4Easysoft DVD Copier for Mac: a Professional Way to Copy DVDs to a Mac

Company: Harbour Software
Published: 24 October, 2010
As one important application for storing information, the DVD has achieved a special and irreplaceable role in our daily life. Nowadays, with the rapid updating of multimedia, a new technology was born, DVD copying, which has become more and more popular among DVD users. To meet the needs of DVD users, especially Mac users, 4Easysoft Studio has designed one professional app, the 4Easysoft DVD Copier for Mac, a professional tool for Mac users coping DVDs onto the Mac OS!

4Easysoft DVD Copier for Mac is the most reliable DVD Copy Mac software to copy DVDs to file folders, DVDs, ISO files and then burn local files from a Mac to a DVD. This Mac-to-DVD Copier can easily copy DVD-5s and DVD-9s in the same output format and copy DVD to DVD in 1:1 ratio without any quality loss. And, just like many other professional DVD copying software, this Mac-DVD copier can compress DVD-9 to DVD-5 in high quality, and also can be used as DVD backup software to save local files to DVD discs!

As a comprehensive Mac DVD Copy software product, 4Easysoft DVD Copier for Mac can help you create DVDs from a local DVD folder or ISO file. This Mac DVD copier is compatible with DVD+-R/RW, DVD-RAM, Dual Layer 8.5GB discs, most DVD players and burners. What's more, many valuable options are available for you to recreate your own DVDs. For instance, you can choose to copy the whole DVD disc with all of the special features, intros, trailers and ads, or just copy the main part of the movie to meet your personal needs. Furthermore, even more additional settings are available, such as choosing audio track and subtitles and including or skipping menus. All are available for you to set while you copying DVDs!

4Easysoft Copier for Mac is a professional and reliable app for users to copy DVDs onto a Mac. For 4Easysoft Studio, users' satisfaction is the highest honor!