Published by Peter Maurer
Roadbook 2.0 -  Roadbook 2.0 displays bookmark collection in browser status bar. Roadbook displays your bookmarks collection in a status item in the menu bar. The bookmarks collection consists of two kinds of items: normal bookmarks, edited by Roadbook Browser Aliases, i.e. bookmarks from your favorite browser or bookmark manager, without importing first....


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Volumes Menu 1.0 -  Menu item to access storage volumes. Volumes Menu adds a menu to the top right corner of your screen. With this menu, you can... browse through all your volumes with infinite recursion eject removable media and network volumes move and copy files by first dropping them on Volumes Menu's icon in the menu bar (the little black-and-white iMac) and... (595/0) download
Butler 4.0b19 -  Hot key, menu, and keyword launcher. (26/0) download