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WAPT 5.0 -  WAPT is a load, stress and performance testing tool for websites and web-based applications. In contrast to "800-pound gorilla" load testing tools, WAPT is designed to minimize the learning curve and give the user an ability to create a heavy load from a single regular workstation. You can create a basic test scenario and get meaningful...


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SpamAid 4.0 -  SpamAid is an easy-to-use MS Outlook add-on to protect your Inbox against spam. The program is based on Bayesian filtering technology. It automatically learns using your personal correspondence to increase the filtration accuracy. Quarantined e-mails are stored in a separate SPAM folder. Users can manage their friends and enemies lists or build... (12/0) download
Backup Platinum 3.0 -  Backup Platinum makes a reserve copy of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media: hard or USB drives, CD-R/W or DVD±R/RW media, FTP server or Local Area Network. The program uses "Wizard" approach to define the backup set: what, where, how and when to backup. 128-bit encryption with Blowfish and multichoice ZIP compression on... (31/0) download
WinReminder 2.0 -  WinReminder is designed to help you keep track of upcoming events through the pop-up window reminders, e-mail or SMS messages. It features repeatable reminders with the powerful scheduler, snooze option, file execution, cd and program launch, internet time synchronization and system tray support. You can sort, search or preview events by types... (13/0) download
Handy Recovery 4.0 -  Handy Recovery is designed to recover files accidentally lost on MS Windows. The program features image recovery from CF/SM/SD cards and preview window to show the content of deleted files. It is able to restore files from corrupted and deleted partitions or create disk images for deferred recovery. The browsing is provided with search/filtering... (75/0) download
Recover Disc 1.0 -  Recover Disc is an easy-to-use program that helps you extract data from scratched, damaged, defective or incorrectly burned CD and DVD discs when regular software can't read them fully or partially. This tool extracts the intact portion of your data and tries to recover problem areas. You can either choose to recover selected files, or save an... (48/0) download
Server Supervisor 1.0 -  Server Supervisor monitors the availability of various network resources, from local workstations to web and database servers with distributed architecture. It checks the status of all resource components in a manner that depends on the resource type and monitoring parameters specified by the administrator. The product is configured and... (9/0) download
LoadScout 3.0 -  LoadScout allows you to get information from media and archive files on the web without downloading them. It takes only a small part of a file and extracts the required data. The program works under MS Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP and integrates with Internet Explorer to let you start it right from the browser window. In addition LoadScout includes... (2/0) download
WAPT Pro 2.5 -  This software provides an environment for load, stress and performance testing of web sites and applications with web interface. It can produce almost unlimited test volume by using several computers for the traffic generation. Server and database performance data is collected during the test. (10/0) download
Social Bookmarks Manager 1.0 -  Social Bookmarks Manager is an HTML creator for Windows. It is designed to create HTML code for you to use on your website so that your visitors can easily add your site to social bookmark sites. You have probably seen the sites that have a sort of menu in which you can click a service, and the website you were in gets submitted. Well, this... (3/0) download