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Xess Lite -  The XESS system is a powerful spreadsheet system built around an end-user spreadsheet with lots of built-in functions, graphs, and other features. ... (32/0) download
Xeus 2012 -  Xeus is a comprehensive solution designed for RF Engineers by RF Engineers. ... (3/0) download
XevaSoft Employee Manager Server 1.3 -  XevaSoft Employee Manager is a TCP/IP based surveillance software that runs on a local or remote network. ... (0/0) download
XevaSoft Employee Monitor 2009 1.4.1 -  XevaSoft employee monitoring software tracks and records computer activities such as screenshot, keystrokes, website visited. Control/Lock/Shutdown computers in network with ease. Increase productivity, business growth, and enhance data security. ... (3/0) download
XExternalEditor 0.8 -  This editor loads the ini file given by a MediaWiki's external edit link. It then starts the default application registered for the document which is defined inside the ini file. ... (0/0) download
XF Designer 2011 9.5 -  XF Designer is a user-friendly, easy to learn layout editor that handles with ease all the complex parameters required for professional publishing. ... (1/0) download
XF: Sports 4.2.5 -  A diverse sports magazine aiming to include as many sports and pursuits as possible no matter how different they are. We are always expanding our content and aim to include something for everyone. --------------------Paid for app downloads ... ... (2/0) download
XFacebook 1.1.6 -  Features: 1. Account synchronization: One-step login provided by shared ID with Facebook account 2. Notifications on Facebook page: - Registration notification - Checkout notification 3. Configurable email templates Requirements: Magento 1.4. ... (3/0) download
Xfader v4.04 -  Xfader turns BMP or JPG images into seamless textures that you can use as Web backgrounds, desktop wallpaper, or textures for 3D objects. It works by letting you select and crop an area of an image that you wish to duplicate. ... (29/0) download
xFast CD Burner 1.0 -  xFast CD Burner is easy-to-use audio-CD-burning software that offers on-the-fly burning of MP3, WAV and WMA files. The created CD can be played in all CD and DVD players at home or in your car. ... (2/0) download
XFast LAN 6.6 -  The internet is a fantastic resource where the best deals are to be had. Downloading films, playing online games, checking emails, bidding goods or services and so on, the Internet ideally serve pretty much all your life. ... (1/0) download
XFast RAM 2.0.28 -  In order to provide better management of memory resources, ASRock has developed XFast RAM - a secret weapon to brilliantly deal with memory related tasks. ... (2/0) download
XFast USB 3.01.14 -  ASRock XFast USB Technology redefines the new standard in high performance computing. ... (0/0) download
xFast Video Convert 1.2 -  xFastVideoConvert is a powerful and effective conversion tool that will let you convert many video files from one format into another. ... (1/0) download
XFastUsb 3.2 -  ASRock XFast USB Technology redefines the new standard in high performance computing. ... (0/0) download
xFax. 2.0 -  xFax. enables you to search in an alphabetically sorted address book by merely typing a letter. It manages address books centrally and transfers them to all multifunctional devices. xFax. ... (1/0) download
Xfbbd -  FBB bulletin board software for packet-radio (daemon). packet radio bulletin board system that runs as a daemon. ... (17/0) download
Xfce -  A powerfull X Environment, with Toolbar and Window Manager XFCE is a set made of a Window Manager (XFwm), a toolbar/desktop (XFce) and a backdrop manager (XFbd). ... (10/0) download
XFDL Reader 1.0.2 -  XFDL Reader, the first viewer of XFDL files and Department of the Army (DA) forms on the App Store. View and edit XFDL files, save them to PDF, and print them. ... (8/0) download
XFeeder 2.6 -  X-Feeder is an efficient betting software for BetFair Games. It allows you to play all six games: Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Hi Lo, Omaha Hi, Card Derby and Bull's Eye Roulette. ... (2/0) download
xFeeds NSE Realtime for Metastock/AmiBroker 2.6 -  Supports Metastock Pro and AmiBroker Charting Software & all software that supports Metastock format. Features: - Supports Metastock Pro and AmiBroker Charting Software & all software that supports Metastock format. - Fast Backfill. ... (2/0) download
