Published by Benjamin Sisko
Modem Tips v2.0 -  Modem Tips includes over two dozen useful tips for getting the most out of your modem under Windows. The text file includes tips that cover: identifying your modem, setting the MaxMTU optimization, setting the buffer size, using the right protocols, avoiding disconnections, and more.


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Windows NT 4.0 Tips + Tricks v1.06 -  Windows NT 4.0 Tips + Tricks includes over a dozen useful tips for configuring Windows NT 4.0. The text file includes tips that cover how to: set up automated logins, run Microsoft Plus! on NT 4.0, change dual-boot options, disable CD AutoPlay/AutoRun, and more. (23/0) download
Tricks 98 v1.06 -  Tricks 98 includes several dozen tips, work-arounds, and shortcuts for getting the most from Windows 98. The text file includes includes instructions for optimizing Windows 98 computers for maximum performance, stability, and security. It also offers multi-booting information, tips for Internet Explorer, tweaking the Windows 98 system registry,... (25/0) download