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DH_WhipPan 1.0 -  Camera whip effect Final Cut filter. DH_WhipPan is a transition for Final Cut Pro and Express which simulates the effect of a camera whip pan between two scenes. Both the direction and type of whip effect are customisable. The plug-in comes with five specially created audio \\whooshes\\ to make the effect complete.


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DH_Box 1.0 -  Picture-in-picture Final Cut filter. DH_Box is a revolutionary new filter for Final Cut Pro and Express which allows quick creation of picture-in-picture and split-screen effects. Independent source and target areas make it easier than ever to get consistent results across different shots. (195/0) download
AutoMotion for Mac OS 1.6.4 -  The fastest way to automate the production of multiple graphics. No need to manually change the text contents in Motion and save each version to a separate file - AutoMotion radically accelerates your workflow by merging text data with Motion templates to create multiple versions in seconds.- Create multiple graphics in seconds from Motion... (58/0) download
BigTime for Mac OS 2.0 -  A floating timecode display for Final Cut Pro 5, 6 or 7. An indispensible tool for client viewings (and ex-Avid editors), BigTime shows the sequence or source clip timecode on a resizable window. No more squinting required! BigTime’s main HUD window can be freely resized and moved anywhere on screen giving you maximum flexibility within... (3/0) download
Final Print for Mac OS 1.8.5 -  Prints a list of clips in a bin or markers contained in a clip or sequence. This provides a very useful workflow enhancement when handing off a project to someone else for further work.- Displays a list of clips/sequences in a bin or a list of markers found within clips/sequences.- Flexible customisation of columns including thumbnail.-... (2/0) download
MovieLogger for Mac OS 1.7.4 -  With its streamlined and intuitive interface, MovieLogger is the fastest and simplest way to log footage with text descriptions. Features comprehensive keyboard shortcuts including JKL transport control. Logs can be exported to Final Cut Pro (via XML) and RTF for printing or further text editing.- Fast and simple text logging of QuickTime... (4/0) download