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objectiF RPM 4.2 -  Dealing with requirements is the most important factor in achieving successful agile development. The reality of software and system development is not always easy, it can be hard to elicit requirements. objectiF RPM is a great help. ... (0/0) download
Objection Series 3.4 -  The Objection! Series provides intense, real-life courtroom drama. The judge instantly delivers rulings backed by cases, dicta, explanations, statutes and rules, both federal and state, from all 50 states. ... (10/0) download
Objective C Reference 2.4 -  *** What's Hot, Featured By Apple ***This application summarizes the Objective C language in a format suitable for quick reference.If you are a student learning Objective C programming language or an experienced programmer this will be a valuable ... ... (6/0) download
Objective Caml for Windows v3.00 -  Objective Caml for Windows is a functional programming language for Windows. Objective Caml has full support for objects and classes, a powerful calculus module, and a high-performance native code compiler. ... (111/0) download
Objective Voice EMail (Enterprise Edition) v1.5 -  Lets you send and receive voice e-mail using Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. To create voice e-mails, simply click compose and click the "record&quot\; button, stopping when you are done. ... (38/0) download
Objective Voice EMail for Windows v7.1 -  Lets you send and receive voice messages by e-mail. To create voice e-mails, simply click compose and click the "record&quot\; button, stopping when you are done. You can type in a subject and send the highly-compressed message to others. ... (38/0) download
Objective-Basic for Mac OS 1.0 -  A powerful BASIC programming language for Mac, which is simply intuitive and fast easy to learn. It is related to Visual BasicA® and Objective-C. ... (10/0) download
Objective-C Editor 1.2 -  This App have Multifunctional editor and Objective-C viewer. And This application can cooperate with the DropBox.Please edit the source code anywhere by this application. Your development machine is renewed through DropBox And file transfer by ... ... (5/0) download
Objectives Free. Multi-task Manager 2.0 -  Aspire to have an app that helps out in plan and organize things?Aspire to have a simple to do task checklist to work from?Are you a daily task planner and planned to be productive?Get Objectives Free right away! You may have different sort of ... ... (5/0) download
ObjectManual -  A C++ or Java documenter program Automatic C++ or Java document genetator program (to HTML or man). ... (15/0) download
ObjectMapper .NET 2.0.2129.0 -  Welcome to the ObjectMapper .NET project - an impressive open source project for object persistence, proven in real-world projects. Object relational mappers aim to bridge the gap between object oriented programming and relational database models. ... (35/0) download
ObjectPrint Free Edition 3.1 -  ObjectPrint lets you control printing activity with restrictions and quotas by printer, user, computer and group. It lets you easily define how much a person can print out on particular printers. ... (6/0) download
ObjectPrint Logger 1.1 -  ObjectPrint Logger records the print activity in a CSV log file, and is specifically aimed at small and home office business users not that enthused about learning other more complex, feature-rich print control packages. ... (12/0) download
ObjectPrint x64 3.1 -  ObjectPrint lets you control printing activity with restrictions and quotas by printer, user, computer and group. It lets you easily define how much a person can print out on particular printers. ... (10/0) download
ObjectRescue Pro 6.9 B947 947 -  Digital ObjectRescue Professional recovers lost data from a whole host of multimedia devices - from digital cameras, audio recorders, MP3 & WMA players to PC, PDAs and mobile phones. ... (10/0) download
Objects Jigsaw 1.2.1 -  Jigsaw mania is a classical puzzle game: it is simple, addictive and fun.This package includes puzzles with photos of different objects from the world around us.We've done absolutely everything the way you love it; you wouldn't like to have any ... ... (5/0) download
ObjectStore PSEPro for Java 7.1 -  This program is an persistent object data management solution that is designed for single-process and/or embedded application support. ... (8/0) download
ObjectStudio 8.2 -  Cincom includes Cincom® ObjectStudio® as part of Cincom Smalltalk™. ObjectStudio is the first—and only—Compatible with Windows 7 Smalltalk environment. ... (8/0) download
ObjectWipe 1.7 -  ObjectWipe protects your computer privacy: wipe files, disk drives/flash memory and unused disk space so your data CAN NEVER BE ACCESSED OR RECOVERED. The program uses either fast or secure erase algorithms. Files and folders can be combined in wipe ... (34/0) download
