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Planet.MP3Find v3.0.1.0 -  Planet.MP3Find helps you locate MP3 audio files on the Internet. Planet.MP3Find queries several MP3 music server search engines and returns the locations of files with song titles matching your query. You can select any file and have CuteFTP, a shareware file transfer program, retrieve the selected file(s) for you.


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Planet.Speller v5.0 -  Lets you add a talking spell-checker and reference library to any application. Planet.Speller features 13 different language dictionaries, synonyms, antonyms, and word definitions. The expandable English dictionary contains more than 130,000 words, a 25,000 word thesaurus, plus word usage, definitions and more.It comes with a fast and... (39/0) download
Planet.Keeper v3.10 -  Planet.Keeper is a secure utility for storing and retrieving passwords. For any application or Web site address, you can store your user or login name, your access passwords, and any notes. You can search for passwords and copy passwords to the Clipboard easily. Applications can be launched, and Web sites can be navigated to with a single... (19/0) download
Planet.Zip v5.05 -  Planet.Zip is a fast and simple zipping and unzipping utility. It creates self-extracting ZIP files (EXEs) and it can automatically locate files on your hard drive. The program offers variable compression levels, password protection, a compression wizard, the ability to install applications without unzipping the file, and the ability to create... (26/0) download
Planet.Focus v1.10 -  Lets you quickly view any file in any of over 38 different file formats. Planet.Focus supports most bitmap graphics files (including GIF, JPEG, BMP, TGA, PCX and ICO), several types of compressed formats (including ZIP, ARC, ARJ, CAB, GZ, LHA, PAK, RAR, TAR, and ZOO), CD-Audio files, AVI files, Active Server Pages, vCard, text, DOC, RTF, HTML,... (16/0) download
Planet.Split v3.04a -  Lets split large files up for distribution on disk or via e-mail. Planet.Split lets you take any file and split it into compressed pieces that fit onto a floppy or removable disk. Any recipient or end-user can re-combine the split files by simply running the GO.EXE file that is generated. You can also send your files by e-mail by creating... (25/0) download