Xffects Photo App 1.0 -  XFFECTS PHOTO APP IS LIKE NO OTHER PHOTO APP IN THE APP STORE!!!******************************************************Xffects photo app puts the X in Exciting. This photo app will bring pictures to life and give each user a unique platform to be ... ... (3/0) download
XFileClean Delux -  Remove temporary files, clear windows temp directory, check files and backup files & defrag safely from your Microsoft Windows XP computer. Allow XFileClean to find and delete these unwanted files from your system freeing valuable space. ... (61/0) download
XFilemirror 1.4 -  XFilemirror is an advanced file mirroring solution by Sibsoft which will able you to start your own file mirroring service. Uploaded files will be automatically distributed to several file sharing sites. ... (12/0) download
XFilesDialog 4.00 -  XFilesDialog will improve the Open and Save (generally the Files-related) dialogs for ALL NORMAL and MS Office PROGRAMS with new features:a) it will be possible to automatically resize all those file dialogs - and as a result on a 1600x1200 or 1280x1 ... (0/0) download
XFileSharing Pro 2.1 -  Run your own file upload site like Rapidshare or Oron with XFileSharing Pro script. XFileSharing Pro script is an advanced solution for creating file sharing websites. ... (6/0) download
XFilesharing Pro script 2.4.1 -  Run your own file upload site like Rapidshare or Oron with XFileSharing Pro script. XFileSharing Pro script is an advanced solution for creating file sharing websites. ... (313/0) download
XFileSharing script 1.2 -  Run your own file upload site like Rapidshare or MegaUpload with XFileSharing script. XFileSharing script is an advanced solution for creating free file hosting websites. ... (7/1) download
Xfinans -  A personal finance tool for the X Window System Xfinans enables you to keep track of your bank account balances, search through transactions, compute interest, etc. ... (11/0) download
XFINITY Constant Guard Mobile 1.3.131106 -  Now, XFINITY Internet brings you Constant Guard Mobile, to help secure your digital life when on the go. Smartphones and tablets bring added convenience but vulnerabilities too. With Constant Guard Mobile, you get a trusted solution that connects ... ... (3/0) download
XFINITY Family Sense 1.3 -  Now Constant Guard by XFINITY offers Family Sense(TM) to help you guide your kids on how to protect their privacy, reputation and safety when using PCs or mobile devicesfrom texting to social networking. Review posts, texts and Tweets all in one ... ... (22/0) download
XFINITY TV Remote 1.18 -  Download XFINITY TV Remote and control the world of entertainment from the palm of your hand.Control your TV, search TV Listings, browse thousands of movies and TV shows in XFINITY On Demand, and schedule your DVR recordings directly from your ... ... (9/0) download Toolbar 3.5 - Toolbar is a neat toolbar that helps you stay connected to XFINITY and get better search capabilities, more security and tons of features — all FREE.Download the xfinity. ... (2/0) download
Xfire SDK New -  The Xfire Game SDK provides game developers with an easy way to extend the information shown for their game on the Xfire system. ... (2/0) download
XFlip Digital Magazine Software 2.0.0 -  XFlip digital magazine software is an easy-to-use digital publishing tool that enables digital publishers to turn static PDFs / Office documents into dynamic digital Flash page flipping e-books, e-magazines, e-catalogs, and more e-publications. ... (4/0) download
XFlipPhoto 1.0 -  A very simple application that allows you to flip your photos quickly ,and then save to photo albums. Wish you like it.If you need some help or have any ideas,please email:Support@XStyleSoft.comIf you like XFlipPhoto,please leave us a review on ... ... (7/0) download
XFloorPlan 0.3 -  XFloorPlan is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to help you create 2D home design. You can resize, rotate, customize, and glue shapes together. ... (2/0) download
XFLR5 6.0 -  XFLR5 is an analysis tool for airfoils, wings and planes operating at low Reynolds Numbers. ... (6/0) download
Xfmail-NeXT -  A full-featured mail program using XForms and NeXT icons XF-Mail is an XForms-based X11 application for sending and receiving mail. It supports rules, folders, PGP, xfaces, and a number of other features. This version includes NeXT-like icons. ... (8/0) download
XfmHms 6.4 -  The XFM Program reads standard COMTRADE files and provides advanced graphical displays and analysis functions, including: - Flexible Display Manipulation via mouse or keyboard, including zooming, panning, and dual cursors with dynamic computational ... (3/0) download