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The Sheep Database 1.0 -  Sheep Flock Management System The Sheep Database is a fully featured flock management system.It allows you to track all aspects of a sheep's life, report it, publish it to the web (to assist in selling progeny), etc.Recent enhancements include support for the Gesreader 2S and better web and XML handling.The program has currently been coded for...


(119/0) download
Company Manager 1.0.45 -  Manage your employee,product and many more databases in company Company Manager, it is a simple utility software for helping the user managing his or her company.It has many features for your company needs such as managing your product database, your employee information and many more capabilities More added capabilities is to manage a report... (34/0) download
CalendarPersonal.xls 1.0 -  A personal calendar Makes a calendar for an entire year. You can enter your personal dates and events. They will appear in the appropriate square for any given year. All holidays will be recalculated for the desired year. (56/0) download
ScriptCalc 0.0.14 -  VBScript/JScript expression calculator. ScriptCalc is simple frontend to Microsoft Script Control. I wrote SCalc to use it instead of Windows Calculator, because I prefer to work with expressions.ScriptCalc evaluates VBScript or JScript expression, like '2+2' or '? #12/31/2002# - Now()' (how many days left till the end of the year).You can run... (35/0) download
Fractal Infinity v2.11 -  Mathmaticular Breakthrough 'The Mandelbrot Set' (Demo Video) Comes with it's own player in a self extracting Icon...The Mandelbrot Set is truly a demonstration of the infinitevariables found in all nature and perhaps time and space itself. NOTE: Give the start of the program time to load before itplays. (40/0) download
Lightning Fingers 3.0 -  Arcade-style fast paced typing and shoot-them-up game Lightning Fingers is an arcade-style fast paced typing game. Typing will never be the same again! If you think you know your keyboard, you might have to think again after playing this game. While typing in the falling letters, you also have to shoot at objects on the screen. Whether you are a... (81/0) download
Roulette Simulator 1.5 -  Simple yet effective Roulette Simulator A simple yet easy-to-use and effective roulette simulator which generates roulette numbers and gives the stats in text file for copying and pasting in word or excel. (291/0) download
Phil's Picture Show 1.0 -  This is a collection of Colorful Captures W/ music This is truly one of my best collections of quality art andmusic. (21/0) download
Flight Of The Dove 2.12 -  A music video with a christian theme and classical guitar This is a self contained self extracting program with itsown viewer. Double click and wait briefly to load and play. (19/0) download
Crazy Colors Video 2.45 -  A colorful array of animation designs and music... A self contained and self extracting program that comes withits own viewer. Give a few moments for program to load afterclicking the icon 'Crazy Colors Video' (27/0) download
Art & Animations (Video) 324.00 -  A graphic art video featuring colorful animations and music... A self-extracting program. wait a few moments after clickingthe icon for program to load. Comes with a built in viewer. (64/0) download
Wizard (The Video) 1.0 -  An animated theme from the early years of Uriah Heep (22/0) download
MP3 - AlbumMaker v 1.92 -  MP3 Albums-lyrics-pics/ extract AlbumWrap/wav2mp3/winamp2 plugin This software can create single files containg complete albums of MP3's, album graphics, album lyrics.It has a wave to mp3 encoder. Has integrated player for playing MP3's without extracting as well as displaying the graphics and lyrics. The software can extract individual files... (29/0) download
eApps Viewer Beta -  eApps Viewer let you to query Oracle e-Business Suite request details and open the output & log files by using an usefull interface. Runs on All Platforms (34/0) download
VBmatch 2.0.12 -  VB6/VB5 add-in matches parentheses, doublequotes and VB keywords. VBmatch is VB6 and VB5 IDE add-in. When installed it adds VBmatch entry to the right-click menu in VB code window. How to use:Select or right-click on opening parenthesis or quotation mark or VB keyword, such as IF, DO, FOR etc. Then select VBmatch from right-click menu. VBmatch... (47/0) download
Psychadelic Pinwheel 1.0 -  Master an electrifying pinwheel with your own settings...FREE A constantly spinning winding spiral of colors that youcan master and set with suprising results...Freeware! (40/0) download
Floating Text Ball 1.0 -  A floating ball with rotating text using your own color settings. (30/0) download
Church Windows 1.1 -  A short complacent interlude of music and stained glass (25/0) download
Haunted Mill 1.03 -  A real Haunted Mill presentation slideshow/ screensaver Download the free Haunted Mill slideshow/screensaver! This presentation is a multimedia presentation of a real Haunted Mill attraction in Vilas, NC. This presentation has special visual effects, horror audio sounds and Halloween music. This benefits the local Relay for Life in Boone, NC.... (54/0) download
Phil's Gallery II 3.5 -  Another custom made gallery of art by Phil Sassone (28/0) download