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Network Traffic Monitor 1.03 -  Network Traffic Monitor shows you which processes in your machine are causing how much TCP/IP network traffic and over which IP ports this traffic takes place. For each process it can show detailed information, including the path to the process executable, the remote IP address, and the resolved name of that IP address. An animated system tray...


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Fax Machine 2.04 -  Fax Machine turns scanner and modem into fax machine Got a scanner and a fax modem? Why not combine those two into a fax machine.Put a document on your scanner's glass, start Fax Machine, press Scan a page, press Send fax, fill in the recipient telephone number and press Fax it. That's all.Fax Machine takes the hassle out of scanning and faxing.... (131/0) download
Nico's Backup 2.0 -  Nico's Backup will automatically archive specified files and folders into a single ZIP file. It can: Write this ZIP file to disk (local or networked harddisk, floppy disk, Zip or Jaz drive, CD-Rewritable etc); Send the file to an FTP site; Burn the ZIP file on CD-ROM (most CD-ROM drives are supported). The built in scheduler will tell it... (3/0) download
Mail Attachment Remover 1.0 -  With Mail Attachment Remover (formerly called Outlook Express Attachment Remover) you can simply remove the attachment, or you can first save the attachment to disk and then remove it. After removal of the attachment the text of the message will contain a line indicating the removal of the attachment. If you like you can remove multiple... (3/0) download
Lossless JPEG Rotator 1.0 -  Lossless JPEG Rotator is a free image editor that rotates your digital photographs back to their natural position preserving the quality of the original picture. This neat application creates an exact copy of your original image, including all the information contained in its EXIF header, which is updated according to its new orientation.... (3/0) download
Scanned Document Distributor 2.0 -  Scanned Document Distributor is a highly configurable application that scans documents and can perform any number of actions on them. Scanned Document Distributor lets you define 'profiles'. Each profile contains a scan action, followed by one or more actions to be performed on the scanned document(s). These 5 action types are... (1/0) download