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Easy Status for Facebook 1.0 -  EZ Status for Facebook is the fastest and easiest way to set your Facebook Status on the iphone. We all know that launching a full featured Facebook app could take you down the path of 20 or 30 minutes wasted checking in on everything. Don't do it. Just launch EZ Status, set your status and move on!


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Burping, Farting and Screams of Relief 1.4 -  Tired of your friends and all their silly farting apps. Well now you can one up them and tell them "IBurp on your Fart" Here is how it works: 1) Select a Burping Noise 2) Select a Farting Noise 3) Select a Relief Noise, this is like 'ahhhhhh' or 'yipeeee' Push the button and the fun begins!! There are literally hundreds of sound... (9/0) download
One Mindful Act 1.1 -  One Mindful Act is a movement focused on the realization that we can make very small , even unnoticeable sacrifices in our everyday life, which can have a profound effect on someone struggling with hunger. It costs just 25 cents to fill a cup of food. Use this application to keep track of your mindful acts and when you cross the minimum... (2/0) download
SUZU Wake Me Gently Alarm Clock 1.8 -  Welcome to the customizable, singing bowl alarm clock. Finally, there is a kinder, gentler way to wake up when you are away from home, from the comfort of your iPhone. Dial in how long you want it to take to wake up. You can choose anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes. Suzu will trigger the singing bowl at intervals carefully spaced out to... (2/0) download
Aggravate Grind Teeth 1.3 -  Aggravate Grind Teeth is a take off on popular noise making applications like Aggravate and Sound Grenade. This simple app gives the user to disturb those around you. Make that horrible tooth grinding sound, without destroying your teeth. Express your frustration and annoyance, annoy and frustrate! To make the sound, simply point at and touch... (18/0) download
Aggravate Nails On Chalkboard 4.0 -  Aggravate is a take off on popular noise making applications like Sound Grenade. This simple app gives the user the opportunity to annoy those around them by producing the universally repulsive sound of nails scratching a chalkboard. Use it to not-so-subtly let the person next to know that they are being too loud and that their presence is... (14/0) download
An Origami Christmas Tree Learning Experience 1.1 -  Holiday Price Drop to FREE in preparation for our next Origami App to be approved by Apple Soon!. Welcome to the quick 11 step Origami Christmas tree. All you need to have is a piece of square paper, we suggest at least 2 inches to a side or bigger. You can navigate through the steps by either flicking or hitting the arrows. If you get a... (7/0) download