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High School Fighter - Best Fighting Game 1.0.5 -  Unleash your anger in High School Fighter! Knockout your high school contestants in the funniest third-person fighting game on the App Store. Choose your character wisely and face the most dreadful opponents from high school, including: - The NERD - The CHEERLEADER - The FOOTBALL CAPTAIN - The OLD TEACHER - And the frightful PRINCIPAL In High...


(6/0) download
Ninja Nights Extreme - Nimble Jump Adventure Quest 1.0.5 -  When the night falls across the land of Japan, rooftops become the path of mysterious warriors -- the ninjas! Beat challenging obstacles and merciless enemies while running, climbing walls and sliding to trick death. Collect tokens, use special buffs and see how far you can go! ++ EXTREME edition with falling buildings, harder obstacles and... (2/0) download
Sudoku Free - Logic and Reasoning Puzzle Game 1.0.6 -  The award-winning free Sudoku game is here! Simply the most user friendly and best designed Sudoku app available on the App Store with full support for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Enjoy this classic puzzle game at its best! "What can I say? Its Sudoku and its a great app!" -- Best iPhone Games Easily the best Sudoku version weve played so far... (3/0) download
Tree Fortress - Defense of the Castle 1.0.5 -  Defend your castle against hordes of enemies surging forward to bring down your empire! Use strategy and take command of your soldiers to protect your kingdom from the enemy army. Tree Fortress is a challenging and addictive defense of the tower style game. Play now! Your army of very skilled animals are just waiting for your command to take... (1/0) download
Burgerang - Crazy Meatballs Burgers & Food Fight Frenzy 1.0.3 -  The Burger Rebellion has began and only you can stop this madness. Toss special boomerangs to beat all sorts of crazy burgers and protect yourself from this tasty assault. Well, we all knew this day would come -- burgers just couldnt be so delicious at no cost! Mad sandwiches of all sorts to beat: the CONGA burger, the CHA-CHA-CHA chilli beef,... (4/0) download
Jewels Master - Free Triple Match Game 1.0.9 -  Enjoy this incredible Tetris-like puzzle game! With colorful graphics and addictive game play, Jewels Master takes the falling blocks game style to a whole new level. Get ready to have hours of fun with Jewels Master! HOW TO PLAY + Manipulate the falling pieces to form vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of three or more gems of the same... (3/0) download
Bubble Dragon - Shooting Arcade Game for Kids 1.0.5 -  The most thrilling bubble shooting arcade game on the App Store is here! Join the action in Bubble Dragon and get ready for some real bubble popping fun. Playing is easy! Simply launch bubbles and match colors to pop and drop your way to the highest score. Have fun, its free! Bubble Dragon is the cutest and most well polished bubble shooting... (4/0) download
Cookies Factory - Cookie Cooking Fun for Kids 1.0.4 -  Meet the craziest factory in the world: the Cookies Factory! With so many cookies being made, their wacky production line could do with a little help. Are you up to the task? Take care of the cookies as they enter the oven and earn points by dragging them into the chute when they are deliciously cooked. Also compete on Game Center to see who... (4/0) download
My Sandwich Shop - Fast Food Store & Restaurant Manager for Kids 1.0.2 -  Its lunch time! Everyone is hungry and ready to stop by your famous sandwich shop to have a delicious meal -- maybe some fries, onion rings and a drink too! Get ready to serve the customers with their favorite menu items. And be fast, they wont wait long! Earn coins with every sale and buy new ingredients, drinks and even new items to customize... (2/0) download
Hamster Roll - Cute Pet in a Running Wheel Platform Game 1.0.3 -  Youve never seen hamsters in such a roll! Lead Honey and its friends through unexplored depths in this irresistible, cute and challenging platform game. Use touch or accelerometer controls in this fast-paced adventure to go as further as possible without going off the top of the screen. "An addictive game for people of all ages! A must have!"... (5/0) download
Monster Builder - Best Free Monsters Design Lab Game for Kids 1.0 -  Create monsters and share them with your friends. More than one million possible combinations for you monsters. Endless fun! Visit our laboratory and use your imagination and creativity to build your monsters! We have a great collection of body parts for you to customize your creations. Try over 60 options of body, arms, feet, mouth, hat and... (4/0) download
Flags U.S. - Free and Fun United States of America Flags Quiz Game 1.0.1 -  How well do you know the United States of Americ* Name that Flag U.S. is a simple, fun and challenging quiz game to discover and learn the flags of states all over the U.S. Perfect for children, a true geography class! With Game Center integration, people all over the world are competing with you. Do your best to be the first in the rank!... (3/0) download
Kew Kew - The Crazy & Nuts Flying Squirrel Game 1.0.5 -  Meet KewKew, the crazy squirrel! Glide through the sky collecting delicious nuts and doing awesome acrobatic stunts! KewKew is a flying squirrel who loves to jump from the top of highest mountains and glide all the way down while performing the most incredible stunts! Join this adventure now! HIGHLIGHTS - Challenging objectives to beat -... (2/0) download
LaCarte - Digital Menu for Restaurants, Pubs & Hotels 1.1.4 -  LaCarte is a menu unlike any you have ever seen. Create a unique experience to your customers by offering a sophisticated and innovative way to present your products. Ideal for hotels, bars and restaurants, laCarte has the autonomy and simplicity missing in other digital menu solutions. Simply download the application to have a fully... (9/0) download
My Doll House - Virtual Dream Home Maker 1.0.1 -  Create and decorate the dollhouse of your dreams with My Doll House! Pick your favorite houses or castles and give them your personal touch with over a hundred different and beautiful items for every kind of room you can imagine. Dont forget to add cute dolls, puppies and kitties to play with! Use your creativity to design incredible living... (2/0) download
Name that Flag - Free World Countries Flags Quiz 1.0.3 -  How well do you know the world? Name that Flag is a simple, fun and challenging quiz game to discover and learn the flags of countries all over the world. Perfect for children, a real geography lesson! With Game Center integration, people all over the world are competing with you. Do your best to be the first in the ranking! Features - Two... (5/0) download
Chick-A-Boom - Mega Cannon Adventure to Skyland 1.0 -  Chickarus dreams of flying and is finally ready to go on an amazing adventure! Soar through the sky from cannon to cannon to get Chickarus as high up in the sky as you can. Only you can guide this cute little creature on the adventure of his life! Play now! In Chick-a-Boom, timing is everything! Control the cannons to launch Chickarus just in... (2/0) download
Elements - Periodic Table Element Quiz 1.0 -  Elements is a simple, fun and challenging quiz game to discover, learn and memorize all the elements in the periodic table. - Featured by Apple on the App Store among the 'Apps for Learning Chemistry' ? It's perfect for children and adults, a real chemistry lesson! With Game Center integration, you can show everyone how well you know the... (3/0) download
Run Tappy Run - Free Adventure Running Game for Kids 1.2.6 -  Pixie has been captured by Sir Bobcat and only you can help Tappy with the rescue. The coolest one-touch platform game on the App Store! Run, jump and dash while you collect items and power-ups to earn more points and abilities. By the end of the game, exchange your points for coins and unlock exclusive game contents. Square watermelons &... (0/0) download