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E-XD++MFC Library Enterprise V 11.10

E-XD++ MFC Library Enterprise Edition is an MFC extension library that allows you to create the most advanced user interface in the world. It combines easy of use and very powerful feature set implemented by highly customizable collection of MFC ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 50 Demo ucancode software
Amara Photo Animation Software 2.6

Amara Photo Animation Software creates stunning virtual tours through still photos for on your website. With Amara Photo Animation Software you can build a slideshow of numerous pictures, and define keypoints that will allow your visitors to 'walk ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 193 Shareware Amara Software
FlashyEffects 1.2.1

Designed to let you be productive and get results in minutes, FlashyEffects (a lite version of KoolMoves) focuses on Flash animation text and image effects. FlashyEffects is ideal for non-professional web designers who do not require the advanced ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 73 Demo Lucky Monkey Designs LLC
Su Doko Solver 1.4

Solves the game Su ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 29 Freeware Ossisoft
Sketsa 4.2.2

Sketsa is a cross platform vector drawing application based on SVG. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a graphics format and technology based on XML developed by W3C. With Sketsa, you can create vector graphics that can be scaled and printed at any ... (for Mac, Windows)

2007-11-27 43 Shareware Kiyut
123 Flash Image Extractor 1.051

123 Flash Image Extractor is an easy-used images extracting tool for Flash, It can extract image elements from Flash movies(SWF files) in batches. It also can scan web browser cache or a custom folder for SWF files for extracting. Key ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 51 Shareware Flash-Utility Software Technology Inc.,
Balthers Graphic Groove Box B1_2_2

Balthers Graphic Groove Box is a VJ and Moving Visuals program for the professional digital artist, handling graphics, Flash, videos and 3D. PC key and MIDI control with interactive real time animated Effects. No installation required except of the ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 40 Freeware Balther
Facial Studio for Windows 1.51

Facial Studio is the ultimate new software which gives you more than 500 controls over the head creation process and much more. Finally the award winning suite of plug-ins will be available in a stand alone Windows version. Offering new features ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 93 Shareware Di-O-Matic
Antechinus Animator Professional 8.5

Easily create and edit animations, videos, images, and sound files: over 40 formats are supported. Have your first animation running in LESS THAN 5 MINUTES with morphing or multitudes of other animated effects. No need to guess: see in real time ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 166 Shareware C Point
MSU NoiseGenerator VirtualDub plugin 2.1

The filter adds artificial noise of one common types (equidistributed, normaldistributed, colour stains, echo signal) to video stream. It can be used for testing, debuging and comparison of various denoising filters.'Settings' dialogue box allows to ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 32 Freeware Graphics&Media Lab Video Group
DemoCharge 2005

Create animated emails, documents and Help files by replacing static screenshots with GIF animations recorded by capturing your desktop. DemoCharge allows you to capture screen activity to create animated demos and content for the Web, emails, ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 14 Shareware YesSoftware, Inc.
eRez Imaging Server 4.1.5

With the eRez Imaging Server you can share, organize, and create dynamic images for any use--from a browser - anywhere - anytime. Enable users on the Internet to zoom in and examine image details. Manually preparing and distributing images for ... (for Mac, Other, Windows)

2007-11-27 32 Demo ApS
Animatricks 2004.4

Animatricks is a program for creating movies from any static image, such as photograph, drawing or diagram. Most popular image formats are supported. It can be used to make business presentations, cartoons, educational aids, or bring life to your ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 207 Shareware Softuarium
123 AVI to GIF Converter 3.0

123 AVI To GIF Converter is a converter tool that allow you to convert avi clip to gif image , and you can also convert gif image to an avi clip using it . It has a easy-use interface so you can use it easily and get your self-defining GIF image . ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 196 Shareware, Inc.
ClipFactory 2.20

Create clips using a virtual camera: ClipFactory is composed of a resizable view-finder and a preview window from where you can add a MP3 file, save or re-open your clips, set the playback speed. You can explort your creation in JPG, HTML or MIO. ... (for Windows)

2007-11-27 32 Freeware Mioplanet
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