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Valium TrueType Font v3.1 -  Valium TrueType Font is a twisted, evil-looking typeface.


(90/0) download
Doctor Azul TrueType Font 1.3.8 -  Doctor Azul TrueType Font is a slightly messy handwriting font with serifs. It is useful mainly for headlines. (53/0) download
Levity TrueType Font v1.31 -  Levity TrueType Font is a happy looking font designed for headlines. The characters are heavy and rounded. (18/0) download
Davis TrueType Font v1.31 -  Davis TrueType Font is a semi-computerish but messy typeface. It looks good in all lowercase as well as with the standard capitalization. Davis works very well for headlines and is also readable as body text. (30/0) download
Epilog TrueType Font v1.31 -  Epilog TrueType Font is a pleasant, roundish typeface. The letters are smooth and heavy. Epilog includes all common-use characters, and is readable at small sizes, so it is excellent for both text and headlines. (25/0) download
Faraday TrueType Font -  Faraday TrueType Font is a light, internally jagged headline font. It only included capital letters. (46/0) download
Linear TrueType Font -  Linear TrueType Font is a squarish typeface with a charcoal painting look. It is best suited for 48-point or larger printed headlines. (60/0) download
Wolves, Lower TrueType Font 3.00 -  Wolves, Lower TrueType Font is a frantic, rapidly written typeface. Done with a quill pen, this font works well for headlines or text, although it is messy. (23/0) download
Melanie TrueType Font 4 -  Melanie TrueType Font is a fancy, very feminine-looking font. There are big dots as serifs, and the strokes are very loopy and decorative, yet uneven and cartoony. Only the lowercase letters are included, so it is best used for headlines. (135/0) download
Ransom TrueType Font v1.00 -  Ransom TrueType Font is a ransom note style font, made up of 20 different typefaces that appear to be cut out from various newspapers and magazines. The font is excellent for headlines and for actual ransom notes, but really isn't suitable for text. (489/0) download
Angstrom TrueType Font 3.7 -  Angstrom TrueType Font is a blurry headine typeface. Angstrom is a techno-looking headlines font that looks better at large sizes. (72/0) download
Tom's Handwriting TrueType Font 1.4 -  Tom's Handwriting TrueType Font is a realistic handwriting font. It can be used for text as well as headlines. (327/0) download
Pinball Data TrueType Font 1.4 -  Pinball Data TrueType Font is a typeface which mimics a pinball-type dot matrix display with slightly uneven dots. This monospaced font is excellent for headlines, and is best in large sizes. Includes all common punctuation and some special characters. (753/0) download
Action Jackson TrueType Font v2.20 -  Action Jackson TrueType Font is a childishly playful, hollow, 3-D font. The typeface appears best at large point sizes. (89/0) download
Fresnel TrueType Font v2.20 -  Fresnel TrueType Font is a typeface that looks like it is being viewed through a bad Fresnel lens. It looks best with headlines at large sizes. (21/0) download
Submerged TrueType Font 1.0 -  has each letter submerged in a "sort of blobby thing". The font has large bold capitals only and is intended for headlines. (28/0) download
Secret Labs TrueType Font 2.0d -  Secret Labs TrueType Font is a very messy, but interesting font with a handwritten children's look. It comes with capital letters only and it's suitable for headlines. (18/0) download
Antelope H TrueType Font -  Antelope H TrueType Font is a top-hat style typeface. To get a staggered look, simply alternate uppercase and lowercase. You can also use straight caps or lowercase to get a more even look. (66/0) download
Toast TrueType Font -  Toast TrueType Font is an outline font with a hand-drawn look. Toast is designed for headlines only. (24/0) download
Yikatu TrueType Font 2.1 -  Yikatu TrueType Font is a roundish, hand-lettered font. (20/0) download