WORD PUZZLE for the SOUL 2.0 -  *** Free for today! 5/27/2013 for Memorial Day *** Word Gamers Rejoice! Introducing "Word Puzzle for the Soul", This is a beautiful inspirational quotes inspired Word Game. 482 Inspirational levels 8 topics Hours and weeks of Empowering Challenging Fun Game Play! Internalize/Absorb Inspiring quotes better by challenged enigmatic Game...


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Attack of the piano 3.0 -  50 increasing difficulty levels from no piano playing experience to Chopin incarnates. 20 Achievements to conquer. 5 Chapters, (will add more if there is a demand.) No level is the same (agility not finger muscle memory) Lightning bolt power up (yes use it while sharpening your sight reading) features the G-clef and F-clef Each Piano... (9/0) download
Frame Games 1.0 -  Want to work out your brain while having the most creative fun you can imagine? Introducing "Frame Game - Word Shuffle" Puzzle that pushes your brain into its creative high gear. Build your vocabulary, stretch your imagination, and test your ability on deductive reasoning. This is the fountain of youth for your brain. bullets:... (3/0) download