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TICK 1.17 -  TICK (previously called TICK98) is probably the ultimate freeware dial up enhancer for Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 or Millennium-Me. Logs all dial up networking calls including length and cost of call and the amount of data transferred. Uses no runtime files and has POP3 mail checker, finger, ping, web notify tools, popup digital display, password...


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Sound Control 2.15 -  Sound Control is a freeware replacement Windows Sound mixer applet which together with most of the features of the standard Windows mixer it also allows you to add hot keys to adjust any combination of your sound mixer volumes. Support to control Winamp with a series of hot keys, CD Player and an On Screen Display is also included. Supports... (600/0) download
Sound Control Plus v1.0 -  Lets you dynamically adjust sound volumes using keyboard hot keys. The program is ideal for anyone who frequently opens the Windows sound mixer to adjust the volume when listening to sound files recorded at different levels. It also provides control of WinAmp's "Next,"\; "Previous,"\; and "Pause"\; buttons via hot... (64/0) download