10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor 1.1: Monitor Network Traffic Usage and Network Transfer Speeds

Company: 10-Strike Software
Published: 30 May, 2010
10-Strike Software presents a new bandwidth monitoring program: 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor. The program collects the inbound and outbound network traffic usage statistics on network computers and switches. This program allows you to find out which computer in your network uses up your bandwidth, you can view the amount of ingoing and outgoing traffic utilized by each networked computer. This can help you to identify the guilty employee, who uses the company recourses for personal affairs, or find computers infected by a virus which generate a lot of network traffic.

10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor's monitoring engine is released as a service application. It constantly collects the statistics about the inbound and outbound traffic, which passes through each networked computer, and displays the dynamic of speed transfer changes in the real-time on graphs and tables. It generates and sends notifications to a network administrator 24 hours every day. The program supports a few methods of gathering the bandwidth usage data: via SNMP, via WMI, and via remote agents, which have to be installed previously on remote computers (the Group Policy deployment is supported). The SNMP protocol can be used to monitor the network bandwidth usage on computers as well as on switches and other active network hardware.

The program offers you various features for sending notifications and executing particular actions when a failure occurs or some conditions are satisfied (reaching traffic usage limits, network interface going down, etc.). The program can display a message on the screen or play a sound alarm. Also, the administrator can configure the program for sending e-mail notifications or SMS messages to a mobile phone. It allows the administrator to be informed about all failures in time and respond fast. The program can automatically shut down a computer, run external applications, and restart services when a network failure is detected or traffic usage limits are reached.

10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor 1.1 runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7.