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BibleMax Hungarian Bible 1.0 -  Hungarian or Magyar language is spoken in Hungary and in several Central-European regions that were part of the Kingdom of Hungary until the early 20th century. Christianity, in several of its denominations, is the most practiced religion in Hungary; thus, a Hungarian version of the Scriptures is very relevant. This free BibleMax module is such...


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BibleMax ChineseBig5 Bible 1.0 -  Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, with an estimated of more than 1100 million speakers. This BibleMax module features the Chinese translation of the King James' version of the Bible, featuring both the Old and New Testaments. BibleMax is a free Bible reader with several interesting characteristics. For example, you... (4/0) download
BibleMax Portuguese Bible 1.0 -  Portuguese is the official language of Portugal and Brazil, and is also spoken in some regions of Africa and Asia. This BibleMax module features the updated Portuguese translation of the Bible made by Joao Ferreira De Almeida, a famous Portuguese Protestant scholar. He based his translation on the well-known Reina-Valera Spanish version, used by... (7/0) download
BibleMax Vincent's Word Studies (Book) 1.0 -  Marvin Richardson Vincent (1834-1922) was a renowned American clerygman and author. Among many other works, he wrote a comprehensive commentary named Word Studies in the New Testament, published between 1887 and 1889. In this work, the author comments on each book of the New Testament, making an in-depth analysis of its style and meaning. Also,... (4/0) download
BibleMax Good News Translation Bible 1.0 -  The Good News Translation Bible is a version of the Holy Scriptures that you can read and study using BibleMax software, so you must download and install this program beforehand for this version of the Bible to work properly. BibleMax's Good News Translation features a very attractive and useful interface, containing the main text of the... (184/0) download
BibleMax Basic English Bible 1.0 -  The BibleMax software is a source of information and you can find out or look up whatever you want to from the Bible. The Basic English version of the Bible is written using only 1000 words of the language and yet none of the meaning will be lost. The BibleMax software has everything that you would need to learn about the Bible. There are... (7/0) download
BibleMax King James Concordance 1.0 -  BibleMax is a free program for reading and studying the Holy Bible. Interestinngly, you can add several modules to the core program for enhancing your study of the Scriptures, like different versions of the Bible, including Greek, Hebrew and Latin versions, as well as commentaries and reference texts. Among these, you can find the King James... (14/0) download
BibleMax Tagalog Ang Biblia 1.0 -  Tagalog Ang is one of the languages spoken in Philipphines. Since in that country one of the most widespread religions is Christianism in its various different denominations, it is very appropirate to have the Bible translated to that language. BibleMaximum has done that and offers this translation as a module of their BibleMax program. BibleMax... (1518/0) download
BibleMax Gospel Stories 1.0 -  BibleMax is free softare that lets you read and search the Bible from the conveninece of your desktop. Interestingly, this program can be complemented with many add-ins, so the program can grow according to your needs. BibleMax Gospel Stories is one of those add-ins. This tool allows you to find and compare the most remarkable stories featured... (3/0) download
BibleMax Thayer's Greek Definitions 1.0 -  Joseph Henry Thayer (1828-1901) was an important American Bible scholar whose most significant work is arguably his Greek-English lexicon of the New Testament. This book has been considered as the best in its category during more than a hundred years. Now you can have this classic work for consulting and studying it from the convenience of your... (7/0) download
BibleMax Greek New Testament 1.0 -  It is a well-documented fact that the oldest versions of the New Testament were written in Greek. Before that, the life and words of Jesus Christ were transmitted orally from one Apostle to his successor. Thus, one good form of approaching the spirit of the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Epistles and the Revelation is to read them in the... (6/0) download
BibleMax HebGrk Bible 1.0 -  BibleMax is free software for reading and searching the Holy Bible. The core program contains the King James Version of the Scriptures, but you can add many other files for enhancing the basic software, including commentaries by authoritative scholars, devotionals, notes by respected authors, and, above all, many different versions of the Bible... (12/0) download
BibleMax Interfaith Pack 1.0 -  BibleMax is a free program that lets you read and study the Scriptures in your computer screen, using the modern technology. Containing several versions of the Bible, the program also can be complemented with add-ins that interlock perfectly with the basic program. One of these additional programs is the Interfaith Pack, also known as Interfaith... (6/0) download
BibleMax Coffman 1.0 -  James Burton Coffman (1905-2006) was an important Church of Christ preacher and a prolific religious writer. Besides of being recognized by his labor as a teacher and preacher (he baptized a total of 3,000 people in one session), perhaps he is most well-known due to his monumental work, a verse-by-verse commentary on the Protestant Bible. This... (4/0) download
BibleMax Hebrew Old Testament (Tanach) 1.0 -  The Tanach (also called Tanakh or Tenakh) is the Sacred Text used in the Jewish religion. Its name derives from a Hebrew acronym formed by the initials of the three subdivisions of the book: Torah (teaching, known by Christians as the Pentateuch or the Five Books of Moses); Nevi'im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings). One of the differences... (5/0) download
BibleMax Hebrew New Testament 1.0 -  Being Christianity a faith that originated from Jewish roots, it would be logical that a Hebrew text of the Gospels shoud exist. Nevertheless, it wasn't until recently that the Gospels, Epistles, Acts and the Revelation were translated to Hebrew. What is important about this type of translation is the fact that it shows the Jewishness of... (11/0) download
BibleMax Treasury of Scripture Knowledge 1.0 -  BibleMax is a free Biblical program with many interesting features. One of them is the possibility of enhancing the core program by adding many extra modules according to your needs. Some of these are different Bible versions and translations, such as King James, American Standard and so on. Also, you can download and install devotionals,... (4/0) download
BibleMax DouayRheims Bible 1.0 -  BibleMax is free software that lets you read and study the Holy Bible and other Christian texts from the convenience of your computer desktop. One of its many advantages is the fact that you can download and install many modules for enhancing your Bible-reading experience, like devotionals, references, commentaries, and different Bible versions,... (10/0) download
BibleMax Gustave DorAŠ New Testament Woodcuts 1.0 -  BibleMax is free software for reading and studying the Holy Bible. Among its many interesting characteristics, it has the possibility of being enhanced with complements. One of these is this beautiful collection of Gustave Dore woodcuts. Born in Paris in 1832, Dore was a French artis, famous for his highly detailed woodcuts and for specializing... (0/0) download
BibleMax Spurgeon Devotional 1.0 -  BibleMax is free software for reading and studying the Holy Bible from the convenience of your computer desktop. An interesting feature of this program is the fact that you can choose between a wide variety of modules for downloading and installing those which would be more useful for you. One of the most useful modules is the Devotional... (6/0) download