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Numap7 7.06a

Freeware for fast training, validation, and application of regression/approximation networks including the multilayer perceptron (MLP), functional link network, and piecewise linear network. The self organizing map (SOM) and K-Means clustering are ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 80 Freeware Neural Decision Lab LLC
CalcSupreme 1.32

CalcSupreme, an RPN calculator emulation and much more, encompasses a wide range of fundamental and sophisticated basic, financial, math/science, and logic operations, accessible respectively via 4 different screens. Basic operations include ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 42 Shareware Syringa Software, Inc.
OpenOffice Math Password Recovery 1.0.0

OpenOffice Math Password Recovery will stretch its helping hand to all forgetful users of OpenOffice Math who first set a very complicated password and then find themselves being unable to recall it. Instead of scratching their head in frustration, ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 24 Shareware Intelore
Quality Window

An SQC/SPC/Event Analysis tool designed for use on the factory floor. The intuitive presentation of data uses product/customer specifications to help "find and fix" reasons for process/product variation. The Event analysis features of the product ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 50 Shareware Busitech
Algebrus 3.1

Powerful and extensible computer system for scientific and technical calculations. No matter if you are a school student or recognized scientist, Algebrus serves your needs. It is easy to use and interactive means of solving problem in various areas ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 142 Shareware Astrise Corporation
Sevana Shopping Cart Analyzer 1.2

Sevana Shopping Cart Analyzer is a perfect tool for the so called Market Basket Analysis. The analysis itself is one of the most common and useful ways for marketing analysis. The Sopping Cart Analyzer helps you to analyze and determine what ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 47 Shareware Sevana Oy
xlDEA 2.0

Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is a powerful method widely used in the evaluation of performance of Decision Making Units (DMUs). These can be business units (for example points of sales, bank branches, dealers, franchisees), government agencies, ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 288 Shareware Productivity Tools
.NET Chart Designer 1.3

.NET Chart Designer is comprehensive charting application that supports more then 40 chart types in multiple modes, meaning that literally hundreds of different styles and types are available for users.The legend can be flexible integrated to the ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 146 Shareware Alliance Software Engineering
Data Master 2003

Programmable scientific and technical graphics optimized for automation of test and measurement systems, data acquisition and post-process. Especially suitable for scientists who would like to make high-performance, precise measurements in the ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 107 Freeware RRR
Scientific Letter 1.90.00

Scientific Letter is a scientific mailer. It allows the user to create scientific mail messages with complex equations. This modern and beautiful scientific software makes the exchange of complex ideas simple. The scientific equation editor used in ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 74 Shareware Scientific Networks Software
CASC concentration calculator

CASC helps calculate recipes for solution preparation regardles of number of compunds used. Built in concentration calculator converts concentrations between percent, molarity, molality and molar fractions, automatically taking density changes into ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 78 Shareware BPP Marcin Borkowski
Unit Converter for Excel 3.0

Unit Converter for Excel is an addin for the Microsoft Excel to perform various conversions between many types of measurement units. The units are grouped in the following categories: Dimensions and capacity, Energy and power, Mechanics, ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 126 Shareware URVAS Engineering
MITCalc - Torsion Springs 1.15

The calculation is intended for the purposes of geometric and strength designs of spiral cylindrical torsion springs made of wires and rods in circular sections, cold formed, loaded with a static or cyclic loading. Application is developed in MS ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 159 Shareware MITCalc
MITCalc - Tension Springs 1.15

The calculation is intended for the purposes of geometric and strength designs of helical tension cylindrical springs made of wires and rods of circular sections, loaded with static loading. . Application is developed in MS Excel, is ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 103 Shareware MITCalc
Engineering Power Tools 1.9.8

ENGINEERING POWER TOOLS is powerful productivity software for professional engineers. More than 70 programs and data tables are integrated into one easy-to-use package. The programs solve a wide variety of common engineering problems quickly and ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 489 Shareware Engineering Power Tools Software
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