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Ace Phonics Write & Play - Second Grade Free Lite 1.0

App helps young learners improve and enforce their phonics skills with flashcards, writing, and interactive spelling exercises. The exercises are broken down into 25 Phonetic categories, complete with sounds, words, and pictures - featuring over ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 60 Freeware Hien Ton
Sumer AR 1.0.0

Welcome to the Augmented Reality app of the exhibition at CaixaForum Before the Flood. Mesopotamia 3100-2100 BC.To enjoy this app follow the next steps:1) Download the app in your device.2) Scan the images with the 'AR' logo.3) View the extra ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 45 Freeware Alex Rodiera
EAUN 2013 3.0.1

This EAUN Congress App is a brand-new tool which will bring the 14th International EAUN Meeting to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The application offers a specially-made mobile overview of this scientific event with instant access to congress ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 38 Freeware Trentt B.V.
Venice - San Sebastiano 1.0.0

Museum Planet presents a comprehensive digital photo, voice-narrated tour of the Chiesa di San Sebastiano in Venice, Italy. Our tour is more comprehensive than any book ever produced. You will see and have explained to you: the spectacular ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 40 Shareware Museum Planet, LLC

Singapore International Water FestivalThe Singapore International Water Festival (SIWF) is here again!SIWF App from Singapore Polytechnic helps you to quickly access the useful links, schedule, activities and locations of the events of SIWF 2012.... ... (for )

2014-11-13 43 Freeware Singapore Polytechnic
Learn Spanish - Vocabulary (Hello-Hello) 1.7

Super cool iPad app for learning Spanish. Basic Spanish app is a great way to build your vocabulary. The Spanish app has the following features: More than 1,000 Spanish words and phrases 3 different modules for learning the words Practice Reading ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 38 Freeware Hello-Hello
Gomokus 1.5

Gomoku is an abstract strategy board game and is also called Five in a Row. It is traditionally played with go pieces (black and white stones) on a go board (19x19 intersections); however, because once placed, pieces are not moved or removed from ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 44 Freeware MY-Passion
Chord Study 1.0

The application learn for piano chord(Majors, Minor, and 7th ). The shape of the chord is displayed in green, and, other the route sound, is convenient for the grasp of the inversion type. The chord that remembers the shape of the chord ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 43 Shareware TOKYO SHOSEKI CO.,LTD.
MuniRem Handlers Guide 1.01

The MuniRem Handlers Guide mobile app is an in-situ performance support tool for trained MuniRem handlers. The guide contains information on the proper mixing, storage and handling, and application of MuniRem. The mobile app also provides a ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 41 Freeware Planteco Environmental Consultants, LLC
Leo Lion Band 1.0

Let your kids enjoy the most popular children's songs and learn music at the same time. Leo Lion Band with well-known children's songs is both great entertainment and educational for kids.We are four fathers who want to see our kids develop their ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 39 Shareware Soundical
Arithmetic Wiz Free - Singapore Math Drills 2.0

? Great way for kids to do arithmetic drills the fun way. Let them become very good at adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying numbers, which are important life skills. "Son, do the drills now. Show me some progress before you play the ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 48 Freeware The Rocket Studio
De Taalbende 1.0

Welkom bij De Taalbende! Met deze applicatie kan je woorden uit De Taalbende 2de leerjaar oefenen op de iPad. Eens je de applicatie gedownload hebt, hoef je geen internetconnectie te hebben om te oefenen.Wat kan je met deze applicatie doen? - ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 49 Freeware Plantyn
Number Hide and Seek - Children's Story Book 1.0

**All the numbers are playing hide and seek in this story! ** Are you ready to find them with Touchybooks? 1,2,3 lets go all the way until we reach number ten! Enjoy a fun review of the first ten numbers, but youll have to look carefully because ... ... (for )

2014-11-13 47 Shareware Playtales, S.L.
Python Rice - An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python 1.0.6

This app tries to reproduce the mini-projects of the Coursera's course: An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python, by Joe Warren, Scott Rixner, John Greiner and Stephen Wong. ... (for )

2014-11-13 41 Freeware GabrielMassana
Abby Explorer Write & Play - Animals 1.0

*******************************One Day Sale - 50% OFF Price*******************************Learn 50 Animal Words with fun dancing letters, spelling, tracing, and drag & drop letter puzzles.2 INTERACTIVE APPS IN ONE:... ... (for )

2014-11-13 76 Shareware Hien Ton