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Visual WebGui 1.0 -  Visual WebGui is not just another AJAX framework but rather a different approach to web application development, specially designed to simplify building highly complex applications like Outlook Web Access (OWA). Visual WebGui makes it possible for developers to create applications that were previously developed only by the "big guys". While web...


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Visual WebGui Enterprise Manager 1.0.0 -  Visual WebGui Enterprise Manager is a new open source web based database administration tool is actually a natural evolution of the popular \\ASP.NET enterprise manager\\ but with fully AJAX enabled UI and multiple database type capabilities. Visual WebGui Enterprise Manager is a new open source database administration tool that was developed... (27/0) download
Visual WebGui Express Studio 6.4 -  Visual WebGui,, is the first .NET open source Ajax empowered Web/Cloud application platform. VWG is patent pending platform that provides, build, migrate, run and manage benefits. It offers rapid one layer development environment. Rich enterprise level application enhancement and unhackable, secured running environment.... (4/0) download
AssessmentTool 1.0 -  Run a free assessment readiness test on your .NET application EXE and learn how close you are to upgradiing it to SaaS Web or Cloud using Visual WebGui CLoudMove solution and without sharing any sensitive data or commitment on your side. The new free tool which runs on the runtime assemblies of your .NET (Windows Forms) application generates a... (12/0) download