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Product Scope 32 PRO 5.0 -  Product Scope 32 PRO provides a combination of tools for keeping track of comparative product information, places to buy, manufacturers, product images; located on the Internet and on local storage drives. Product Scope 32 PRO, Version 5 introduces exciting new Imaging Tools and PDF Tool Box! Images can be displayed in fourteen different...


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Product Scope 32 PRO - UE 4.5 -  A very resourceful Internet Bookmark program and Comparative Shopping. Spreadsheet Option available. Database convenience for tracking product, manufacturer, and place to buy information. Profile Exchanges. File Search. Search All text fields! A very resourceful Internet Bookmark program and Comparative Shopping. Import/Export dBIII, dBIV,... (15/0) download
Product Scope 8.5 -  Product Scope 8 - Keep price quotes on products you want to buy - Products you need to buy, wish lists, grocery lists, MORE! Spreadsheet Reports - Send product data and pricing with totals directly to spreadsheet! Easily copy spreadsheet report data to other programs! QUICK ToDo list maker! Personal Inventory! Profile Exchanges! File Management.... (24/0) download
EZChangeLog Reporter 1.8 -  EZChangeLog Reporter - READS ONLY - LANSRAD EZChangeLog PRO data files and creates custom Spreadsheet reports using these features - Project Version History (Change Log), Bug Tracking, ToDo List, Feature Requests, and Ideas. Microsoft Excel required. Saved layouts for Spreadsheets, Queries and Custom Views. Choose only the fields you need,... (2/0) download
Newsgroup Email & FTP Profile Exchange 7.0 -  Newsgroup Email & FTP Profile Exchange - Web Update Program is a free application to download that offers you the possibility to update your database when you are using the Product Scope programs developed by Encourager Software. The databases with different products will be very quickly and easy updated (2/0) download
PRO Music USB and Firewire Profile Exchange 1.1 -  PRO Music USB & FireWire Profile Exchange can be used as a starting point to add your own PRO Music USB & FireWire records.Web Update PRO Music USB and FireWire Profiles includes much more information; up to three price quotes, narrative description of products, MSRP prices, and more. (1/0) download