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Rev-It v2.0d

Rev-It is a simple revision control system that helps you to never lose a file that you've changed or deleted. Rev-It can maintain the file information for each revision, and it provides an easy back-out procedure to recover any lost data. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 30 Shareware Killer Software, Inc.
Setup Factory 6.0

Professional software installation builder Setup Factory 6.0 makes it easy to build single-file, professional software and data installers for deployment via CD-ROM, Internet and LAN. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 130 Shareware Indigo Rose Software
Pretty Printer for Visual Basic v6.0

Pretty Printer for Visual Basic creates custom formatted Visual Basic source code listings. Pretty Printer can speed the debugging of your code, and produce professionally styled presentations for your clients. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 50 Shareware Aardvark Software
Visual Open Project Add-In 1.01

This program quickly and conveniently will allow You to work with a collection of Your VB projects.With the help of the given program you easily can organize access to most frequently projects used by You. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 11 Shareware VisualSoft
Order Form Source Code 5.2

Visual Basic source code will let you add an orderform to your program. It allows for multiple products, calculates sales tax, accepts creditcredit card information, and much more. Copy and modify to allow for ordering from multiple distributors. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 37 Shareware DynoTech Software

TrueUpdate is a software development tool for adding automatic web or LAN updating to software applications. Quickly determines required updates and then retrieves and applies the necessary patch or installation files using secure protocols. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 36 Shareware Indigo Rose Software
Code Metric v1.02

Code Metric provides line and comment counting, and a means of automatically formatting code. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 31 Shareware Oss Software
Visual Paradigm for UML (Professional Edition) for Mac OS X 5.3 SP3

Visual Paradigm for UML is an easy-to-use UML tool that supports reverse engineering, code generation, import Rational Rose, export/import XMI, report generator, MS Visio integration. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 30 Shareware Visual Paradigm International Ltd.
Exp USB Virtual Driver (EUSBVD) 2.0

There is a number of the equipment controlled through a serial port from a PC or a terminal. There is a number of the equipment controlled through a serial port from a PC or a terminal. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 20 Shareware ExplorInform Inc.
Morovia MSI Plessey Barcode Fontware 1

Morovia MSI Barcode Font contains 10 fonts Morovia MSI/Plessey barcode font consists of 10 fonts and a language tool kit.At any point size, there are 5 different barcode heights to choose from. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 34 Shareware Morovia Corporation
Keyboard Express 3.0e

Create macros to automate most common tasks! Keyboard Express is a Windows keyboard macro utility. It allows you to issue just about any series of keystrokes to your windows applications with the touch of a key. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 36 Shareware WinTools Software Engineering, Ltd.
RichEditor 1.15

Rich Editor is a simple text editor that allows you to create, edit and print .rtf and .txt documents. It contains all basic edit functions so you can use it in everyday work with documents. The program is free. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 43 Freeware Zhelobkov Soft
Delphi Spell Checker 1.21

Spell Checking Tool for Delphi IDE - Check Spelling in forms, hints and captions Delphi Spell Checker - Spell Checking Tool (Expert) for Delphi - Check Spelling in forms, hints and captions in Delphi 5, 6 anf 7 IDEDelphi Spell Checker features:Seamle ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 99 Shareware Spline Technologies
GeoBase 0.8

GeoBase is a high performance OEM tool for embedding GIS functions in client and server applications. GeoBase functions include quality maps, fast geocoding and routing and analysis tools. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 17 Shareware Telogis
Code Visual for C/C++ 2.4

Code Browser for C/C++:integrate editor,analyzer and documentation generator Visual Code Browser for C/C++ is a C/C++ Code Browser integrating program code editor,analyzer and documentation generator with code flowcharting and visualization. ... (for Windows)

2009-01-28 139 Shareware FateSoft