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FlipBook Creator Themes Pack Calendar- Sunflower 1.0

Free FlipBook Creator (Pro) Themes Pack- Sunflower (Professional Shopping Catalog theme templates) This theme Sunflower will make your life full of sunshine. As you see there are 4 templates packaged in. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-10 4 Freeware Flippagemaker.com
Flip_Themes_Package_float_hallowmas 1.0

Hallowmas, one of the world's oldest holidays, is celebrated around the world with a variety of somber, spooky and fun traditions. Halloween's origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in). ... (for Windows)

2013-03-10 5 Freeware Flipbuilder.com
Flip PDF to ePUB - Freeware 2.3

FlipPDF to ePub Converter is a 100% free and professional PDF to ePub Converter, can help you conveniently convert PDF to ePub format. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-10 3 Freeware FlipPDF.com
AnalogX TapTempo 1.3

AnalogX TapTempo allows you to find out what BPM (tempo) a song is at. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-10 30 Freeware AnalogX
MU.LAB Free 3.2.14

MU.LAB is a hi-quality program designed to create and play audio and MIDI files. It will transform your computer into a complete music studio. MU.LAB does not overwhelm you with a complex feature set, in which you can get lost. On the contrary, MU. ... (for )

2013-03-10 5 Freeware MUTOOLS
WZ Playlist Converter New

WZ Playlist Converter is a small, simple tool specially designed to help you convert paths in M3U playlists, between standart Windows format and 8.3 DOS format. ... (for Windows)

2013-03-10 2 Freeware MatAsL? Kotry
GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac OS 1.0

Its a software that transforms digital photos into artistic paintings. It includes a variety of styles such as watercolor, crayon or oil painting. ... (for )

2013-03-10 4 Freeware Gertrudis Graphics
Transcriptize for Mac OS 1.1

Adobe has added speech transcription to Premiere Pro and Soundbooth CS4, which has many applications within the Production Premium workflow, particularly exporting to Flash. But it hasnt been that useful to producers or editors on other platforms. ... (for )

2013-03-10 2 Freeware Intelligent Assistance, Inc
MovieLogger for Mac OS 1.7.4

With its streamlined and intuitive interface, MovieLogger is the fastest and simplest way to log footage with text descriptions. Features comprehensive keyboard shortcuts including JKL transport control. ... (for )

2013-03-10 4 Freeware Digital Heaven Ltd
inTone Guitar for Mac OS 1.1.1

An audio application for live performance at home, on stage, or in the studio. ... (for )

2013-03-10 4 Freeware Audiffex
red Curtain for Mac OS 1.40

Designed for use in theatres and other live shows and events. Arrange your show in the cue list and play them easily when required. red Curtain offers a wide range of functions that make it easier for you to control your show. ... (for )

2013-03-10 5 Freeware Ulrich Zurucker
MIDI to MP3 Converter for Mac OS 6.1

There are many situations when you may need to convert MIDI to MP3 or WAV. MIDI files are very small, but they don’t contain any audio data. Thus you cannot burn them to Audio CD directly, or play them with your MP3 player. ... (for )

2013-03-10 3 Freeware ManiacTools
Gleetchlab 3 for Mac OS 3.0

A modular software designed to process audio files and live sound sources in realtime. ... (for )

2013-03-10 4 Freeware GLEETCHPLUG DESIGN
ArtSage (formerly ArtSee) 1.00.05

ArtSage is a small slideshow application that will display the JPG files in a folder tree. ... (for )

2013-03-10 38 Freeware Rick Xavier
Buffied 1.5

Buffied is a TTF character that was designed in order to help you change the regular appearance of your papers. ... (for )

2013-03-10 4 Freeware Graham Meade