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qWAL-Lite v1.0.2.1 -  qWAL-Lite is a utility for managing Quake 2 PAK and WAL files. qWAL is a useful utility if you spend time customizing your copy of Quake 2 or if you create add-ons or conversions. It provides a browsable view of PAK files and allows you to view Quake 2 WAL texture files. You can also darken or lighten Mip-maps and save WAL data into a PAK file.


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qART-Lite v1.0 -  qART-Lite is a utility for managing and working with Quake 1 WAD texture files. It allows you to easily modify and replace any artwork used in Quake based games. You can import and export files in BMP format, making it easy to edit any WAD file in your favorite graphics program. You can also define a custom palette.This program was formerly... (74/0) download
qED-Lite v1.0970615 -  qED-Lite is a Quake level editor. The interface provides a full texture-mapped game preview screen for precise texture alignment and object positioning. It comes with extensive tutorials, quick-start guides, and ready-to-run levels that show you the tricks of 3D editing. (80/0) download