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EasyUpdate Software Developers Kit v2.0 -  EasyUpdate Software Developers Kit automates the process of distributing and installing software updates over the Internet. EasyUpdate can compare the version of software installed on the client system with the latest available from the vendor, allowing the user to decide whether or not to download and install the update. Listed components can...


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EasyRecovery for FAT32 v5.0 -  EasyRecovery for FAT32 is a data recovery application which allows you to recover lost or inaccessible data from your hard drive and reconstruct the file system. EasyRecovery never writes to the original drive. Instead, it rebuilds the file table in your computer's memory to facilitate the safe transfer of your data to another device. You can... (145/0) download
Data Advisor v4.10 -  Assesses the health of your hard drive and memory, identifying potential problems that could lead to data loss. Data Advisor is self-booting, so can run from a diskette even when your system cannot boot. It analyzes file structures, evaluates drive capacity, checks boot sectors, reads the Master Boot Record (MBR), cross-checks partition tables... (25/0) download
ZipMagic 2000 v3.55 -  ZipMagic 2000 integrates with the Windows file system to make working with ZIP files as easy as working with files and folders. ZIP files appear in your system as specially marked folders. The contents of the folders are actually the contents of ZIP files. You can use your normal file management tools (such as Explorer) to work with the contents... (86/0) download
WizManager Pro v2.5 -  WizManager Pro is a powerful add-on for the Windows 3.x File Manager. WizManager adds a horizontal, colorful, customizable buttonbar for performing Manager functions (such as delete, make directory, tile windows vertically, etc.) plus other functions such as open a DOS window, view files, find (duplicate) files, password protect your system, and... (40/0) download
WizUtilities Pak v2.18 -  WizUtilities Pak is an excellent set of powerful tools for Windows. WizViewer lets you quickly view the contents of files without needing the application which created them. WizZipper lets you compress and extract ZIP files with ease. WizFinder retrieve files even if you remember as little as one word in the document or an approximate creation... (28/0) download
Ontrack Data Recovery for NetWare (ODRN) v4.06 -  Can protect your file server data and minimize your downtime. ODR for NetWare is a collection of NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) for protecting and recovering files on NetWare file servers. It is capable of recovering all data from corrupted NetWare volumes up to the moment the volume went down. These NLMs can also examine and repair damage to... (61/0) download
PowerDesk (by Ontrack Data International) v4.0.8.0 -  PowerDesk (by Ontrack Data International) is an excellent replacement for Windows Explorer. PowerDesk is a file manager that has all the features of Windows Explorer, it encrypts and decrypts, zips and unzips, views numerous file types, provides quick access to popular applications, e-mails, destroys files, finds files, and more. PowerDesk... (76/0) download
EasyRecovery Professional 6.2 -  Welcome to Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional -- the revolutionary set of data recovery utilities for recovering lost data as well as repairing corrupted files. Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional helps you repair files that are unusable due to the following: - Virus damage - Unreadable sectors due to hard disk or removable media failure -... (3/0) download