoW is perfect for digital images, documents, music files or any other collection of files and folders you have. ... (39/0) download
Name Jumble 1.2 -  Unjumble the tiles into a name. ... (3/0) download
Name Maker LE 4.0 -  Name Maker LE is the ideal solution for those who need to generate names, quickly and easily. This flexible system incorporates a large database of thousands of male and female names along with many more thousands of last names. This gives millions ... (186/0) download
Name Mangler for Mac OS 2.0 -  If you need to rename several files at once every now and then, this is the application you have always been looking for. ... (5/0) download
Name Meaning *Free* 1.0 -  Name Meaning Free Version The free version of the Name Meaning app allows you to: - look up an unlimited number of first names from your contact list in the apps 800,000 first name database (no internet access required)- easily email out a brief ... ... (6/0) download
Name Meaning *Paid* 1.0 -  Name Meaning Paid Version The premium paid version of our Name Meaning app allows you to: - look up the meaning of an unlimited number of first names from our 800,000 name database (no internet connection required)- look up an unlimited number of ... ... (5/0) download
Name Munger 1.7 -  Name Munger is a powerful, yet simple-to-use batch file renaming utility. ... (7/0) download
Name My Team 1.0 -  Use 'Name My Team' to generate team names for your pub quiz team, fantasy sports team or wherever else you need a team name! Just press 'Name My Team!" to generate a new name.Name My Team also uses GPS to find your team's location and include it ... ... (6/0) download
Name My TV Series 1.0 -  The process of finding the correct episode information and manually renaming these files can be quite cumbersome and boring. ... (15/0) download
Name Ninja 1.0 -  Name Ninja is an iphone app where you can create mini contests for people to come up with names for anything.Lets say you need a name for your new business idea. You would simply put in the info for your idea, set your contest budget and deadline ... ... (6/0) download
Name Picker 1.2.1 -  Name Picker is a handy tool specially designed for new parents, as well as writers looking for inspiration when naming their characters. You can find the perfect name for your new baby; build a list of your favorite names or simply learn the ... ... (6/0) download
Name Placard 1.1.0 -  Name Placard displays your name, title, and organization. It was built for the Haas School of Business, where MBA students are required to bring a name placard to class so that their instructors and other students know their names.Name Placard ... ... (3/0) download
Name Please! 1.1 -  Hate when your name is spelled incorrectly in a coffee shop or anywhere! Don't want to speak out your name in the public or a noisy place then Name Please! app is for you! ... (4/0) download
Name Scroll: What Your Name Means 1.1 -  Name Scroll - is the fullest encyclopedia of names for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.Any mother or father can verify that selecting the right name is not an easy task. They will be inclined to agree that there are many factors to consider before ... ... (3/0) download
Name Silo 1.0 -  Expired Domains Drop Catching App For Your iPad, iPhone or iTouch. Instantly Catch PendingDelete Domain Names The Second They Become Available Right Into Your Account. This Drop Catch App Is Easy To Use. Simply Enter The Domain Names ... ... (6/0) download
Name That Celebrity 1.5 -  ***** CAN YOU GUESS WHO IT IS? ***** Can you guess the celebrity? Each puzzle shows a well known celebrity when they were much younger, all you have to do is figure out who it is! * TONS OF AMAZING PUZZLES TO KEEP YOU GUESSING * * SHARE ON ... ... (6/0) download
Name That Dog Pro HD: The Unleashed Photo Game About Dogs 1.0.0 -  Play the game that has dog lovers everywhere scratching their heads!Name That Dog is the fun way to learn every dog breed. Here's how it works: 1) We show you a gorgeous, high-resolution photo of a dog, and 2) You choose the correct breed name ... ... (7/0) download
Name That Farm Animal 1.0 -  Listen to Old Macdonald and play Name That Farm Animal Trivia! Once you get half the animals right, Paint a Cow!Fun and educational for kids aged 3-6. ... (6/0) download
Name that Flag - Free World Countries Flags Quiz 1.0.3 -  How well do you know the world? Name that Flag is a simple, fun and challenging quiz game to discover and learn the flags of countries all over the world.Perfect for children, a real geography lesson!With Game Center integration, people all over ... ... (5/0) download
Name that Fruit 1.0 -  Name that FruitThis action-packed, fun-filled, iPhone App (for ages 2 and Up) allows students and children to easily and enjoyably improve their understanding and spelling of various fruits. This new, friendly, state-of-the-art iPhone App ... ... (4/0) download
