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PC TimeWatch -  PC TimeWatch manages access to the computer, to the Internet and to programs on the computer. You can define a set of rules for every person who uses the computer. The idea for the utility was inspired by requests from parents wanting to manage childrens' time on the computer. PC TimeWatch allows parents to define rules that should be discussed...


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AttrMenu v1.0 -  AttrMenu is a Windows Explorer Context Menu extension which allows you to view file attributes without having to open the Properties dialog box. AttrMenu adds four commands to the context menu of any file: Toggle Archive Attribute, Toggle Read-only Attribute, Toggle Hidden Attribute, and Toggle System Attribute. These commands can be accessed... (61/0) download
ClipName v1.1 -  Allows you to copy the full path names of your files to the Clipboard. ClipName appears as an Explorer context menu extension, enabling you to copy the full path name of the right-clicked file to the Clipboard. You can also copy multiple file names, either as a list on a single line separated by spaces, or a list on multiple lines. (40/0) download
Harmonie for SharePoint 1.2 - for SharePoint is an Outlook® sidebar that brings SharePoint to every business user by providing easy, full-featured access to SharePoint from the convenience of the email client. Access and publish documents on SharePoint, including SharePoint 2010, directly from Microsoft Outlook. Drag documents from the SharePoint sidebar to... (5/0) download