Objekt International 4.9.26 -  Objekt International is the authoritative and bespoke title for the upscale urban modernist with a passion for interiors, art/antiques, modern design and outstanding architecture. Each issue continues to surprise with its global adventurism in ... ... (4/0) download
Objetta 3.03 -  Objetta is a professional solution for calculations and modeling of various technical objects and systems. It features expandable class repository, and embedded Pascal language with integrated debugger. ... (5/0) download
ObjMon 1.0 -  ObjMon allows you to monitor kernel object activity in real time. ... (8/0) download
Objnav 1.0 -  Objnav is an independent mini navigation pane with a maximum of 15 customizable objects. It is installed as an add-in which can be used with all MS Access 2007 development projects on a single PC. ... (8/0) download
ObjSoft EventMaster Client 3.1 -  EventMaster - Don't You Have Better Things to Do than Monitor Your Network? That's a Job for EventMaster! ... (10/0) download
Oblique Triangle Calculator 1.0.0 -  Oblique Triangle Calculator is a simple app that calculates the angles, sides, and area of an oblique triangle. ... (7/0) download
Obliquely Productive 2.0.0 -  Ideal for tackling procrastination, writer's block and other productivity gremlins, Obliquely Productive serves up nuggets of advice to help you get going when focus or creativity have left you in the lurch.The app provides advice in small doses ... ... (4/0) download
Obliteration HD 3.0 -  Its been 10 years since Zombies first appeared, laying waste to everything. Those lucky enough to be away from the main continents were able to regroup in Greenland and survive. The time has come to rebuild. Your job is to demolish all areas with ... ... (4/0) download
Oblivion - BTmod 2.2 -  Oblivion - BTmod improve many aspects of the stock Oblivion UI: - Increase the amount of the Inventory, Magic, Container(Looting), Repair and Alchemy Ingredients listings to 12 or higher - Increased area to view Local and World Maps - Increased area ... (10/0) download
Oblivion - Horse Armor Pack 1.0 -  Oblivion is the fourth release in The Elder Scrolls role-playing game series. This is a single player adventure role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. ... (12/0) download
Oblivion - TweakOblivion 5.1 -  This program will let you edit the Oblivion.ini file with ease. You can also make backups and restores so you can experiment easily (the backup is a XML file). It also has a description for some key fields explaining what they do. ... (9/0) download
Oblivion Face Exchange Lite 1.4 -  With this tool, you can change your character's name, hairstyle, hair length, hair color, eyes and copy face from a another save file, from a face file, from text that is copied to the clipboard or from a non-player character. ... (8/0) download
Oblivion mod manager 1.1 -  This is a utility for managing plugins, and also for packing them for distribution. ... (6/0) download
Oblovmov 1.0 -  Oblovmov -App was $0.99 Now FREE!!! (Limited Time Only)--Best things in life are truly free--We strive to offer the best reading experience to our users, we appreciate your suggestions, reviews and ratings of this app to help us improve a better ... ... (5/0) download
Obludia 1.1 -  Obludia is an old-school arcade arena action inspired by classics such as Robotron or Smash-TV with RPG elements. Begin your quest! The evil awaits... GAME FEATURES: - 50 levels full of thrilling action! - Old-School arcade gameplay! ... (14/0) download
OBMCC 1.0 -  iOS 7 compatible! This is the Only Believe Ministries Christian Center app where you can view watch live streaming of our church services, watch or listen to previous sermons, and check out our events. You can then easily Facebook, Twitter, or ... ... (5/0) download
Obninsk DOC2TEXT converter 1.0.alpha 1.0 -  Simple word2txt and word2html converter, written in PHP. Does NOT require MS software like MS Word, MS 0ffice etc. Does not require 0pen 0ffice too. Just PHP. ... (8/0) download
OBO Site GatherAIR 2.2 -  OBO Site GatherAIR is a small, easy to use application specially designed to enable users to drag a .swf file into a target area and have it spit out all the javascript, html, etc into a designated output directory. ... (8/0) download
Oboe Fingerings 1.0 -  Franco Gerevini's Oboe Fingerings software, a small Windows utility for oboists, band directors, instrumental music teachers, and anyone who wishes to learn to play the oboe. ... (9/0) download
Oboe Prompter 1.7 -  The easiest, most fun way to learn to play the oboe! It's like a teleprompter for the oboe: play the note fingerings shown on the screen to play along with the included scales--or import a song MIDI file from your e-mail or from a web site and ... ... (9/0) download
Oboe Sync 2.0 -  MP3tunes Sync is all you need to sync your digital music collection to your MP3tunes Locker where it will be stored online for everywhere access. Add music and video to your Locker or sync down to your computers. ... (8/0) download