Name That Jersey Pro Football Buccaneers Edition 1 -  NAME THAT JERSEY - PRO FOOTBALL BUCCANEERS EDITION Do you think you know the BUCCANEERS Pro Football Team? Do you remember players from way back? Well if you really know the Buccaneers then take the NAME THAT JERSEY BUCCANEERS EDITION challenge!! ... ... (8/0) download
Name That Killer 1.0 -  "What's your favorite scary movie?"Name That Killer is a fun and challenging AUDIO quiz game. It's fun and easy to play! Hear an audio clip from a classic horror movie and guess the correct "killer" associated with the clip. Enjoy 3 modes of ... ... (9/0) download
Name That Modern Warship 2 -  Test and improve your knowledge of modern warships. Includes currently active and recently retired classes of ships from the major navies. Includes aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, boomers (ballistic missile submarines), attack ... ... (6/0) download
Name That Nav 1.2.1 -  With Name That Nav you can search for any navaid (eg. VORs and NDBs) and get the full name, frequency and location. Currently the database includes over 10 000 nav aids!Input the Identifier and you will get the full name of the nav aid, frequency,... ... (8/0) download
Name that Place! 1.1 -  Can you Name that Place? ... (15/0) download
Name The Picture Funny Captions For Pictures Game 1.2 -  Name The Picture Funny Captions For Pictures Game. Each person in the game sees a picture, and has to think of a funny caption. Everyone then writes their captions, and each caption is revealed and voted against by the players. The caption voted the ... (109/0) download
Name Your Baby.Favorite Baby Names 1.0 -  ************************************************************* 50% OFF for a limited time ! Download this apps now !************************************************************* Name Your Baby is an interesting and useful apps for parents to ... ... (7/0) download
Name-days 3.1 -  Name days - celebrate someone every day Name days for the iPhone is the definite source. 18 252 names from 17 countries in the palm of your hand. Greet your family and friends on their name day by sending a mail or SMS or Facebook wall post ... ... (7/0) download
Name-Meaning 1.0 -  Search meaning of names, name origins, etymology and history of names,surnames, baby names, boy names, girl names, cities and much more.20,000+ names, free service! ... (8/0) download
Name-That-Toon Personalized Cartoons 3.2 -  Using your computer and our personalized cartoon software and supplies, you will be able to create a host of high quality personalized gifts to sell for huge profits.Your customers can choose personalized cartoon categories from professions, ... (88/0) download
NameBank 1.02 -  Voice Your Name with Mivoko. Your name matters. You want people to say it right! And others want the same. So we created Mivoko to address the many business and social issues that arise with name mispronunciation. Mivoko helps you to make the ... ... (5/0) download
NameBase for Windows v3.00 -  Keeps track of names, addresses, phone numbers, dates, notes and other data about persons and organizations. For each contact you can track name, nickname, company, title, 2 addresses, 5 phone numbers, e-mail, 5 dates, and notes. ... (51/0) download
NameCaller 1.3 -  NameCaller! is here when you need it. Sometimes you want to call somebody a name, but you just can't think of the right one. NameCaller! to the rescue!We'll think of a name for you. You might get enough relief just by reading the name -- you may ... ... (7/0) download
NameChanger for Mac OS 2.2.2 -  Supplies a number of functions to assist in file renaming: Replace First Occurrence, Replace Last Occurrence, Replace All, Wildcard, Prepend, Append, Character Removal, Sequence and Date. Advanced options for file extensions and selective renaming. ... (8/0) download
Namechk 1 -  Check to see if your desired username or vanity url is still available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites. Promote your brand consistently by registering a username that is still available on the majority of ... ... (7/0) download
NameCleaner 2.5.1 -  Manipulate file names to transfer to different platforms. NameCleaner is a utility for the Macintosh OS to manipulate file names and types. It is specially designed to help move files to and from foreign file systems such as MS-DOS, Windows 3. ... (35/0) download
Namecoin Wallet Online 3.4 -  Namecoin-wallet Wallet is a free online namecoin wallet which you can use to make worldwide payments for free. We make paying with namecoin easy and secure available anywhere on your phone or desktop. ... (497/0) download
Named Pipe TCP Proxy 1.0 -  Named Pipe TCP Proxy - utility which provides access to named pipes on Windows (special files with names built using the following rule -\pipe\) via TCP/IP. ... (13/0) download
Named Reactions Pro HD 1.1 -  Does mention of the Prilezhaev reaction leave you baffled? Ever wondered, "Just what IS the mechanism of the Kulinkovich cyclopropanation?" Wished that you could remember the structure of the Schwartz reagent?Named Reactions Pro HD contains ... ... (14/0) download