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VisHPCRM 1.0.0 -  Manage Hypnotherapy client records VisHPCRM has been designed and developed from the ground up specifically to handle the unique client records keeping requirements of a Hypnotherapy Practice in any English speaking nation and will handle any number of clients and any number of Hypnotherapist you may have at your practice! Client and session...


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VisKCS 1.4.0 -  Manage Keys and Locks for Facilities In a world where increasing concern over facility or building physical security is becoming more common place all the time it is essential to maintain strict accountability to the means of gaining access to those facilities and buildings. This invariably means keeping tight control over keys to door locks as... (17/0) download
VisWMS 2.1.0 -  Manage weapons and other equipment. The number one worldwide firearms, weapons and small arms security control and management software solution!In today's world tight control and security of firearms and weapons has become more important then ever before lest they fall into the wrong hands and be used to cause great harm. Our VisWMS... (50/0) download
VisOPMS 1.1.0 -  Equipment loss management. It's an unfortunate fact that 95% of the losses of equipment and supplies experienced by an organization occur due to internal pilferage, theft or misuse. Preventing these losses of property, equipment, supplies and clothing has become an ever growing high dollar management headache. While there are many commercially... (18/0) download
VisMVD 2.2.0 -  Dispatch motorized equipment and vehicles Many military, commercial, institutional and governmental organizations are required to dispatch and control access to motorized vehicles and equipment which are used on a periodic or daily basis to support the organization and it's members. VisMVD allows organizations to continually maintain strict... (18/0) download