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nVer 2.1 -  NVER is freeware command line tool. It shows a version information of specified file or Windows system. It can be include into batch files (.cm, .bat). By default it works equal VER Windows command. NVER is free command line tool. It shows a version information of file.


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IAS Log Viewer 2.7 -  IAS Log Viewer is an administrative tool for viewing, understanding and analyzing log files from Microsoft IAS server. With the IAS Log Viewer you can view log files at user-friendly form and use it as a lite RADIUS reporting tool for Microsoft Windows IAS server. (8/0) download
MyGSM 1.8 -  The MyGSM is program for access to functions of gsm mobile phone. It allows to send and receive the SMS, notify about new SMS's and calls. It does not need to install a special driver for access to your phone mobile. The your mobile phone should have any link interface (bluetooth, IrDA, USB, serial port and so on) with real or virtual... (6/0) download
DeepSoftware Easy Assembler Shell 5.0 -  This is the cool shell for assembler language. The assembler language programmer can try to use this program to increase the quality, productivity and speed of Win32 development. May be, this program is that you want. Features: - Internal preprocessor. Auto adding to source the undefined imports. You can forget about EXTRN directives. - It... (9/0) download
DeepSoftware nrComm NET 3.0 -  The nrComm NET is set of .NET components and classes for serial communication tasks. Library helps to get access to various types of devices: serial port, Human Interface Devices (HID), USB, GPS and others. It provides solution for quick implementation almost any packet data protocol. (8/0) download
DeepSoftware HID Plugin Universal 1.5 -  HID Plugin helps to control your media player from any Human Interface Device (HID). The HID device can be connected by Infrared, Bluetooth or any other computer interface. Plugin allows to assign an any HID button to the player actions.In this mode you can use the general player actions with one HID control. (4/0) download